why he thought his guess was correct, but since it wasn’t the question in his mind only deepens.

Helena, who had laughed at Edgar, opened her eyes wide and glanced at Ariel.

The image of her daughter wiggling her hands without even eating properly looked cute today.

“It’s your birthday soon.
I wanted to give you a present as well as a return gift for yesterday.” (return here means his return alive to home.)


Edgar then realized that his own birthday was coming up in three days.

‘I totally forgot about it.’

He tends to care about other people’s birthdays, but he didn’t know if it was because of him not wanting to celebrate his birthday or he just doesn’t care.

Since it’s a birthday present, he should thank her.

Rather, if he were to refuse this, it will be an insult to the other party

“Then… I’d like to receive a sword.””

“A sword?”

Both Robeheim mother and daughter’s eyes were round at the unexpected answer.

Why would a fairly 10-year-old kid want a sword, is it to keep it as an ornament? Just don’t tell me it’s for him to use, right?

“It’s not difficult, but I want to ask you.
Why do you want it first?”

Even in a fairly famous aristocratic family, a real sword was given to the eldest son only after he turns 13 years old.

One can learn martial arts and train before that, but he can only practice with a wooden sword until then.

This was not simply because it was dangerous for a child to use.

A sword is a will.
It was believed that those who possessed the sword must have a strong will to wield it.

‘Does this child really have that much will?’

She always has an intuition that this child is about unusual.

However, gifting a sword had a completely different meaning.

As the proud mistress of the Robeheim family, giving someone a sword is tantamount to proving their will and honor.

It means that she would be gifting a sword not as the woman named Helena but as the mistress carrying the honor of the Robeheim family.

Edgar did not avoid Helene’s penetrating gaze.

Rather, he faced her with his firm eyes, as if to prove his will.

It doesn’t mean much.
Because he can’t even perform a set of sword practice in the first place.

But yesterday’s event prove Helena that if Edgar wants to protect the little immature princess from her side, than his current strength isn’t enough.

“I don’t need a sword.
I just want to receive it as a symbol of my determination.”

“You have made up your mind.”

Helena looked into Edgar’s eyes with silence at the end of the sentence.

He’s a very strange child.
Any other child of his age would have tried to persuade what they want with a lengthy reasons.

She wasn’t kind of a woman to fall for such nonsense.

But what about this boy?

He does not reveal any specific aspirations or tell her what his determination is.

Somehow, Helen’s words sounded as if she wants him to tell such nonsense.

Nevertheless, she could clearly see the light burning fiercely in his two pupils

“Ok, are you sure you want a sword?”


“I’ll make sure to bring you the sword next time I stop by.
Look forward to it.”

It was a gift, but it was also a kind of permission.

Edgar bowed his head and thanked politely, and Katria, who was watching, alternately looked at the two, dumbfounded.

After the conversation between the two ended, the casual meal continued.

Edgar, who finished the meat before anyone else, wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Meanwhile, he exclaimed, “Ah!” as some of yesterday’s memory passed through his head.

“Come to think of it, Ariel, what was the present you were going to give me yesterday?”

“Oh, that’s….”

What is it? What kind of gift is it that could make her so hesitant to answer?

As Edgar glanced at the side, wondering if Helena knew, she put her index finger near her mouth when their eyes met.

‘I think it means to listen to it directly from her own mouth.’

Edgar’s curiosity was amplified by this

“Is there anything strange yesterday…ah..
Didn’t you feel it?”

“Something strange?”

Something strange is, she didn’t listen to him at all.

‘Don’t tell me that’s the answer!’

In the end, he decided to ask her in detail since he’s not losing money if he asks.
If he gives her the wrong answer and she gets angry then it’s a matter to think about.

“You tried to go to the end of the mountain yesterday without listening to me?””

“That’s right.”

What, it was real?

Edgar’s eyes were wide open at the unexpected answer.

What does that have to do with gifts? He couldn’t think of anything appropriate even if he pondered deeply.

“The mountain we went to yesterday…”….”

“What’s wrong with that?”

‘I believed that you didn’t mean to pick wild ginseng there or anything, right?’

Regardless of whether there are wild ginsengs in this world in the first place.

“That’s the gift.”


“Mr.Edgar, I mean…! That mountain is the gift!”

Ariel, who had been passive since yesterday, returned to her usual self after a long time and shouted out loud, as if to vent her frustrations.

Edgar looked at her with his eyes wide open, perhaps still unable to realize the reality.

So what the princess wants to say now is…….

“You’re going to give me that mountain?”


In the meantime, he thought he was already immune to a lot of things while dealing with this child, but this incident seems to have trumple his pride.

Edgar took a big sip of water with a expression as if his soul has flew away.

He thought she would give him a mansion as a joke, but it turns out to be a mountain.
It really is not a joke but a real mountain.

“Then, don’t tell me that you tried to climb the mountain yesterday……?”

“I thought it would be cool to gift it to you at the top of the mountain…”….”

As expected of the future Grand Duchess.
Her way of thinking is definitely different from an average person.

But what does that have to do with gifts? No matter how hard I thought about it, nothing came to mind.

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