According to the data, the missing students were divided into two groups.
The first batch of five missing students, two girls and three boys, the place of disappearance was unknown.

The second batch of missing four students are all boys, and they disappeared in the dormitory.

If you count the four people who disappeared at night, the third group of people disappeared in the dormitory.

The five students in the first batch were male and female, and the place where they disappeared was obviously not a dormitory, but what connection did they have with those who disappeared in the dormitory later?

Song Qingshu always felt that these things are inseparable from the disappearance of the first batch of students.
If the reason for the disappearance of the first batch of students is found out, the truth may come out soon.

He carefully looked at the missing students’ information again.
The first batch of missing students were all in the second year of middle school, but they were not from the same class.

Two girls named Gunan and Huang Yimu are in class 19 of the second year of junior high school.

Among the three boys, the boy named You Wen is in the second grade (15) class, Hu Guangliang and Wu Bai are in the second grade (30) class respectively.

The parents who filled in the reasons for the accommodation information column are “too busy”.

It is not uncommon for parents to be busy making money and have no time to take care of their children, so it is not uncommon for them to put their children in school boarding.
If the school management is good enough, students boarding is much safer than being alone at home.

According to the principal’s words, you can know that the first batch of students were in school before school was over at 8:00 p.m., and they did not return to the dormitory before the lights were turned off at 9:30 p.m., which means that the students disappeared after 8:00 p.m.

The clues were very fragmented and couldn’t be connected at all.
Song Qingshu felt that there must be some crucial clues that he hadn’t found.
He closed the student profile in his hand, and as soon as he looked up, he met the probing eyes of Moon in the Water sitting opposite him.

How long has this person been looking at him? Why didn’t he feel anything?

After the meeting, a group of people came out of the big conference room, just in time for the get out of class bell to ring.

This negative news didn’t seem to affect the students at all.
As soon as the get out of class bell rang, the students galloped like wild horses from the classroom to the vast grassland outside the teaching building.

In just a few minutes, the originally empty campus was full of students.

“The five missing students in the first batch are very important, so let’s split up and go to three classes to ask other students to see if we could find anything.” Moon in the Water held a barrel-shaped student information in one hand and slapped it casually on the palm of the other hand.

In the end, Moon in the Water and Yan Ruyu went to Class 8 (30) and Class 8 (15) where the three boys were, and Song Qingshu and Sang Yu went to Class 8 (19) where the two girls were.

There are a total of 35 classes in the second year of junior high school, with 30 students in each class, and more than 1,000 students in the whole grade, distributed in a six-story building.
In addition to 6 teaching classes, each floor has a teacher’s office, a physical, chemical and biological laboratory for the second grade, and toilets.

Students are divided into classes based on the results of the final exam of the previous semester.
Students in classes with higher numbers have better academic performance, and students in classes with lower numbers have worse grades.

Since students with good grades are more self-disciplined than those with poor grades, the school assigns these students to lower floors when assigning classes.
Firstly, the probability of causing trouble is low, and secondly, they are also used as school facades.

On the contrary, if the indisciplined students are arranged on the high floors, even if they want to go down and play for ten minutes after class, it will take several minutes to pass, which reduces the probability of them going downstairs to a certain extent.

However, due to the large number of students in the school, it is impossible to see these when the class is over.
This detail can only be found when entering the teaching building.

Therefore, Class 15 of You Wen is on the third floor, Class 19 of Gunan and Huang Yimu is on the fourth floor, Class 30 of Hu Guangliang and Wu Bai is on the sixth floor.

Song Qingshu and Sang Yu arrived in Class 19, and asked the teacher to call the students out for questioning.

For convenience, the teacher called out the little girl who was sitting in the first row by the door.

The little girl’s name was Wen Zhaodi, she was a bit introverted, and there were two good-looking men standing opposite her, she was unavoidably shy, and she also behaved submissively, not daring to speak.

Sang Yu leaned down slightly, with a smile on his face, trying to show kindness to Wen Zhaodi, trying to make the little girl less nervous.

But Wen Zhaodi didn’t seem to receive the kindnesses and still stood there nervously.

Sang Yu lowered his voice and asked her: “Do you know with whom Gunan and Huang Yimu in your class had a better relationship? Or a feud with someone.”

When these two names were mentioned, great fear appeared in Wen Zhaodi’s eyes, as if they had said some unspeakable names.
Sang Yu waited for a long time before she whispered, “I don’t know, they don’t study……I’m afraid of them.”

“Forget it, let her go back, if she’s asked again, she won’t be able to say anything, so let the teacher come over with someone else.” Song Qingshu rubbed the center of his brows, and persuaded Sang Yu helplessly.

Sang Yu had no choice but to ask Wen Zhaodi to go back to the classroom.
When she heard the news that she could go back, Wen Zhaodi quickly ran back to the classroom, sat on the seat, took a few deep breaths, and she seemed frightened.

When she left, Song Qingshu narrowed his eyes and looked at Wen Zhaodi who was calming down, “Did you see the shoes on her feet?”

“You also noticed.” Sang Yu said, people who have spent their school days will not fail to understand what this means.

Students wear school uniforms at school most of the time, and they can’t see the gap between families, but they can still see their family situation and their parent’s attitude towards them from the details, such as shoes, school bags, and stationery…

Most of the students in Linchuan Middle School are from good families, but obviously Wen Zhaodi and her family are not among them.
It can be seen from her name that there is a high probability that she has a younger brother in her family, and she herself is not well received at home, so she has developed such a submissive character who dares not speak.

kiwii: 温招娣 (Wen Zhaodi): Wen (温) a surname and ofc it means mild, soft or tender and Zhaodi(招娣) or Zhao(招) means to infect, contagious or to provoke.
By this explanation you can now actually guess how ignorant her parents are of her.

“Do you think her parents value her? What do they think about raising her into such a submissive character and sending her to such a school?” Sang Yu asked.

“Maybe it’s because the parents value education, but they don’t have enough money.
As for the personality, maybe the parents are too strict.” Song Qingshu said.

Sang Yu thought about it carefully, and felt that it made sense.

Soon another student called out by the teacher came from a distance, also a girl named Du Sisi, this Du Sisi was much more courageous than Wen Zhaodi just now, and she was not nervous when meeting strangers.

Song Qingshu asked Du Sisi what Sang Yu asked Wen Zhaodi just now.

Du Sisi thought for a while, and answered generously: “I often saw Hu Guangliang and Wu Bai from class 30 come to play with them.
As for those who have had a feud with them, there are too many, countless.”

Song Qingshu’s complexion changed, and he hurriedly asked: “Tell me carefully how they had trouble with other students.”

Du Sisi said: “The two of them didn’t study and made trouble in class.
The students in the class who study didn’t like the two of them.
The two of them would drag them into the toilet and beat them if they didn’t like them.
Who knows how many people they have bullied? But if the family is rich and powerful, the beating is for nothing.
Those who have been beaten by them have a feud with them, and the clashes are even bigger.”

Song Qingshu thought of something after listening, and asked her: “Did Hu Guangliang, Wu Bai and You Wen often come to see Gunan and Huang Yimu in your class?”

Du Sisi frowned slightly, and replied: “Who is You Wen? I don’t know him, but Hu Guangliang and Wu Bai often come to the door to wait for them.
But I heard that they disappeared with Gunan and Huang Yimu, is it true they still haven’t been found?”

Song Qingshu didn’t answer her question, and quickly said: “Our questions are over, thank you, you can go back to study.”

Before Du Sisi left, she took a few more glances at Song Qingshu and secretly compared it with the boys in her class.

“Fuck, are children so arrogant these days? Parents don’t care about it, and wait for them to grow up and be beaten by society?” As soon as Du Sisi left, Sang Yu couldn’t hold back his complaints.

“They are all used to it by their parents, and without their unconditional backing, do you think they dare?” Song Qingshu sneered, “Believe it or not, when something happens in the future, these parents will definitely say that the school is not well educated.”

Sang Yu originally wanted to say “the teacher doesn’t care about it”, but when he thought about the situation in the school he was in since he was a child, he just shut up.

The two chatted while walking, and when they reached the stairs, Song Qingshu seemed to feel something, and raised his head to meet Moon in the Water’s eyes.

The eyes are big and narrow, the tails of the eyes are slightly upturned to a suitable angle, and the thin single eyelids cover them, showing a bit of affection and indifference.
People who see it will naturally feel that this person is cold and indifferent.

Song Qingshu has seen this pair of eyes when they smile, the slightly curved arc is very nice, there is no sense of indifference at all, but very easy-going.

At this time, the owner of these eyes was condescendingly looking at the two people at the stairs.

Moon in the Water went downstairs to them, and the three met Yan Ruyu together.

Back in dormitory 105, Song Qingshu picked up the main points of the news he had just asked from Wen Zhaodi and Du Sisi.

Yan Ruyu said that she learned from You Wen’s classmates that You Wen studied well, but because of his slightly feminine behavior, he was ridiculed by other boys, and he was pushed out because of this.
Someone once saw You Wen being blocked by Hu Guangliang and the others to a dead corner of surveillance, probably beaten.

As for Hu Guangliang and Wu Bai, the situation is similar to that of Gunan and Huang Yimu.
Both of them have rich families and their parents are too busy to discipline them, so they are lawless in school.

The students who were asked about it also said that Hu Guangliang and the others dare not bully the rich family because they are afraid of retaliation, and their parents can’t solve it.

They didn’t dare to find someone stronger than them, for fear of being beaten if they couldn’t beat them.
They pick on people whose families are not as rich as theirs and can’t beat them, which makes them feel great and often flaunts these behaviors in the class.

The school wanted to expel a few of them before, but their parents united and reported to the Education Bureau, causing quite a commotion.

Song Qingshu’s head was full of questions to be solved after listening to the explanation.

Of the five missing people, four were perpetrators of school violence, and one was a victim of school violence.
Could it be that You Wen did something? But how can he explain the fact that he himself disappeared?

And from the disappearance incident that happened at night, it can be seen that the disappearance of students is not something that can be done by humans, so if it was done by You Wen, what did he do? If it wasn’t You Wen, who would it be?

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