Woken up by the urge to urinate early in the morning, Min Jingyi looked at the time.
It was only 7:18 am.
She scratched her frizzy hair casually, got up and went to the bathroom.

Although she had just woken up, she still remembered what the rules said and examined the signs vigilantly.

It was a normal male and female sign.
Min Jingyi breathed in relief and walked into the toilet.

As soon as she opened the door of the first stall, she saw the bright red tragedy inside.
Min Jingyi’s eyes widened in horror.
Two seconds later, she screamed out and crashed down into the floor.


This scream was like the sound of a police siren, immediately alerting the several people who had not slept soundly.
They opened their eyes on the bed at the same time.

Su Rong rubbed her eyes and judged that from the direction of the voice, it should be coming from the toilet.
She quickly jumped out of bed and ran over with Wang Jianguo, who also got out of bed quickly.

When they arrived at the door of the toilet, Wang Jianguo deliberately stopped her.
After confirming there was no problem with the sign, the two of them ran in together.

Directly opposite the first stall in the women’s bathroom, Min Jingyi was sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall.
She was covering her mouth with her hands, breathing rapidly and looking ahead in horror with tears in her eyes, as if she had seen a ghost.

What was in the toilet?

“Wait, you can’t go in.” Seeing Wang Jianguo inch forward, Su Rong hurriedly stopped him.
“Don’t forget that we are customers.
Males are not allowed in the women’s toilet.”

The originally clean toilet was now covered in scarlet.
Severed limbs and pieces of meat were scattered everywhere as if they had exploded.
The wall was spattered with blood, which had now turned dark red after a night of settling.

And inside the stall, Aunt Li’s head was floating in blood.

She did not die peacefully.
Her yellow eyes were full of extreme fear and despair.
Just one glance made people shudder, it was impossible to imagine the pain she had suffered during her death.

As a detective in her previous life, Su Rong had seen dead people.
But it was the first time in her two lifetimes that she had witnessed such a horrible scene.
Even if she was prepared, it was inevitable that her heart would tremble.
The strong stench of blood and urine pierced her nostrils.
Her breathing became stagnant, nausea rising from her stomach.

It’s Aunt Li who died…… *gag*……”

Thanks to the lack of food in the morning, Su Rong dry heaved.
She put a hand on her chest and barely suppressed her urge to vomit.
She went to Min Jingyi and supported her.
“Sister Min, are you okay?”

I…… *sob*!” Min Jingyi, who had always been calm, unexpectedly collapsed and burst into tears.
Unlike Su Rong, she saw this scene unprepared.
And the first time she saw a dead person, she saw such a horrible death.

The bloody scene of a dismembered corpse coupled with the head in the toilet was a scene that would make the whole movie theater scream as soon as it appeared in any horror movie.
Let alone, witness it with your own eyes?

Wang Jianguo took Min Jingyi and helped her out.
Su Rong took a deep breath, closed her eyes and walked out quickly.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Peng and Huang Tao gathered around, looking at the appearance of these three people.
Coupled with the disappearance of Aunt Li, Zhao Peng actually already had a guess in his mind.

“Aunt Li is dead.” Wang Jianguo announced somberly.

Sure enough.
Zhao Peng nodded with understanding.
“How did she die?”

“She should have triggered the abnormality in the toilet.“ Su Rong couldn’t help shivering when she recalled Aunt Li’s miserable state.
“She died very tragically.”

Working as a detective, especially in those underground investigations, she often saw dead people who died in strange ways.
Su Rong quickly came to terms with the scene of Aunt Li’s death she witnessed just now.

Wang Jianguo also noticed this and couldn’t help but glance at Su Rong.
Although he didn’t know what it looked like in the toilet, Min Jingyi, who had been calm since the start, was quite shaken.
So he knew that it was absolutely terrifying inside.

Could a normal female student really adapt to that scene so quickly like Su Rong?

While they were talking, Huang Tao cuddled close to Min Jingyi who hadn’t recovered from her fear.
She comforted her in a low voice, “Sister Min, are you okay?”

Min Jingyi shook her head, couldn’t help her eyes turning red again and hugged herself.
That scene was so horrific that she felt like she would have nightmares about it for the rest of her life.

“Aunt Li.…..
Aunt Li just retired this year and was supposed to enjoy her old age peacefully.…..but…… *sob*……” She couldn’t help but cry again, but she didn’t know whether she was feeling sorry for Aunt Li or whether she was venting her fears.

“Don’t be sad.” Huang Tao embraced her, patting her on the back comfortingly.

“You’ll be safe, just like me.”

Her last words were said softly, and Min Jingyi, who was sobbing quietly, didn’t hear.

Seeing the heavy atmosphere, Wang Jianguo sighed and raised his voice.
“Although I am very sad about Aunt Li’s death, I have to remind you that when someone dies in the ghost talk, “His” strength will also increase accordingly.”

This was news that no one knew.
Everyone stared with wide eyes and panic.

Wang Jianguo coughed heavily, “So we don’t have time to be sad.
We have to hurry out and find clues.”

Only the first batch of selected people could leave permanent clues inside these ghost talks.
If they could find those clues, there was a possibility of clearing the level.

Of course, not all ghost talks contained such clues.
After all, those chosen were too busy taking care of themselves.
They may not have had a chance to leave anything behind.

Seeing Min Jingyi, whose eyes were red and swollen and obviously still mentally unstable, Su Rong couldn’t help but sigh.
“Let Sister Min stay and guard.”

Wang Jianguo also knew that Min Jingyi’s state was not suitable for going out to explore.
“He” was used to bewitching people’s hearts, and Min Jingyi’s mental state is not good.
Going out now would equal death.

“Okay, Jingyi.
Can you stay in the daily necessities area alone?”

“Yes.” Min Jingyi wiped away her tears.

“Then for the rest of the group……”

“I’ll be with Huang Tao!” Su Rong said immediately, giving Huang Tao a friendly smile after speaking.

Huang Tao had no real objection and nodded with a happy expression.

Knowing that there was something wrong with Huang Tao, Su Rong’s conscience could not allow her to hand over the ticking time bomb to someone unaware.
Because there was no evidence, she couldn’t report Huang Tao together with Min Jingyi.
It would be troublesome if they were suspected instead.

But Su Rong knew that she had a problem anyway, so she could be on guard.

Zhao Peng and Wang Jianguo were automatically divided into one group.
The two groups left the daily necessities area and started exploring separately.

After thinking about it, Su Rong pulled Wang Jianguo aside and whispered in his ear.
“Don’t go to the clothing area.”

The rules of the clothing area were likely problematic.
If they went to the clothing area now, there would be a second “Huang Tao” on their hands.

Hearing this, Wang Jianguo looked at Su Rong in surprise.
Zhao Peng hummed and hawed next to him, but was also inquisitive.
“Hey! What’re you whispering?”

Su Rong clasped her fingers together, looking embarrassed.
“There is none in the daily living area.
I wanted Brother Wang to help me look for sanitary napkins in this place.
I feel that my day is coming soon.”

No one paid attention to this matter, so naturally, they didn’t know that Su Rong lied.

Excluding herself, the expressions of the three present froze.
Wang Jianguo gave her a deep look, then nodded stiffly.
“That’s right.”

After parting, Su Rong went straight to the food area with Huang Tao.
According to the rules and her previous experience, the food area was the safest.
Here, even if there is a problem with Huang Tao, there shouldn’t be any trouble.

“Rong Rong, can I call you that?” Huang Tao asked cautiously while walking on the road.

Su Rong nodded.
“Of course, then I’ll call you Tao Zi.”

The exchange of names visibly made Huang Tao a little happier.
She glanced at the road Su Rong was taking.
“Are you going to the food section? Haven’t you been there before? Why don’t we go to the clothing area?”

Hearing the words “clothing area,” Su Rong understood and finally confirmed that there was definitely something wrong with Huang Tao.
It is impossible for a girl who is as timid as a mouse to take the initiative to ask to go to the place where she encountered weirdness before.

She remained calm and replied, “Didn’t you go to the clothing section before?”

“The clothes in the clothing section are very beautiful! The outfit I’m wearing now smells.
I want to go to the clothing section to change.” Huang Tao begged, “Rong Rong, come with me! Please!”

This trick was completely useless to Su Rong.
She had encountered a lot of nonsense.
In the face of nonsense, just directly treat others the same way.
“Tao Zi, I really want to go to the food section! Please, just go with me.”

The two voices attacked each other, and it was obvious that the shameless Su Rong was the better one.
The corners of Huang Tao’s mouth twitched and she stopped talking.

When they arrived at the food area, Su Rong observed Huang Tao without any trace while carefully avoiding expired food.
She was also focused on seeing if there were any clues on the ground.
She was quite busy, doing all three things at once.

Huang Tao didn’t have much thoughts after seeing Su Rong was able to avoid the expired food very accurately.
She stopped trying to do anything and focused on looking for clues.

Her excellent powers of observation showed their effect this time.
After browsing the entire food area, Su Rong finally saw a note behind a pack of snacks.

She glanced at Huang Tao, hesitating for a moment.
She wanted to secretly take the note away, but Huang Tao was more sensitive than she thought and looked over right at that moment.

Su Rong had no choice but to pretend to be surprised and took out the note.
“Look, I found a clue!”

For an instant, Huang Tao’s face darkened, then morphed into the same surprise as Su Rong at an extremely fast speed.
If Su Rong hadn’t been paying attention to Huang Tao all this time and had an extremely precise grasp of facial expressions, she might not have been able to sense it.

The two looked at the slip of paper together.
There was only one note on it.

——“We are customers! Hahahahaha we even forgot that we are customers! The way to get out is ■■■■.”

In the end, the most critical part was blurred, and it should be “him” who did it.
Su Rong frowned, keeping a safe distance from Huang Tao and began to ponder in her heart.

Customer? Both Su Rong and Wang Jianguo were aware they were customers.
But what did that have to do with getting out?

Suddenly, Su Rong turned her head abruptly.

She didn’t know when Huang Tao had come over and stood behind her.

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