any friends, she had no choice but to reach her limit no matter how much she whipped herself because it was her duty as her successor.

Even though she was only fourteen years old.

Edgar had already guessed it from when he went out with her to the village.

He guessed that, perhaps more than the frustration of not being able to go outside, she might have the hardest time not having a conversation partner she could relate to.


“I’m listening, tell me.”

Edgar noticed right away that her voice was heavier than before.

Ariel kicked the empty floor with her foot, turning her head away for nothing, as if making eye contact with him was burdensome.

To which Edgar noticed, and turned away from her as well, acting as casually as possible with his response.

“Will it be difficult for you to come to Hespania?”

“… I guess so.”

There will be no proper place for him to live, and above all, there was no proper justification.

If he stayed at the Robeheim family castle, there would be limits just because he was a friend.

There are cases where he stays with a friend’s family for only a few days or weeks at most, but it’s extremely rare for a few months or years.

If she used the name of the eldest daughter of the Robeheim family to push through, it wouldn’t be impossible at all, but there was a high probability that no one would listen to her request as she hadn’t reached adulthood yet.

In fact, stalling his answer is right.

“Let’s go in.
Change your clothes comfortably and talk… … .”

“That’s right.
It’s already too late.”

It was strange that she hadn’t rejected his request and pushed for his answer as she usually used to do, which had caused the immature princess to behave like this.

It must mean she has a lot on her mind.

Edgar felt a sense of deja vu from that appearance, but felt sorry for the fact that there was no way to solve it right away.

Except telling her to come visit often.

As the two entered the mansion together, they saw the back of the person waiting on the first floor.

Black hair that hung down to the waist was rare, so the two knew at once who it was.

“Mom, why are you outside?”

“Yeah, I have something to tell Ed.
Ariel, will you listen too?”

What do you mean? She couldn’t even figure out what else she had to listen to.

In the meantime, a question suddenly passed through her head.

‘Come to think of it, why did my mother want to come to Ardenum?’

Even before they came here, she had only been told that she(Helena) had business that she could not send an assistant for, but she had not been told what it was specifically.

Ariel too, just guessed that there must be something important to tell between her families.

“Ed, I already asked your mother, but I want to ask because your opinion is the most important.”

“Opinion… what are you talking about?”

What kind of matters is it that his own opinion should be included?

He pondered, but nothing came to his mind.

A moment of silence followed, and as Helena looked at the two of them alternately, a soft smile appeared on Helena:s lips, her mouth opened soon.

“If you have any thoughts, would you like to spend some time with our family?”


What do you mean by my family? The family in question sounded like it was talking about the Robeheim family.

Ariel also blinked her eyes and made eye contact with Edgar because she thought she heard it wrong.

As if they were asking, ‘We heard it right, didn’t we?’

“I know it was an abrupt suggestion.
But would you take some time to consider it?”

Here’s what Helena said.

Not just because she wanted to put two people together, who are friends, but because she wanted to open a way to help them in their future.

It would be good for Edgar to see the wide world at least once, and he has been training recently, so learning from a good teacher will be of great help in the future.

And since the relationship between the families is a master-servant relationship, it would be okay for Ariel to proceed with several tasks if she wanted Edgar by her side later.

“Don’t you like the proposal?”

“Oh, no.
Rather, it is too much of a suggestion…….”

“Don’t think so.
Of course, I wouldn’t say that there were no additional points because you were Ariel’s friend, but apart from that, it’s a suggestion that I made after seeing the possibility of a boy named Edgar Billhark.”

Helena disappeared like that, leaving a message that if he needed time to think, he would have about three days before they depart.

The two people who were left looked at each other dumbfounded.

Perhaps Helena gave this suggestion on this occasion, guessing Ariel’s inner thoughts?

“…What are you going to do?”


“Don’t be silly.
Are you coming to Hespania?”

I don’t know.

Edgar looked at the ceiling with a deep sigh.

Of course, I know that going to Hespania now will help me in the future.

But anyway, he was the only heir to a family, still he was not quite ready to lead the family yet.

Is it right to suddenly move to another place when has not learned enough about how to lead his family yet? He was just worried about that issue.

“What do you want me to do?”

“…I don’t know.
Do as you please.”

Ariel turned her head around and answered casually, as if it was not her case to interfere.



Edgar could clearly see Ariel’s gloomy figure as she was diligently rolling her eyes and examining him.

So, I can’t be honest.

It was also funny that when he suggested that he would not be able to come to Hespania at some point, he came out with the attitude of whether or not he would come because the mat was already covered.

It was also funny that he met a dilemma on going or not when he was suddenly given the opportunity to go to Hespania, while , just a moment ago he was contemplating over the matter of not being unable to go to Hespania.
(He’s kind of mocking himself for hesitating when he was given the choice (with a solid reason) to go or not, but just a while ago he was mulling over the fact that he can’t go to Hespania without a solid reason.)

‘Should I let myself lose this once?’

Edgar silently trudged over to her side and placed his hand gently on her silky hair.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Yes? Really… Are you coming? To Hespania?”

“It is a tempting proposition.
Besides, I can see you often, and it’s nice.”

She couldn’t believe that these words would come out of Edgar’s mouth, not anyone else’s.

Ariel felt the muscles on her face begin to loosen up immediately, but she pretended not to and jerked her body around.

“What is good…You just annoy me.”

“Then shall I refuse to go since it’s to bother you?”

“I-I didn’t say that!”

Got it, got it.

Edgar soothed her with her horns and made her laugh as she chewed on Helen’s suggestion in her head.

He was pondering some trivial thoughts and he wondered if he might have to live with a huge debt to Helena for the rest of his life.
(For Helena’s request to bring him to Hespania and the childhood friend pact.)

Reed – it’s a type of tall and slender grass, but it can also refer to a person or thing which is too weak to rely on; one who is easily swayed or overcome.

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