added to my sentence as well.


I carefully pushed Calix away, who had been hugging me without moving.
Falling in an instant, he made a wounded face.


I avoided his eyes with guilt.
I bowed my head and imitated the innocent face of a country girl.


“As expected, I don’t think I am the one you are looking for.
My magic skills are insignificant, my hair is black, and I’ve been stuck in the country all my life.”


“You’re lying.”


“You seem to have a lot of money and a high status, so don’t waste your time.
I think you’d be better off going home now.”


“Don’t lie.”


Calix pressed his lips.
He looked as if he was about to burst into tears.


“You can’t say that if you think about how hard it has been for me to find you.”




“I don’t know if you’ve really lost your memory or if you’re only pretending to lose it… …but please, Rena.”


I cut off Calix’s words, who was trying to gather compassion.


“Then how did I end up living in the countryside?”




I asked him in a defiant tone with a puzzled face.


“I heard I married you.
How did I end up living in the countryside?”




He clenched his teeth, closed his eyes slowly, and opened them.
His eyes were red when we met.


“That’s because I couldn’t protect you, Rena.”


He spoke painfully, pronouncing every syllable.


“It’s my fault.”


I eventually turned my head away from his eyes.


‘It’s not that Calix couldn’t protect me, I ran away.’


I didn’t have the confidence to be indifferent when I saw Calix in such pain.


Somehow I had lost my temper.
There may be no way to get away from him now since we met again like this; if only I ran away without being caught until the end… It was just best to be prepared for the future.


Turning my eyes to look outside the window, I opened my mouth quietly.


“…But I don’t think I would have married you.”




“Your face is not to my liking.”




He looked really shocked this time.




The place where Calix took me was the village where his party was supposed to stay overnight.
It was a place I had been to a few times because it was the neighbouring village.
It was not unfamiliar to me because I had been asked for help a few times when someone was injured or sick.


The village head who recognized me looked happy.


“Oh, I told him that there was an outstanding healer in the next village, it’s good that he found you and brought you here.”


“Haha, yes…”


I didn’t want to blame the chief because he said it out of kindness.
I’d just have to blame my bad luck.


“This is Lord Warrett.”


Calix clasped my hand and introduced me to Sir Warrett.
I could see the knights of the ducal family waiting for him, their eyes expressing concern, but Calix shook his head briefly to block all the questions.


I pretended not to know and went to Lord Warrett to examine the wound.
It seemed to be broken.


“How did this happen?”


My question was answered by Sir Warrett, who struggled to rise.


“I was chasing a rabbit while camping, and I fell off a small cliff.”


I could hear the knights waiting next to him each adding their thoughts.


“Why weren’t you being careful?”


“That’s why I told you to stay alert.”


“From now on, I’m not going to send you on a night hunt.
I’m going to get worried sick.”


Most of them were affectionate quarrels.


A simple healing spell was performed to attach the broken leg together and a splint was applied.


“Still, it’s better to be careful so that you don’t die”


Sir Warrett bowed his head and said thank you.
I bowed my head and answered that it was nothing, but there was a sudden hand that wrapped around my waist.


Even though it was not an unfamiliar touch, I was surprised and jumped.
I saw the faces of the flagship knights.


When I turned my head to the side, I saw Calix’s face, which was close by.
We were close enough that our breaths mingled.
For a moment, my legs almost turned into jelly.


Calix whispered into my ear in a captivating voice.


“Then shall we go up to the room?”




“We’re going to stay here today.”


“But why me as well…?”


“Why not?”


Calix interrupted me and smiled.


“It’s natural for a couple to use one room.”


Without a moment to say anything back, Calix dragged me up to the inn room.
The knights seemed to be shocked by their Lord’s reckless attitude.
Calix ignored them all.


As soon as I entered the room, Calix, who closed the door tightly, turned toward me.


“Now it can just be the two of us.” 


“I think you’re misunderstanding something…”


“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?”


“I am not the person you are looking for.”


“Ah, are you talking about that again?” 


Calix smiled.
It was a smile, but it didn’t look like a smile that was genuinely happy.


As he approached me, I had no choice but to step back.
I was too focused on the face of Calix, who was approaching me, so I couldn’t look behind me enough.
When the bed touched the back of my legs, I naturally collapsed.


Calix leaned over me as I sat down.
At close range, he opened his mouth.

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