Strolling With Mary

It was the very next day after the monkey dream commotion.While being caught and hugged by Eun-jeong, who became spoiled.Ha-rim handed over a piece of paper.When I asked what this was, Ha-rim said that it was a note that Mr.
Pierrot asked to give it to me.Chapter 4 boss [Pierrot].The strongest of the bosses.If him, who we should be vigilant the most, aimed at Ha-rim, she would have died without being able to fight back.However, he did not touch her and handed over a note.
He kindly even left a mirror so that I could get to her.I checked later and found out that the mirror was the one in my mansion….For what purpose?Killing the children doesn't seem to be his goal.Just like Mary, this guy acts on his own, so it's hard to guess.Is Ms.
Spider, the boss of chapter 3, also doing something similar?Whatever it is, there must be a clue written on it.I opened the note away from the children and read it.[Hello! Ms.
Ella.I'm really amazed at what you've done!It's not enough that you, the weakest between us, got out of the frame faster than Mary.Even defending the children by suppressing the urge to kill!I can't contain my admiration!Protecting them seems to be quite a nuisance for the Devil!But don't get carried away with the results.If you become the number one target, nothing good will happen.You can tell by looking at Arachne, right?And it seems that you met Mary, but she is too ignorant.That's because she's the second weakest between us.The first is of course you! Hahahaha!You know it's a joke, right?Anyway, the ignorant Mary might get in your way…Then…
Well, I'm sure Ms.
Ella knows better.The business ends here!If I get any information, I will share it.May you be safe until then!]That's the content of the note.I got some unexpected information.When I organized the contents that caught my eyes, it looks like Pierrot is not hostile towards the kids.In addition, he expressed his intention to cooperate in defeating the Devil.Arachne…
Maybe he means Ms.
What happened to her?I lack information, so let's put it aside.Next, Mary and Pierrot speaks to me in a very friendly tone.Looking at the last note and this one, it seems that the bosses know each other.It can be said that there is no reason to be hostile right now.Can I consider it as having a strong ally?It's hard to imagine it.”Um…
It's difficult.”I'm full of questions, so I don't know where to start.I folded the note again and stored it in my locker.”Sigh…”Pierrot's words only increased my doubts.Did the pattern of asking riddles in the boss fight affect his talking habits?Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.I want to ask, “Where did you throw away the original work?!”, but is there any point?I decided to soothe the head complaining of pain.When you have a headache, sweets are the best.I took out a huge piece of candy from my locker.I got it from the previous quiz, but it was so big that I couldn't eat it all yet.I could eat it quickly if I chew it, but it lasts longer if I just lick it.If it's stored back after licking it, isn't it dirty because it's full of saliva?It's noisy, readers in my head.My saliva is not dirty!My head feels a little better when I lick the candy.Still, the stuffiness remains the same.It would be nice if there was someone I could just ask coolly.

…It was when I was thinking that.Tiririring!”?!”A phone call from somewhere.I don't remember having a phone close to me.I looked around.And there was a phone that grew like a plant next to me.'Is it an attack by a monster?'However, there is no monster capable of summoning the phone itself without going through the medium of a phone.Except for one person.Mary, the phone monster!I kept staring at the ringing phone.She would definitely be in touch, so she told me to pick it up then.It is not intended to attack me.Still, Mary's phone call is kind of awkward…I feel like a choice appears in my eyes.[There is a call from Mary.
Talk to her?][Talk to Mary.][Do not talk to Mary.]It's normal to have conversations like this in games.I shook off my embarrassment and answered the phone.Click.

As soon as I answer the phone, a languid voice tickles my ears.”Hello? It's Mary…
I'm right at the park now.”Because she said the lines of the ghost story, I thought she was attacking and was horrified.I refrained from showing any signs of surprise when I spoke.”…Hey, Mary, what happened?””just a change of pace.”To think that a boss is calling because of a mood swing…
It's ridiculous, but it's a good thing for me.Because I had something to check.It seems that the questions left by Pierrot can be solved by another boss, Mary.The word ignorant written on the note bothers me a little, but I'll have to borrow the cat's paw.1″You called me at the right time.
I had something to ask you.””Are you going to ask something? Mary is smart, so she will answer you.”Don't mind if I do.Her permission was also given, so the moment I was about to open my mouth, Mary suddenly put a condition on it.”Mary will answer Ella when she comes to see her.”I asked a question.”Can't we just do it over the phone?””No.
Mary is going for a walk.
Ella is also going for a walk.
Otherwise she won't answer.”She's oddly annoying.I learned that Ella was angry with Mary for some reason, but now I understand.After defeating monsters, the time to be active outside the mirror has increased a lot, so going for a walk should be possible.In a situation where I'm the one asking something, I have no choice but to agree.”Okay.
Where is the place?””In front of the park…”Click.
The call ended unilaterally.The phone in my hand also disappeared.Taking the children will be dangerous in many ways, so I have to go alone.I put the candy back in the locker and told the kids to knock on the mirror if anything happened.Thinking about having a boss-level monster right in front of me makes me a little nervous.As long as even one of the mirrors I marked existed, running away was easy, so there was no need to worry.As promised, I left the school and headed to the park.Mary stood near the entrance.”Hello Mary.”This time I spoke first.”Hello Ella…”She has the appearance of a little girl when looking at it, but she's a monster with terrifying power.
It gives me a sense of alienation.With that languid expression, she would stab her opponent with a knife.”I'm going to go for a walk over there today.”I asked Mary.

“Why are you taking a walk?”At my words, Mary thought for a moment before continuing.”Hmm…
Mary haven't been out of her house very often.
So Mary is going to look outside.””I see.”Mary rarely comes out of the boss stage.It's different from Pierrot who gets out of his and wanders around as he pleases.I expected it because the note said that she didn't know anything, but it seems that Mary hasn't been out of her stage for awhile.However, in this case, I may not be able to obtain useful information.Still, I walked down the street with Mary and asked questions.Because asking is free.”Mary.
Do you know Pierrot?”At that question, Mary tilted her head.Like she was saying “Why are you asking something so obvious?”.”Yes, she knows.
Mary connected the phone at the clown's request.
So we talked together.
Are you stupid, Ella?”This kid…!Let’s put up with it.
As an adult, I have to endure it.With this, it became clear that the bosses knew each other.”Aha~ I forgot.
Didn't the clown tell Mary?””Recently, Mary couldn't talk to him because he didn't have a phone.”What is this?It's not that he can't answer it, but the ability itself doesn't work? Interesting.”What are you talking about?””Mary can't call if he's too far away.
She doesn't know where he is either.”Far away doesn't work…
I too have felt something similar.When I was sent to a strange space by the elevator monster, I couldn't move to a mirror.Is Pierrot also in a similar space?Okay, Let's keep asking.”I see.
Then do you remember the last time we talked?””Yeah, Mary is smart so she remembers…
Mary is sure Ella asked something.””Then?””Then…”Mary trails off her words.”…Mary?””…”Mary puts on a puzzled expression.Ominousness prevails.Could she…”Mary forgot.””How come?!”Why are you forgetting it! It could have been important information!Mary's languid voice met with a frustrating answer, and I was more annoyed than I could have imagined.Thanks to that, my voice got a little higher….No, let's calm down, It might not be a big deal.Mary is someone who has just gotten out of the mold of this world.I couldn't have asked anything meaningful.When I screamed, Mary grumbled.”Ella.
You're angry!””I'm not angry…!””Mary is upset.”She turned her head away.My head hurts.I wanted to eat something sweet.I approached a vending machine that I could see.A coin…
There isn't.So I just broke down the machine and took out a drink.I poured the chocolate-flavored drink into my mouth.A feeling of happiness rises.”…”Mary looked my way, so I handed her a drink.Upon receiving it, she followed me and drank.I felt better.A shadow fell behind Mary as she sipped her drink.[Hello?]A monster with a black body and a white face.

It smiles as if it is entertaining guests.It's a monster called [Pretense].A monster that interrupts the player by repeating the same words.It's a small fry that doesn't attack and just blocks the road.”Hi.”Mary greeted it.”Do you know each other?”When I asked, she nodded.”Um.
It wanders around the park.”[Hello? Hello?]I see…
Do monsters even make friends?”Are you two friends?”At my question, Mary put on an expression of “again” not understanding.That's an annoying expression…”Monsters don't have friends.
Are you stupid, Ella?””…”I muttered inaudibly to Mary.Damn kid.I tried to continue the conversation, ignoring the loud monster.Because there are still many questions to ask.However, the monster's body began to change into a rugged lump.[Hello? Hello? Hel…lo…]“…Is it always like that?””No.”It, who had been repeating words like over and over again, showed a strange reaction.Mary and I slink away.The black body continued to wriggle and then puck! Spider legs popped out.It's the same phenomenon as the Buddha statue monster I saw last time.Does it have anything to do with what was written on Pierrot's note?While I was lost in my thoughts, the man who had now become a spider-monster attacked Mary.But she, without batting an eye, grabbed it by the hair and slammed it on the floor.Bang-!!!The crushed spider's body trembles.”?”Merry raised its head once again, as if she mistook it for still being alive, and slammed it into the floor.It was as pure as a child touching clay, and it was just as radical.Bang-! Bang-!! Bang-!!!Without even a final word, the spider monster soon turned into smoke.The smoke was absorbed into me.Mary looked at it curiously.”The smoke was absorbed.””…Is this your first time seeing something like this?””Yeah.””That…”Clickclackclickclackclickclack.Before I could speak, I heard the sound of insects crawling.Hearing the noise Mary made, the monsters came running.Perhaps the spiders are not only one or two.Mary trudged toward the sound.She walks languidly with no sense of tension.A number of spider monsters soon appeared.In my case, I often get into trouble because I take the kids with me.As long as I don't invade their territory, monsters don't particularly attack me when I'm alone.However, the spider monsters attacked us, who were the same thing.It's unusual.Like the feeling of attacking us who are already infected in a world full of zombies.While I was imagining it, they attacked Mary all at once.I wanted to help, but gave up when I saw Mary, who floated up and evaded them into the sky.Why can't it.
It's unfair.”Mary knows.
You are pitiful, but…
It has nothing to do with Mary.“The image of a phone appeared above her head.The phone vibrated and rang.Tiriririring-!!As the ringing of the phone grew louder, the monsters heads began to vibrate as well.

They, noticing it was an attack, spewed threads or jumped up with their huge bodies to try catching Mary.Even though numerous attacks were directed at her, she effortlessly avoided them.Whether the monsters are nervous or not, the phone keeps ringing.Tiririririring-!!The monsters howl.Mary looked at it and said nonchalantly.”It's time.
It's over now.”Immediately after, their heads exploded all at once.Black blood splatters in all directions.This is Mary's wide range instant death curse attack.It's terrifying.Suddenly, Mary descends from the sky.She turns her head and looks at me.Seeing her strength, I said admiringly.”How do you fly?””Mary can do anything she wants.”If you explain like that, who can understand?She stared blankly this way.I guess that means to keep talking.However, the time of materialization is almost over.”I'm sorry, but I have to go back soon.
But before that, can I ask you a few questions?””Yes.
I'll tell you everything because we took a walk.”Then, let's tart with the thing that worries me the most.”Miss Spider…
So how is Arachne these days?””She doesn't answer the phone anymore.”I see.
Mary doesn't seem to know exactly.But it's clear that something happened to Ms.
Spider.Now the next question.”What do Mary means when she said that monsters are rejoicing?””Mary doesn't know the details.
But it looks like they're happy that someone arrived.”Someone arrived.
This one is also puzzling.There is no difference between Mary and Pierrot.”This is the last one, Mary.
I know you have a wish like me.
Can you tell me?””I told you last time.
You forgot.
Stupid Ella.””…Yes, so tell me.””Mary is looking for someone too.
It's different from what monsters are looking for…
Anyway, I'm looking for someone.”Finding someone…Come to think of it, it seemed like she was muttering something right before the boss battle started in the game.It seems Mary had a reason for calling people.However, she calls anyone.Let's call until I find them~ That's probably it.Maybe when she sees the kids, she will call them too.”What will you do if you find them?”Mary answered….”…Okay, I got it.I heard all the things I was most curious about.After saying goodbye to Mary, I returned to school by moving to the mirror.In the meantime, I checked to see if anything had happened to the children.Looking at them actively doing their jobs, I pondered Mary's last words.-I'll find and kill them.Yes.
Mary.We can never be friends.

TL notes

Cat’s paw (slang) = A person used by another to do dangerous, distasteful, or unlawful work; dupe.

Sorry for the delay, work has been quite heavy lately, and I’m actually thinking of quitting it, the money compared to the workload just doesn’t feel worth it…

Ignoring this depressing mood, starting from Thursday until Tuesday I’ll do daily releases! So that’s nice~!

And again, with another voting from Discord, we decided to change “Spider Lady” to “Ms.
Spider” and “Miss Spider”! I’ll go back and change them when I’m not feeling lazy, LOL.

As always, any errors just say, and I hope you liked reading it~

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