When a man named Chi Woo-woo ended his life, his eyes fluttered open only to see a completely new scenery in front of him.
He was cradled as a new born baby in the arms of a man who wore clothing that is nowhere near the modern costumes he knew.

Only question marks popped up in his mind, who has no medieval, modern or history knowledge.

“You are the eldest son of our Billhark family.”

The man who identified himself as Lancell Bilharkra said proudly.

The Bilhark family? The name sounds familiar as if he has heard it somewhere before.

Where is this place and who is he? It took a long time for the puzzles in his mind to be resolved.

When he turned two years old he met a girl who is the same age as him who could only babble so far, but this girl was popular enough for her name to be known by the mass amount of people.

Ariel Robeheim.
At the same time that particular two words rang out, something pop up in Edgar’s mind.

‘Ariel Robeheim?’

When he was in his previous life he had heard this name too many times.

He remembered it was a character in a romance fantasy novel.

It is also one of the misfortunate characters that appeared as a supporting role and dies at an early age.

Unfortunately, he was not interested in romance fantasy novels, so it was a novel that he had not read properly.

Why did he come to this world?

‘ It’s obvious that these are the signs of transmigration .

Otherwise, to appear in this world is almost impossible.

This is the beginnig of the novel he had read.

When the story plot of the novel is poor and the reader write a comment out of anger, they enter the world.
Most, if not all , have not deviated from this.

Still, why did he deviate from that frame?

There were countless works that he had seen before he closed his eyes in the previous world.

One might not be able to finish counting the novels he has read even if a whole day was spent.

He can’t believe that out of all the novel he has read, he had to enter the world of the novel that he had just skim through, leaving out many contents of the novel unread.

‘How come I have accidentally came to a world like this… … .’

He prefer the life of the modern civilization than anyone else.

It means that there was no way to be happy in a world without a smartphone, TV, or computer.

If he was to enter a novel world that he likes, he might be able to think that he was on a trip.
But when it is a novel which was he not interested in at all, it was just making things worse.

“Thank you for giving me a new start in life that doesn’t mean anything to me.”

When Ariel, who was in her mother’s arms, suddenly reached out.

Edgar, in a body of a two year old baby, was lamenting the new life of his.

Edgar’s head tilted slightly, when he realised that the hand was directed at him.


Do all babies react in the similar way?

He couldn’t remember his behavior when he was a two year old baby in his previous life.
And because this life was the second, he doesn’t know how to give the reaction that’s of a complete two year old baby.

Naturally, he couldn’t help but notice the meaning of Ariel’s actions.


“Do you want me to hold you?”’

Ariel, holding her mother’s arms, swung her small hand with all her might, as if ready to reunite with the separated families.

She was so cute that he wanted to take a bite of her.

“Here it is.”

Even though his mind was that of an adult, his body was still only a two-year-old baby.

Although he reached out his hand with all his might with the thought of being kind, he couldn’t reach Ariel’s hand at all.

He struggled to get to his feet and tried to run away, but his mother, Katria, pulled him into her arms, and it failed.


On the other hand, Edgar protests fiercely.

However, even though he thought he had spoken properly , because of the structure of his mouth, only an unidentified babble came out, just like Ariel.

“Oh, you can’t do that.
It’s rude to the princess.”


He thought she had pulled him back because she was worried that he would go out of her arms, but she seemed to have stopped him from contacting with the other recklessly because of the other party’s status.

Only then could Edgar realize, how great a little girl in front of him who couldn’t even speak properly yet was.

‘It seems that the other is a great public figure with high social status.’

Unless there is a small difference in status, there is no way parents will hurry to stop their babies from playing with each other.

‘Our family is said to be a Baron.
There must definitely be a huge social difference between us.’

He does not know the exact level difference according to the noble class, but he has heard that there is a significant difference between the Counts and the Barons.

Among all of them, the other party was the daughter of the Grand Duke, who was in the highest position except for the supreme Emperor of the country.

It seems that he needs to be extra careful about his actions after this.

‘If I accidentally hit her while playing… ?’ Oh, he dare not even imagine it.

Wouldn’t the three generations, including his parents, be destroyed the moment he caused even a scratch?

Maybe the old family, including all the relatives, will disappear from the world in an instant.

As a dizzying thought crossed his mind, Edgar shivered and dug deeper into Katria’s arms.

“Katria, don’t stop them, let the children play.
Isn’t it nice to have a leisurely drink and have a chat with each other?”

Helena, the mistress of the Robeheim family, who was keeping an eye on the two children, readily suggested.

As Kartria was anxious as she didn’t know what kind of unwanted accident would occur, she didn’t dare to accept her offer and carefully lifted her lips.

“However… … .”

“It’s just something you can tell the maids to watch over for a while.
All children grow up with children.”

“If you say so… All right.”

The Bilhark family is a subordinate vassal of the Robeheim family.
This is the so-called master-servant relationship.

Knowing it would be a greater disrespect for her to say more words, Katria was compelled to bow her head in agreement and lay her son down on the carpet.

‘Mother, why are you leaving your one and the only son alone like this?’

When Katria, put the boy down and stared with mixed emotions, her leftover Edgar had to watch her back like an abandoned puppy.

His buttocks touched the ground, and the soft feeling of the carpet felt as if he was sitting on a cloud.

Then Ariel is laid down opposite him as soon as he is.
When she met his eyes, she said, “Pa-!” again and called out loudly and approached him with all four feet.
‘So cute.’

Even if she wasn’t the main heroine, she is still a girl who played a role in a romance fantasy novel.

Her features stand out even though she is only just a two years old baby now.
Edgar felt more distinct than his future.

“Yes, let’s think positively.”

If this is the case, you should play with the daughter of the Grand Duke’s family and earn some point.

Who knows , Helena, who was proud of her own actions, will give words to her husband so that the Bilhark family would receive even the smallest benefit from her.

By the way, if you want to catch the enemy, you have to shoot the horse first.

“Pick it!”


What will babies be interested in?

There may be countless opinions, but there was one thing that Edgar thought as the most formal and certain idea.

‘Twinkiling object is the best.

Of course, the sweetheart of the Grand Duke may have grown up looking at all kinds of gold and silvery treasures, but that will only happen atmost a year later.

In addition, people are more interested in things they see for the first time than the things they are used to seeing.

Edgar picked up the little pendant hanging around his neck and took it off.

Something he received from his father, Lancell, shortly after his birth.

Apparently, special magic was given, but he didn’t know anything about it.

Now it’s just a toy to soothe the precious princess.

“Dda, da!”


He waved the pendant in the air as if to get it quickly, and Ariel snatched it up doing it just right.

Apparently, his thoughts were correct.

Edgar watched her and smiled with satisfaction as she wiggled the pendant to and fro in her hands.

Her tiny hands clasped the pendant hard, as if she was somehow playing with hard clay.


“Peah, bya… !”


But the peace is short-lived.

Ariel, who was fiddling with the pendant string, suddenly shoved it into her mouth.

Edgar hurriedly let out a babbling scream and grabbed the pendant with both hands.


Then a loud cry followed.

Although it was closer to whining than shouting from a third party’s point of view, Ariel, who heard it in front of her, seemed to be shocked.

Her face hardened as if time had stopped for a moment, and soon her plump cheeks trembled.


Edgar sensed that something was wrong.

In front of his eyes, the scene three seconds later plays hazy, and a cold drop of sweat rushes down his back.

3 seconds pass and,


As Edgar expected, Ariel starts crying.

Hearing the sad cry, he rushed to the maid on both sides and the two mothers who were away.

“Is my life going to end here?”

Feeling that his second life, which had only lasted a year, had come to an end, Edgar let go of the pendant in his hand.

It would be difficult to live unless the magic that dwells here returns the time to one minute ago.

As Helen’s face gets closer and closer, his complexion only paled in comparison.

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