Ha-rim Who Mistook Ella For Real Ella And Father Who Mistook Real Ella For Something Else

The way to find out Ella's backstory was to get an item in the game.
After defeating Ella, you will be able to enter her father's study, and the item you can obtain there is [Father's Diary].It's an old and smeared diary that's hard to read, and even the text comes out broken, so I don't know the exact story, because most of the pages were torn.
Even so, Ella's figure that her father saw on the remaining pages was not normal.[I went to see XXX XXXXXX because her body felt XXXX.
After receiving XXXX XXXXX from him, her body became worse.
He warned me that it was due to XXXXXXXXXX, or constant exposure to XXX XXXXX.
The cause lies in that XXXXXXXX.
I couldn't believe XXX XXXXXX.
I left the church after saying X XXXX XX XX to XXX XXXXXX.][Today, I saw Ella playing around with XXXXXXs.
I'm sure XXX XXXXXX said to not let her play with XXXXXXs.
Unsurprisingly, Ella XXXXXX the XXXXXXs.
She thinks that she hides the XXXXXs well, but I always count the number of XXXXXXs in the yard and the smell makes me frown.
When I yelled at her, Ella begged me saying XXX XXX XXX.
XXX XXXXX is afraid of me, but someday it might not.
I'm afraid of XXX XXXXX, and Ella is XXXXXXX XXXXX.
I have to go back again and listen to XXX XXXXXX.][As advised by XXX XXXXXX, Ella will no longer XXXX XXX XXXXXXs.
I'm glad.
But XXX XXXXXX doesn't know.
Ella is the devil.
I will never get caught off guard, I have to keep XXXXXXX XXX.
Ella, I love you.
If you come back I will stop doing this.][Loretta died while cleaning the roof today.
They said it was an accident.
It can't be.
It's definitely Ella's work.
XXX XXXXX was smiling when I glanced at Ella.
I have to XXXX Ella somehow.
Or we will all die.
The only thing I can use to punish Ella is the medicine XXX XXXXXX gave me.
I have to do it, before the medicinal effect stops working.][No.
Nothing works anymore.
It's already too late.
XXX XXXXX became Ella.
Priest, please help.
That bitch, XXX XXXXX, is not my daughter.
They killed everyone in the mansion and are knocking on my door.
Ah! I hear it.
The voice of an evil demon calling for father.
How much I loved you! Ah, please, XX XXX XXXX this diary, please XXXX that devil.]The father's struggle to bring back Ella, who enjoyed killing animals, by asking the priest for help.
In the end, the tragedy ended with Ella killing him.
It's really unfortunate.
However, it is regrettable that this was written strictly from the father's point of view.
'Because it's an indie game with a small number of people.
It would be unreasonable to expect more foreshadowing.'I Thought.There are other clues, but what we find out is that the villagers tried to set fire to the mansion to execute Ella, and that she committed suicide in front of a mirror.Now I am Ella, a psychopath who lacked even a millimeter of sympathy, but I still have no pity for her.
And I even recalled her past three times.

'Why did I suddenly think of this…? Have the children escaped yet?'In any case, no one would sympathize with Ella.
She's scum.
I waited for the children to escape.
I was touching four very small mirrors that someone wouldn't even notice if I put them in their pocket.POV Switch – Ha-rimI turned over the diary even while drowsy.
It was torn and only a few pages remained, even those pages were smudged and eaten by insects, making it difficult to read.[XXXXXX beat me badly.
XXXXXX hates me ever since he went to XXX XXXXXX.
I was so sick that I begged.
But XXXXXX continued to beat me.
And after XXXXXX beat me, he fed me holy water.
Then he beats me again.][It hurts.
It hurts so much.
Someone please save me.
Even if I tell everyone in the mansion, no one listens.
When I turned 1X, I wanted to go to town to make friends.
XXXXXX said I can't be XXXXXXX with anyone while being XXXX.][I was found out by XXXXXX while playing on the yard.
When my XXXXXX saw me, he trembled, as if shocked.
Why? When the animals saw XXXXXX, they freaked out and ran away.
And that day I was beaten close to death.][XXXXXX brought in a goat with horns.
My XXXXXX said it was to XXXX XXXX.
He said that XX was a sacred animal.
He told me that if I kill XX, he will kill me too.
I've never killed a friend, but I was happy.
XXXXXX, I made a friend.][One day, Ms.
Loretta fell from the XXXX.
Surprised, I ran to XXXXXX and asked XXX XXXX.
However, when my father saw my face, he shuddered.
Hell started again.
Please, I didn't kill anyone.
It's not me.][The goat talks to me.][Now I have a lot of friends.]1I was able to catch my breath only after finish reading the diary that gave me goosebumps.
The sparse bloodstains made me feel Ella's pain indirectly.
I felt sorry for her because I had seen many cases in the media where peoples tragic deaths turned them into evil spirits.Maybe, really, maybe…
She might have genuinely needed a friend.
Her father's abuse and the indifference of those around Ella must have changed her.Even so, she was dangerous.
I can't put my friends in danger because of my sympathy.

Alas, poor Ella.
We, too, have no choice but to betray her.
While thinking so, I couldn't stand the drowsiness and fell asleep.When I woke up, the sun was slowly rising.
A rope made of blankets was attached to the window railing.I considered breaking the mirrors in the hallway just in case, but I didn't want Ella to hear the noise so I just left it alone.We threw all the pillows down, a safety measure just in case the rope snapped.After going down one by one, when it was my turn, I took out a chocolate from my pocket.I wrote “I'm sorry” on my notepad and left it on the mirror by the door with the chocolate.
I approached from an angle that, of course, couldn't be noticed.After escaping the mansion, we made our way down the mountain.POV Switch – EllaI was looking in the mirror at the kids running away.
And the small mirrors were put in each of their pockets.Why? After all, there must be a mirror in the children's house.
Through that mirror, I will be completely free from the mansion!The blanket ball that I threw the other day just failed…
It seems that the mirror was broken as if something had stepped on it and it was unable to move.
As long as the kids don't notice the mirror and throw it away, you won't have to throw a blanket ball again.Since I had nothing to do, I experimented with the power I gained after defeating Slenderman.It was [Materialization], and although it was only for a short period of time, it became possible.
The strength of my body also increased, making it difficult to see me as a “weak” girl anymore.

I felt that with this much strength, I could break a wooden plank with my fingers.
When I get used to handling this power, teleportation might be possible.
I might even be able to pull out its tentacles.Pat, pat, pat-It was dusty, but I felt pleasure walking around the mansion barefoot.
Ah, this feeling.
If it was the real Ella, wouldn't she have been moved to tears? Even I, who spent relatively little time confined to the mirror, trembled with the refreshing feeling.When I went up to the second floor, I stepped on something.
It wasn't a piece of glass.”What is this…
A note?”And chocolate.
The note says sorry.”????”I can't understand the English language.
Do you mean sorry for running away? Do you usually apologize for running away from a killer?I scratched my cheek and picked up the chocolate.
Come to think of it, I haven't eaten anything since I fell into this world.
I peeled off the packaging and put the round chocolate in my mouth.”Ah.”Sweetness overtook my head.
What? Was it always this tasty? No, it can't be, I used to hate sweets.But the tongue was honest.
I stopped chewing and ate the chocolate while gently melting it.
If you chew it, it will disappear quickly.”Ah.”After some time, all the chocolate disappeared.
Involuntarily, I made a sound of regret.

At the same time, my face turned a little red.
Has even my taste turned into a girl? Even though I'm an adult, I'm obsessed with chocolate like a kid…
I'm glad no one saw me.”…If I go out of the mountains, I'll have to look for sweets first.”I hope the children get home soon.But…After they get home…
There won't be anything to be happy about…Because this game is “their” nightmare.

TL notes

Oh god, I feel like dying when translating the diaries.
Because of the censoring I had to write a lot of stuff differently in the way I interpreted them because the MTL got confused.

By the way, I changed the number of “Xs” to match English words, so bonus points if any of you find out what words I choose to put in the censoring.

As always, if you find any errors, say it and I’ll fix it, and I hope you liked it!

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