and shook his head, confirmed that there were no more guests after the two of them, and closed the door of the mansion.

Still, since she was a guest who came to visit him on his birthday, she felt that she should refrain from teasing him further.

So, when Katria and him were escorting the two to the second floor and climbing the stairs, this time Ariel tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Ed.
Are there any friends of yours among the people here today?”

“Friend? Well… … .”

Unfortunately, Edgar had very few people he could name as friends.

He knew that he had peers of the same age in other families, but he had hardly ever met them.

At least, the children of familiar families were already adults or had a significant age difference from Edgar.

Unfortunately, Edgar had few people to call as friend.

“I don’t have any.”

“Really? Hehe.”


Edgar was stunned by her unexpected reaction.

How can you laugh at your childhood friend when he says he doesn’t get along with anyone.
He couldn’t understand the innermost thoughts of this immature princess at all.

‘Ariel must have a lot of friends, right?’

There are some occasions where children were forced to meet often due to family relationships, but friendships were also formed between these childrens.

‘I’m just guessing all of this because I have never had any other friends either.’

The four of them went up to the second floor and stood in front of the door leading to the hall.

When other family members who were talking outside confirmed that Helena had come, they hurriedly bowed their heads and greeted her.

Among them were those of a powerful family who Edgar recognises.

‘It’s amazing.’

‘Do they usually get along with people like this?’

It wasn’t that Edgar became close to Ariel after looking at the girl’s family status, but there were many rumors flying about her.

Her family is said to be one of the three most prominent and powerful families in the whole empire.

He then realized again how luxurious and delightful it was to live under their protection.

A rattle sounded.

As the door opened and the four entered the hall, the voices of the chattering crowd gradually ceased and soon silence filled the entire hall.

He tried to look as casual as he could in case Helena found his behavior inappropriate, because most of the people in the hall were gazing at them intently.

“Isn’t this Mrs.
Robeheim? It’s an honor to see you again.”

The first to break the serene silence was a middle aged man about 40 years with a bold expression on his face.

Helena, who was searching for his face in her memory, greeted him with an exclamation, “Ah!” as if she remembered it vaguely.

“Nice to meet you, I’m sure… You are from the Ardeltine family? I apologize for not memorizing your name due to my poor memory.”

“Haha, my name is Maltred Ardeltine.
It’s not a great name, but I’d appreciate it if you could remember it from now on.”

The Ardeltine family is a family of Count who rule the provinces with power.

Although he has a sincere smile, the fact that a head of the family bursts out laughing at the other person who can’t even remember his name, it must have been because of his opponent’s reputation is so high.

Edgar, who was watching this from the side, smiled bitterly and sent condolences to the family head whose name was forgotten.

Even if he pretended not to be angry, he musy be boiling with anger inside.

The more power you have, the more prideful you are.

“I’ve been waiting for your arrival Mrs.
If you don’t mind, can I talk to you for a while?”

Maltred tried to escort her in a fairly aggressive manner.

Edgar was quick to catch that, Maltred was trying to snatch the lady into his own circle while the rest of the guests were still in a stunt, catching them off guard.

However, the opponent is the mistress of the Robeheim family .

One cannot even count the number of times she has been through various social gatherings so far.

As such, she was well aware of how to escape from this situation easily.

“ah… I am not available right now.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

She talked in a roundabout way, but it was obvious what she meant really if one were sensible enough.

The main character of the day is the small head of the Billhark family who just celebrated his birthday, and she is just the mother of his childhood friend who came to congratulate him.

She didn’t come here to be a scapegoat and a topic of gossip for other families.

When Maltred, whose face was black from the rejection, hurriedly gave her an apology, Helen only shook her head with a smile while maintaining the silence.

An implicit answer that there is no need to say more.

Maltred greeted her in a hurry and ran to his seat immediately.

“Katria, let’s leave the kids for a while and we’ll just talk amongst ourselves.
I’m not feeling very well today, so it’s not appropriate to mingle among people.”

“Oh, I see Mrs”

Helena deliberately talked out loud as if for the other people to hear at the same time.

In fact, it was also a threat not to come and start a conversation with her.

If the mistress of the Robeheim family has already said this with her own mouth, and if there is anyone still approaching her for a chat, then that person must have either left their senses deep in the sea or have no regrets in their life anymore.

“Ariel, let’s go over there and play.”

“There are many delicious things today.”


Edgar took Ariel’s hand and left the seat.

His eyes met Helena along the way, but she smiled silently and waved at them.

The eyes of the other family members who were watching this from the side, suddenly shone.

If you can’t shoot your enemy, then shoot his horse.

The two children who were away from their mother, looked like huge war horses in their eyes.

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