The Short Weirdo And The Tall Weirdo

Slenderman wandered around the mansion.
He lifts furniture with his long arms and goes looking for hidden children.
Since it was an old mansion, dust rolled over every time, but since he was a monster without a face, let alone a nose, he hasn't affected by it.
Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.”Hey, bastard.
Don't you know that it's rude to search around other people's mansions?”When he looked back, he only saw a mirror that was reflecting himself.
Slenderman eagerly tried to find the source of the voice.
A child's voice.
It's a child's voice!”It’s this way, where are you looking at?”A voice came from the first floor.
Slenderman teleported to a hall filled with mirrors.
Full of mirrors.
And it seemed to have more mirrors than before he went to the second floor.”It’s fast~”Slenderman turned his head.
There was a little girl there.
She was smiling in the mirror.POV Switch – EllaThis is the first time I've witnessed a monster other than myself.
Because of my small stature, I felt pressure from the body of Slenderman, who was twice as large as an adult.
Anyway, a guy who is worst than a pedophile, who is crazy about children.
Thinking about it made my heart feel better.In the game, there was no system for fighting monsters, but I'm really curious how it will turn out.
Curiosity in the midst of this, maybe I'm having fun with this situation.”Because it's a long time, I'll suggest a game, Mr.
The rules are simple.
If I cut you, you get cut, and if I stab you, you get stabbed.”No consent is required.
I drew a line in the mirror using the knife as a brush.
The sharpness of the knife that transcended space attacks Slenderman.Slenderman's neck was scratched with a knife.
Red blood drips down.
If it was an ordinary person, I would have cut his throat with a single slash.
it's so damn tough.”!!!!”Slenderman was furious.
At the same time, he seemed to understand how I attack.
The guy runs into the mirror where I'm reflected.
He swings his long and pale arm with a booming sound.Crash!1The mirror shattered into pieces of glass.
Debris and dust from the floor that had been smashed together created a mist for a while.You don't think this is the end, do you? I had just moved to the mirror behind you.
Slenderman's back is visible.
I slashed again.Swish!2″!!!!”This time he got a scratch on his back.
It doesn't have a mouth, but since it's trembling, it looks like it wants to scream.
I wickedly laughed a little because it was funny.“Pfft…”Hearing the sound, Slenderman swings his long arm once more, and a mirror is shattered again.But at the same time, his side is cut.
The first floor is full of mirrors.
You won't be able to hide in blind spots with that long body.Perfect for giving a beating.I moved around the mirrors at a speed that ordinary people could hardly follow with their eyes.
No matter how much he teleported, the reaction speed of his body couldn't surpass my movement speed.Slenderman chased after me and attacked the mirrors.No matter how hard you attack, you won't hit me.
Because if you attack once, I will cut you three times from the other mirrors.

Swish! Swish! Swish!Left.
Right.A storm of cuts randomly flying from among the mirrors arranged in a spherical shape.
The smell of blood overflows, and I, as a monster, enjoy the feeling of exaltation.If you see a gap, cut it.
If you are careless, you will be cut.
A few mirrors were broken, but Slenderman was soon covered with scars.The good-looking suit that he used to show off a mysterious aura has long since become a rag.Even so, it seemed that it's life was not affected.
It's more monstrous than I expected…
I realized that I couldn't kill it this way.I decided to activate the plan I had prepared.Clap!3The sound of clapping spreads.
This is a signal.
The children who received the signal from a distance made very loud noises and ran around.The sound of iron striking iron.
To be precise, it was the sound of pots and utensils colliding.
I asked the kids to make a loud noise on purpose.Upon hearing the sound, Slenderman immediately teleports to where the children are.”Not a chance.”This is Ella's mansion, my realm full of mirrors.
At the place where Slenderman arrived, there was Kyeong-min and me at the same time.I cut off the hand that was outstretched to Kyeong-min.
Even though Kyeong-min was scared, he made a loud noise.Giggle.”!!!!”It seems that he gets angry when Kyeong-min laughed.
Slenderman teleports to target another child, ignoring him.I also follow using mirror shift.
let's see, I found where he was and went to Suho”It's useless.”Scratch!Stop all the attacks targeting the children.
Slenderman's teleportation and my mirror shifting are already on an equal footing.You can't ignore me and target the kids.
Slenderman seemed to realize that too.Black and grotesque forces gathered around Slenderman.
I know what that is.”Phase two.”Bundles of black tentacles protrude through the ragged suit.It was truly disgusting to see it constantly wriggling.
I slashed the tentacles approaching the mirror while aiming for the body at the same time.”Tsk.”Not even a scratch this time.
It's not even a boss mob, but it's filthy strong.Slenderman, who took no damage, approached aggressively and broke the mirrors.
I also resisted, wielding my knife as best as I could.

Slenderman's second phase is not a power that can be sustained for long.
As long as I hold on, it is my victory.I continued to run away through mirror shifting.
After destroying most of the mirrors in the hallway on the second floor, Slenderman chased me down to the first floor again.”Isn't it about time?”Slenderman's powers were gradually draining away.
Even so, the tentacles did not disappear.This is where the mirrors are concentrated.
In phase two, it's easier to break mirrors using tentacles.The tentacles stretched to full length.
They were long enough to touch the ceiling, knocking all the mirrors off the top of the room and walls.He relaxed as if it was his victory.Even though the phase just ended, there are not many mirrors left on the floor.The tentacles are gone, but I know there's nothing I can do if he destroy them all with his own hands.
I raised three fingers at such a Slenderman.”You missed three things, idiot.”In the mirrors that fell like rain, I laughed at Slenderman.The first.”Are these mirrors you dropped all the ones I have?”Slenderman didn't even notice.
He didn't knew that a large mirror was coming towards him.
I telekinetically moved the mirror to touch him.
Then, one of Ella's three abilities, “the ability to drag into the mirror” was activated.
Slenderman's shoulder was swallowed by the mirror.The second.”Aren’t you missing something in the loud noises the kids make?”Three children were making noise.
Kyeong-min, Suho and Eun-jeong.
Ha-rim, who had been hiding, appeared from behind and ran towards Slenderman with a metal candlestick.Panicked, Slenderman tried to teleport, but his ability didn't trigger.
This is something I realized while using mirror shift.
In order to move, not only the coordinates to the destination, but also the coordinates where you started are important.Slenderman exists both outside and inside the mirror.
The coordinates have become unclear.
If you don't know the trick, you can't teleport.The third.”You misjudged that I wouldn’t be able to inflict lethal wounds.”He will pay for that mistake with death.
Slenderman struggled, but the part sucked into the mirror was so deep that he couldn't reach his hand to push the mirror.
To make matters worse, After phase two, he couldn't even use the tips of the tentacles.I hugged the upper body that had entered the mirror and said a question in his ear.The Question.
What will happen if you break the mirror while being sucked into it?Ha-rim's metal candlestick collides with the mirror.
Let's break the mirror with a bang! The part sucked into the mirror disappeared, leaving only the part that wasn't.
The lower half of his body lost strength and it fell down.
In another mirror, Ella whispered to Slenderman.The correct answer is “division”.”Weak~”5I taunted Slenderman's upper body in my arms while poking his face.”…Heo-eok!”

My personality, which was distorted, returned.
What did I just do? Excited by the smell of blood, he mocked Slenderman.
Lastly, saying “weak~” at him? Apparently, Ella's body is affecting me to some extent.
I may be human, but Ella is a monster.Still, a sense of self-doubt washes over me, acting like a little kid, I felt embarrassed.First of all, I have to throw away the upper half of the Slenderman in my arms.It was then.
Slenderman's body turned into smoke and began to enter my body.”?!”I felt the black smoke permeate me and give me a power.
Hopefully this power.
I don't know if that's even possible.I'll have to think about this later.Now that the situation is over.
It's our complete victory.
I was an ordinary person until recently.
I never thought I would end up fighting a life-and-death battle like this.
It's the first time since I was chased by thugs.Children stepping on the glittering shards of glass on the floor and sneaking towards me.
They didn't even run away.
Or was it because Ha-rim was in front of me so they couldn't?The children were nervous.
It was because they had seen countless fragments and numerous knife marks in the aftermath of the fight.
This is Ella's true strength.
They were realizing that the likes of them could easily be killed.
The perpetrator of the tragedy was smiling brightly in the mirror.”Now, it's your turn to keep your promise to Ella~?”How long do I have to use a cheesy third-person line? There is no point in changing it now, so I have no choice but to endure it.
All I asked for was someone to play with.
However, it will sound like a request to give away a toy that will die.There is no need to intimidate them as long as you have already cooperated with them.
However, it would be awkward to change your attitude all of a sudden.“Ella needs someone to play with.
Since you helped me diligently, I'll forgive you by leaving only one person.~””…We can't just leave one person behind..””Oh, I’m glad.
So, is everyone playing with Ella?”Ha-rim trembled with fear.
It is no different than a mouse in front of a beast.
I'm proud of myself for thinking of all that, but.If you don't play, someone's going to be a broken toy? So what are you going to do?”I'll play with Ella.
But we are tired.
Can't you give us time to rest? Please.”that's how it came out.
Even though she knows that if I get offended, she will die.
Is this the mentality of an elementary school student? Kids these days are fast.”Oh~…”Gulp.I heard Ha-rim swallowing saliva.
She must be imagining the scene where I suddenly get angry and slashes my knife.
I wonder if the real Ella would act like that.
But I'm different.”I just had a lot of fun, so tonight I’ll give you special permission! You know what happens if you try anything, right?””!! Yes! Of course!”Ha-rim's face brightened.
Yes, you've been through a lot.
She's probably mentally tired, so at least heal your fatigue.
I showed them to a room on the second floor.
I deliberately guided them to a place where there were no mirrors.
After all, if you look in a mirror, you will think of me and get stressed.”Ah~ The mirror on the second floor is broken, so it’s difficult to guide you~”I guided them while saying that.
Get it? If you break the few remaining mirrors on the second floor, I'll have a hard time chasing you.
Where else can you find an opportunity as good as this one? If you weave a blanket, you can easily make a rope to go down to the first floor.

After guiding them, I disappeared.
And I said my goodbyes inwardly.
Bye then!POV Switch – 3rd PersonWhen the door was closed, the children finally breathed comfortably.
It was because they were so afraid of Ella that it was difficult to breathe just by being close to her.
Fortunately, they got a grace period, but if they play the game with her again, there will be casualties.”Is everyone okay?”When Eun-jeong asked, Everyone nodded.
Kyeong-min looked around the room to see if there were any mirrors.”There are no mirrors here.
I think we can relax.”As soon as Kyeong-min said that, the silent children began to actively talk.”Thanks to Ha-rim, we bought time.
Thank you.””No, I’m thankful that everyone endured well.”We didn't forget to take care of each other.
Ha-rim wiped Eun-jeong's teary eyes with her sleeve.
Everyone survived.Survived.
This is something you can genuinely rejoice about.”Now what? Do we have to wait like this until dawn?””….Maybe.
Because there might be more monsters in the forest.
Ah! Wouldn't it be okay if I reported it on my phone?”Cell phone! Turns out, they forgot all about it.
they didn't have time to make a phone call.
Suho took out his cell phone.
But no signal was picked up.
The cell phones of Kyeong-min, Eun-jeong, and Ha-rim were the same.”Ugh.
In a horror movie, There's never signal.
It's just like that.””Actually, there are ghosts too.
Ella says she won't touch us tonight.
As soon it's dawn, let's escape her mansion.
We can weave blankets to make ropes.”The children agreed to Ha-rim's proposal began to weave the blankets.
With four people working together, they were able to make a rope right away.
As consequence, they were tired.
At least because of the separation from Ella, the tension was relieved.
Mental fatigue was no joke.One by one, the children fell asleep.
However, Ha-rim did not fall asleep.
Instead, she searched the room.
No one could tell if this was a characteristic of a playable character in a horror game or her personality.
She searched the room with particular persistence.
and then, she discovered something that even the present Ella had not been able to find.[Ella's diary]

TL notes

Not the actual sound effect, but the MTL makes no sense.
The same thing as previously.
Do I even need to say it?

One more chapter huh~ Believe it or not, only after translating this chapter I finally found out the main protagonist (Ha-rim) is a girl.
And that’s considering I read until chapter 50…

I mean, Ha-rim is probably female (chapter 2 says there’s 2 girl in the group), because Suho is specifically called a male student and Kyeong-min (glasses) illustration is of a boy.

As always, if you find any errors, say it and I’ll fix it, and I hope you liked it!

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