Even in villains, there is a hierarchy.


There are some people who have to be punished because they make the main character suffer until the very, very final moment, and there are also people who disappear after coming back to haunt the main character.


Among them, I was the dreg.


The one who came back to haunt the main character in a sloppy and annoying way, and was absolutely not a threat at all.


Just as a jewel shines more if there is trash next to it, I was that kind of villainess extra who had not even a tiny bit of influence, and was only there to make the main character stand out.


I realized at a very late time that the place where I was in was a world inside a novel.


A place that was full of sobbing.


“Isn’t that Baekri Euikang’s that daughter?”


“Ah, that trash?”


“That waste!”


The excruciatingly tiresome remarks followed me even to my father’s funeral.


From my blank eyes, which had no power to sob, only tears flowed down.


“After giving Baekri Euikang a rough time like that during his lifetime, even so, she’s still crying because he’s her father.”


“That’s what I’m saying.
I heard they also don’t get along well either.”


Just like what they said in their whispers, in ordinary times, my relationship with Father was not well.


If it were to be calculated whether or not our relationship was closer to good or bad, it was closer to bad.


Since Father thought I was pathetic and I ignored such Father.


However, I cried throughout these two days.


I couldn’t tell the exact reason why I was crying.


Whether it was because of the sadness of losing Father, or the predicted miserable daily life that would follow me in the future.


At the unknown sadness which I did not even understand, I cried and cried until I collapsed after three days.


And then, I recalled–


My past life…


My life in the past could be organized and told very simply.


Mother who divorced my father during childhood, whose face I don’t even remember, and Father who swung his hands whenever he drank. 


Getting beaten up from under him as usual, I hit my head at the corner of the table and that was my last memory.


I also remembered something else.


That this world was actually the very same oriental fantasy I read!


(t/n: 무협 [muhyeop] is commonly translated to ‘martial arts’, but can also be written as ‘oriental fantasy’.)


‘To think that this is inside a novel….
Does this even make sense?’


But the life in this place was truly mine.


I could entirely remember the villainess extra’s past that wasn’t covered in the novel.


The person who took care of me when I was very young died.
And just like that, I became a vagrant who wandered on the street.
Then, my biological father, who was dressed in a dazzling outfit, found me.


In the situation where I was wandering on the street and picking up trash to eat, there was no option not to follow him.


The place where I was led to was a huge manor that was enough to make my eyes widen.


When I crossed the gate, which was like a royal palace guarded by scary-looking soldiers wearing swords on their waists, I thought,


That my life finally got its sunshine now.


‘But, out of all things, to think that this was inside that martial arts novel!’


I lifted the teapot with my hands trembling.



However, the teapot was empty, and as I put down the teacup weakly, I missed my grip.




The teacup crashed onto the stone floor and like that, it shattered into pieces.


There was a reason for me to tremble excessively.


Because this novel was a novel wherein for over the next 10 years, slaughter was rampant and the characters were dying!


The first sign… was my father.


The prestigious family faction, as well as one of the 10 generations of the powerful martial arts family, the powerful Baekri Family’s Fourth Young Lord, Baekri Euikang, the Holy Victim who awakened the arrogant main character, who only knew himself, into the guardian of justice by being the teacher of Namgung Ryucheong, the male lead of this novel!


It was an evaluation of my father.


And the only daughter of his was Baekri Yeon.


A stupid and greedy villainess extra who died by decapitation after coming back to haunt the main character and her father in every way.


That… was me.


‘Damn it.’


Throughout reading the novel, I cursed like so at the villainess extra.
Saying that if it was me, I wouldn’t live like that.


‘But that didn’t mean that I wanted to be her!’


What was worse, Father has died, and to think that this moment was just before the worst war began! Even worse, this novel wasn’t even completed!


‘…What should I do?’


It was too dangerous for a villainess like me who couldn’t even use martial arts to be beside the male lead.
Whether it was a good guy or a bad guy, if a person swings their hand once, I’ll die without even making a sound.


The male lead may still try to protect me because I am still the daughter of his teacher.
However, that’s also why I can’t get out of the state of being a lump of nuisance.


‘Let’s run away.’


If I live as silent as a grave they won’t even know that there was a villainess extra like me.


That’s why I ran away.




‘Why is he here!?’


A pale face to the point it makes the corner of one’s eyes move along following it.
An attractive appearance that bewitches people even in this situation.


There was only one character that fitted this kind of description.


Haven’t I said that there are also classes in villains?


If I was merely a dreg extra, then this person was the lead.


The lead villain.
The actual villain of this novel, Ya Yul!


As the Leader of the Cheonsal Group, who undertook alone the brutal murder of the Cheonma religious armed force, he w

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