The chandelier shook violently, but it did not fall as I had intended.


     “One more time!” One after another, I fired the arrows that had been granted the ‘Duplication’ attribute.

     One shot…two shots… With that last hit, the fastener broke.


     The huge chandelier fell atop the horde of undead.

     “Nice Assist!”

     “Kim-seobang, you’re so cool!”

     Glass crystals shattered onto the floor with a great crash.
The rest of the party, hesitating in their brief bewilderment at the turn of events, rushed to pick me up and run towards the east side of the mansion.

     We managed to enter the safe zone while the monsters were occupied.


[You’ve entered the safe zone!]

[Safe zone duration: 00:04:11]


     “Are you out of your mind?”

     “Why don’t you rest and not waste energy?”


     “Didn’t I tell you to go back?! What in the hell…”

     “If we didn’t try, then Seo Young-woon Hunter could have been seriously injured.”

     “You shouldn’t worry about me; as a C-class hunter, you should have run away quickly as a C-class should.
Why would you step out like that?” Seo Young-woon closed his eyes and dropped his forehead into his palm.
Cho Sung-hyun must have thought the same–he sent a subtle glance my way.

     Isn’t it ‘All’s well that ends well?’ Then, it should be fine.
Why is he quibbling so much?

     Shaking his head, Seo Young-woon opened his mouth, “In any case, thank you for your help.”

     “Wow! Ahjussi, you know how to say something like that?” Cha Taeyang said.

     Seo Young-woon frowned at the guileless words.
‘What the hell do you think I’m like?’ he grumbled.
Cha Taeyang shrugged her shoulders.

     “Yoon Gaho Hunter, tell us about the last safe zone.”

     “Ah, yes.”

     Cho Sung-hyun, for the first time, had called me by my proper title, attaching the term ‘Hunter’ to my name.

     I tried to hide my surprise and started to talk about the third floor.
“The safe zone on the third floor is our last bastion.”

     “What does that mean?”

     “There are apparently traps set up all over the third floor.
During the raid, the guild ‘Charity’ had a hard time because of that.”

     After hearing my explanation, Cho Sung-hyun made a distressed sound.
The traps must be especially tricky if ‘Charity,’ a guild made up of especially nimble hunters, had difficulty.

     Even if they found the next safe area safely, they would only have about five minutes’ worth of reprieve.
Why were the reinforcements so late?

     In midst of the uncomfortable silence, Cha Taeyang whispered quietly, “If only I could use *that,* all those things would be defeated in one bite.”

     “No–Never! Did you forget everything The witch Kim-Seobang said?”

     “No using *that* until my magic power increases! I remember,” Cha Taeyang said, imitating someone, before drooping like spinach wilted in hot water.

     Cho Sung-hyun shook Cha Taeyang’s shoulder, curious about this unusual topic, “Do you have some ace up your sleeve?”

     “I can’t!”

     “You’re such a mannerless Kim-seobang! Don’t harass Taeyang-ie!” 3

     “Hunter Cha Taeyang, do you have some method? Please explain,” I coaxed.

     Though she clammed up when Cho Sung-Hyun pressed her, Cha Taeyang opened her mouth immediately at my urging, “I have a wide-range skill that can return the undead or such beings back to their afterlife.”

     “Hey, if you have a skill like that, why are you talking about it just now?!” Cho Sung-hyun shouted.

     “Don’t be so ignorant! Do you think Taeyang-ie wasn’t using it on purpose!? She shouldn’t use it–that’s why!”

     “It’s as she says; I can’t use it right now.
It’s locked due to a lack of magic power; if I use the skill forcefully, I’ll be knocked unconscious for a few days.
Apparently, that’s because the skill is quite far from my natural aptitude.”

     The skill was perfect for this situation.

     But, she can’t use it because of a lack of stats.
Was it incompatible with her attribute or class?

      Judging by her combat style, Cha Taeyang’s abilities must concentrate on martial strength and agility.
I suppose the aforementioned skill must depend on one’s magic or spell stat.

     I had heard that occasionally these sorts of additional skills may appear, but I didn’t know that Cha Taeyang would be one of these cases.
Usually, in these scenarios, an equipment would fulfill the gap created by your insufficient ability or stats; or, through training, your natural ability levels will gradually grow.

     “What is your magic stat?”


     I felt even more regret after hearing Cha Taeyang’s pitiful response.
Perhaps this would have been possible with just one good piece of magic-increasing equipment.

     Though I loathed to do so, I gave up any lingering feelings and greed towards that method.
Cha Taeyang would be in trouble if she fainted.
Another person’s hands would be tied up to try and move her around, and then Cho Sung-hyun would be overly burdened.

     “…Then, if that’s the case!” Suddenly, I remembered the skill I received recently.

     ‘Couldn’t I use that skill to boost Cha Taeyang’s magic level?’

     However, I soon shook my head–it would be a huge problem if Cha Taeyang’s equipment was destroyed willy-nilly.
I can’t cut down our current power; this was no time to be reckless.


[The Safe Zone has been lifted.]

[Thanks to the blessing of the World’s Towers, the monsters’ movements will slow down for 5 minutes.]

[In 5 minutes, the Monster Wave will begin!]


     “I see we have no time to talk.”

     The warm light surrounding our room died down.
Fortunately, we were given five more minutes; it seemed that this cooldown time would not decrease.

     The stairs to the third floor were blocked due to the chandelier that I had dropped.
Therefore, we decided to climb to the third floor through a window.

      When I left the room, I realized that something was wrong.
I stood straight in my tracks.

     “Hunter Yoon Gaho?” Someone asked.

     The tiles in the hallway shone red.

     It wasn’t just the floor: the vase by the window, the tapestry at the end of the hallway…the door handles of some rooms…

     “What’s this?”





TL: Honestly, Insight skills are so OP.
Knowing a targe’s weak spot or their ‘essence’ would be so incredibly useful in our daily lives…


in Korea, it’s more ㄷ shaped…but that’s essentially a U  In video games, this is a status-effect one can place on an enemy in order to hinder them.
This ranges from lowering their speed or even lowering a monster’s accuracy by blinding them.  the suffix ‘-ie’ is used to denote that someone is close with another. 

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