Survival is key.

Staying alive until the Awakening is my top priority.

That means wearing armor.

The problem is, Otto, or gamer Kim Do-jin, had never worn armor before.


The first armor he ever wore was very heavy, uncomfortable, and stuffy.

On top of that, the character’s muscle strength was so low that he couldn’t even move easily.

As a result, Otto was forced to stumble around, unable to hold himself up properly.

‘I should be safe from any assassination threats now, and my chances of dying in a sudden accident will be significantly reduced.’

The choice was right.


As he walked to the meeting, the ‘Wretched Bastard’ effect was triggered, and a brick fell from the wall and struck Otto in the head.

But thanks to his helmet, he escaped having his skull smashed in.

That wasn’t all.

“Die, you son of a… WHA…?!”

As he turned a corner, he was nearly assassinated by a guard who had a grudge against Otto, but again, he was unharmed.

It was impossible to kill Otto, who was heavily armed with armor, with an ordinary dagger.

“Just banish him.”

Otto had mercy on the guard who had tried to assassinate him.

“My lord, you can’t do that, he tried to kill you!”

“He may have had reason to do so.”


“I am the one who must beg for forgiveness.”

With that, Otto approached the captured guard and clasped his hand.

To have to apologise for something I didn’t do, God damn you.’

Otto grumbled to himself, but tried to comfort his guard.

His name was Hansen.

This man held a grudge against Otto because of what he had done to his sister a year ago.

I have done unforgivable things to your sister and family.
I understand that you tried to kill me, and that is righteous revenge.
Admit it.”


“My crimes… I regret them deeply.
So I will not punish you.
Leave this place with your family.”

Otto even had one of the servants bring him a pouch full of gold coins, which he held out to Hansen.

“What… what difference does it make… if you give me a few coins, does it erase the scars my sister suffered?”

“Of course not.”

Otto shook his head.

“I’m just trying to atone.
The money is the least I can do, an apology.
If you want revenge, you can come back anytime.
I’ll accept it anytime.”

With that, Otto strode off to the conference room.

‘It’s hard to apologise when you don’t mean it.’

However, as Otto de Scuderia, it was unavoidable.

Even the character’s karma would now belong to the gamer Kim Do-jin.

* * *

“The lordship is coming.”

At the sound of the servant’s voice, the front door opened, and Otto entered.


“Why armour suddenly….”


The servants were dumbfounded to see Otto heavily armed with armor.

It’s not even wartime, so why is he wearing armor….

“Everyone, good ahhhhhh!”

With a loud thud, Otto tumbled awkwardly.



Everyone was at a loss for words.

‘He must have eaten something wrong.’

‘I don’t know what the hell he’s doing.’

The servants could hardly adapt to Otto’s sudden change.

It’s strange that the world’s second-rate bastard has suddenly come to his senses.

It was also strange that he had suddenly executed his closest confidant, Pizarro.

‘He might be up to something else.
We need to be cautious.’

‘People don’t change easily.
We must be on our guard, for he may show his true colors at any moment.’

The subjects were only more nervous.

The Otto they knew was an unimaginable psychopath.

That’s why his change was even more frightening.

“… The wind is blowing again.”

Camille closed his eyes tightly and covered his face with a tired expression.


Otto pushed himself up with difficulty and staggered back to his seat.

“What’s on the agenda this morning?”

“Yes, my lord.”

Camille replied.

“The finances of our estate are not in good shape at the moment.”

“I see.”


“Please continue.”


Camille gave Otto a report.

“The finances aren’t just bad; at this rate, we’ll be bankrupt in 30 days.”

The Lota Estate’s financial situation was dire.

[Lota Estate]

Public Safety: 41 / 100 Caution

Food: 9 / 100 Very Dangerous

Finance: 7 / 100 Very Dangerous

Security: 37 / 100 Caution

The financial status, which was 11 yesterday, dropped by 4 overnight to 7.

“Our food reserves are running out, and the food shortage in the estates is already reaching its limits.
We confiscated Pizarro’s property to put out the fires in a hurry, but it’s still not enough.”

Camille said with a serious expression.

“We can barely afford to pay the interest on the debts my lord.
We’re already two months behind on our salaries, and if we can’t pay them this week, it’ll be too late….”

“Everyone must feel very bad, haha… hahahaha….”

Otto shuddered as if he felt terrible just thinking about it.

He was already two months behind in paying them.

What if it’s three months?

The knights and soldiers would revolt.

‘My head will be hung on the city walls.

The thought of his head hanging above the walls made him nauseous and his legs wobbly.

“It’s an emergency.”

“I know.”

“The question is how….”

“It’s alright.”


Camille frowned.

“Is there… a way?”

“Of course, there is~.”

“What do you mean, a way?”

“We can borrow it~.”

At that moment.


Camille’s hand touched the hilt of the sword.

“Now, WAIT a minute!”

Otto shouted in surprise, pointing at Camille.

“You can listen to me first!!! Why are you so quick to get angry!!!”

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Camille said, struggling to control his anger.

Camille’s reaction was completely understandable.

He’s already in debt, his estate is in financial crisis, and he wants to borrow more money….

“That’s right, let’s borrow it! Let’s put out the fire first!”

“Where can we borrow money? The debt we owe is already enormous.
Who would lend money to my lord?”

“I know someone who will lend it!”

“Who is it?”

Camille glared at Otto with a look that said, ‘What kind of fool would lend money to someone like you?’

“If we borrow from the lord of the Sorun estate… WHOA?”

Otto couldn’t finish his sentence and was forced to flee in a panic.

“… Just die.”

The enraged Camille lunged at Otto, wielding his sword.

“S-stop him!”

“Sir Camille! Be patient!”

“My lord, dodge!”

The servants had to struggle to stop the enraged Camille from cutting down their lord, Otto.

The idea of borrowing money from the Sorun estate was enough to make even his only loyal servant, Camille, lose his cool.

* * *

The Lota and Sorun estates had been fighting for two hundred years due to their geographical proximity and overlapping activities.

How much do you think a bunch of rural estates on the fringes would fight?

That’s a myth.

The weaker ones are the ones who are most desperate to protect their meal.

Even the smallest piece of land would cause them to react sensitively.

As a result, Lota and Sorun have fought dozens of wars over the past 200 years.

But borrowing money from Sorun?

That was not something that would come out of the mouth of a Lota lord.

What’s the difference between that and saying you’re going to sell the whole estate?

If he borrowed money from Sorun, the Lota Estate was doomed.

It would give Sorun an excuse to legally take over Lota.

This was a time of great economic and military weakness under Otto’s tyranny.

The Sorun Estate was likely just waiting for an opportunity to swallow the Lota Estate complete.

“Now… Repeat what you said?”

Camille glared at Otto with a searing look in his eyes.

“You’re saying that you’re going to open your hand to the Sorun estate, now?”


“Just die.”

Camille’s sword sliced Otto’s throne in half.


Otto flailed for his life, trying desperately to convince Camille to stop.

“Now, wait a minute, just… no, you’re supposed to listen to people!”


“I have a plan…?”

“You… have a plan… really?”

Camille glared at Otto in disbelief.

“There is! There is!”

“What is it?”

“Uh… it’s….”

Otto couldn’t quite explain his plan.

‘How do I explain this?’

He was at a loss to convince Camille.

He knew what was going to happen in the near future, and he could use it to his advantage.

The problem was, explaining it to others was far less convincing.

“Because… I don’t have to pay it back?”

“Why don’t you have to pay it back? Are you saying that the Sorun estate is suddenly charitable?”

“Not really.”

“Then what is it?”

“Sorun Estate is about to perish.”


“It’s going to be ruined in exactly two weeks, *Boom*.
So there’s no need to pay back the borrowed money.
Because there won’t be anyone to take it.”

“On what basis do you expect the Sorun estate to be ruined?”

“Well… that’s…”

Otto stammered.

“Just… a feeling?”


“It’s a hunch? In just two weeks, the Sorun Estate will be… Eeeee?”

That day.

Otto had to spend the entire morning running from Camille, who was trying to kill him.

* * *

That afternoon.

Eventually, he decided to send a messenger to the Sorun estate to ask for a loan.

“Thank you everyone for trusting me as your lord.
I’ll live up to your expectations… huh?”

Otto was slightly offended by his subjects’ reactions.

“What will you do if we are absorbed by the Sorun estate?”

“I’ve enjoyed your company, everyone.”

They didn’t believe him.

He gave up.

Whether he borrowed money or not, the Lota Estate was going to go bankrupt due to poor management.

They were merely agreeing with Otto out of desperation.

“What are you going to do now?”

Camille asked Otto, watching the messenger’s back as he walked away.

“I have a plan.”

“And is that plan to pray to God, by any chance?”

“… No.”

Otto’s eyes flicked to Camille.

Damn you, Otto, you’re the one to blame, you bastard.
If you’d just been a little nicer, I wouldn’t be in all this trouble.’

Otto grumbled inwardly, then turned to Camille.

“So the plan Is….”


“Because I’m going to make it so.
In just two weeks.”

Otto said with a smirk.

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