hings that cannot be entrusted even to their servants.

Helena wished for at least one such person to be present around her daughter.

Because it might be the last gift she can give to her child who would have to bear the heavy burden of this Robeheim family in the future.


“Yes, ma’am.”

“I have a favor to ask from you.
Can you please fulfill it for me?”

” Anything ma’am.”

Even if she is told to cut open her stomach with a knife here , she has to obey.

In front of the power gap between their two families, there is a rule that is, to obey the commands.

“Edgar, I want this child to be raised together with my child.”

“Do you mean you want to raise him as a servant…?”

It’s not particularly different.
But more like following up with the trend.

When it comes to the servants of the House of Grand Dukedom and such high status families, it is necessary for them to have skills such as good personalities and knowledge, so there were many cases of bringing in children of other lower aristocratic families.

For those aristocratic families, it allows them to have connections with the higher social status noble families, so it was not a bad deal in the first place.

However, the answer Helena gave out was quite different from what Katria had expected.

I want to make him her friend, not her servant.”

“What? Friends?….”

Friends? Katria slightly doubted her ears at this point.

Of course, in order to maintain the innocence of children at a young age, there were cases where they were allowed to be friends without considering the difference in status under the mutual agreement between the families.

But there’s also a certain amount of advantages to it .

A family whose authority is so weak that even a Baron could plot from behind, and the heir of the Grand Duke, one of the top three elites in the empire, make friends?

“But, ma’am… I appreciate that you think well of my child, but he’s not enough to be a friend of her highness..….”

She knows how shameful it is to belittle her own child as a parent, but this is the only way for now.

If Helena had said to raise Edgar as a servant, she might have been able to accept it right away, but the gap between them was too wide to become friends.

Eventually, when they get older and their children grow up and Edgar comes to know the truth at that time, she doesn’t know if she would be able to bear the shock Edgar will have at that time as his mother.

“It’s all right, Katria.
I don’t want this kid to do anything.”

Helena stared at the eyes of the little boy who had not yet gazed away from her.

She didn’t see a resemblance of a valiant warrior or a profound air of a great scholar in this child.

However it was this child who gave her the illusion that he would stay by her daughter’s side no matter what happen.

“Edgar, please take care of my child.
I don’t know if she’ll grow up like her father to be blunt and unable to look around… Please watch this child by her side.”

The Grand Duchess bent her head and asked a favor from a 2-year-old child.

Katria tried to stop her, but Sheffy, who was watching this in the side line, shook her head lightly and gave her a wink as if to leave it alone.


“Whoa, yes.
Thank you.”

At Helena’s request, Edgar raised the pendant high in his hand and responded with great courage, and such small action caused a smile of relief engraved on her lips.

No matter what, she is confident in her judgement of people.
She was born weak and had nothing to show off, but this perspective of hers played a big role in achieving her current status.

Edgar, who gave the promised, stare curiously at Ariel sitting across from him.

Dark raven hair and crimson red eyes.

Even though she was only two years old, her features were delicate and exquisite, foreshadowing the tremendous beauty she would become in the future.

‘A pity, such a person is short-lived.’

This was the only information he has on the girl named, Ariel Robeheim.

Why she died, who was the cause of her death, who was guilty of it and who was falsely accussed of it.
He has no knowledge about her.

He reached out to touch Ariel’s cheek.

At the same time the warmth was conveyed to the small hand, Ariel’s head tilted slightly as if to tell something.

‘It would not be bad.’

At least if this girl will not be a bad fictional character that will disappear.

He thought that it would be nice to watch someone growing up.

He is not boasting, but he is confident in his adult mindset to play with a two year old kid.

‘I might be having fun in the future.

It was a good thing for Edgar anyway.

The Robeheim family, which he will have to serve in the future as a the next head of the Bilhark family, has been perfectly impressed by him already.

Not only that, he became friends with a girl of high social status from one of the three great house in the empire.

‘Oh, he fell asleep.”

Maybe it’s because he put too much tension in a little child’s body.

Edgar, who was holding Ariel’s cheek and wriggling, was defeated by exhaustion.

He seemed like a reliable man just a while ago, but the child is still a child.

Helena smiled, picked up Edgar herself and handed him over to his mother, Katria.

Please be my daughter’s good friend.

That is all I want for her as a mother.

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