In Horror Games, If You Enter A Suspicious Mansion, You Usually Die.

The dark red blood flowing from the corpse by the chandelier reminds me that my body is already dead.
The fishy smell of blood…
I could smell it even in the mirror.
It sucks…Worse still, the mansion has a risk of collapsing because of the chandelier falling.
I became uneasy and started fiddling with my hands, realizing these white, soft hands aren't mine.The girlish voice that leaks out from time to time, and this bun hair that keeps getting in the way, are also very confusing.It's quiet.
There was no sign of the mansion collapsing.
I finally took a breath.
Changing bodies is a big deal, but if the mansion collapses, you'll die right away…After getting out of the crisis, it became a relatively insignificant matter, so I was able to calmly accept it.
Suddenly becoming a woman.
He's not even human, he's a monster.1Usually, when your body changes like this, you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Is this…
Me?” I'm in the mirror, and while I can move between them, my reflection doesn't appear….Time has passed since Ella's death.
Five days.
For five days I was trapped in the mirror of the mansion.Have I been exploring all this time? Of course, I tried a lot of things.
I examined Ella's abilities as a monster.
One of them is [Mirror Movement].As long as it's a mirror in the mansion, you can move to it.
I checked the inside of the mansion with this…
But there was no significant gain.There was nothing more to know about Ella…
At least, a few children's books were found…
In the first place, I know Ella's backstory from the game lore.Pitiful…
No, not pitiful, the psychopath girl Ella Trapped In A Mirror.
As in all horror games, it doesn't explain everything about the monsters, so it's not certain what I know, as the speculations are based on foreshadowing and clues, but…
It's probably accurate.Ella was born in a Western family.
She was not unlucky, rather, she was born into a wealthy family and enjoyed all sorts of luxuries, but she had one strange desire.

She has a mad desire to kill people.
Despite her young age, Ella killed small animals in the large mansion to avoids prying eyes, and ended up killing one of her attendants by faking it as an accident.The first attempt was difficult, but after that she killed the people in the mansion one by one, until she killed her own parents.Only then the people close to the dead identified Ella as the culprit and came together to set fire in the mansion.
Seeing that, Ella stabbed herself in the throat while in front of the mirror.-Now there's only me left~She was smiling as she watched herself die…”Crazy bitch…”Now she died again, except this time with my body.There is one inconsistency here.
That is the very existence of this mansion.
It's strange that after Ella committed suicide the mansion didn't burn down.It's also contradictory that the mansion has an ideal number of mirrors, and above all, it doesn't make sense that the mansion that should've been in the West is in Korea, as shown in the game settings.Well, it's a game where Slenderman, Gargoyle, Eight Ghosts, and other non-ghosts in our country pop out all over the place, so it's not something I should pay attention to…2And Ella's second ability is that she can physically interfere with the outside world.
But it's not possible to materialize her body outside the mirror.I held the knife in my hand and stared at one of the candles outside the mirror.
I cut the air with the knife, like drawing a line on a paper.A candle that has been cut and dripped.
This is the ability that allows Ella to kill people with her slender arms.
Other than cutting with a knife, the physical force that can be exercised is weak, so I can't use it properly, but I have no choice.The last one is the ability to pull something into a mirror.
This can only be used when someone touches the mirror.
I think Ella used this on me, but I don't know if there's other ways to use it.

It can suck up the dust that is stuck on the mirror.
So it's useless when no one is around.”Sigh…”There is nothing more I can do.
I'd do anything to get out of the mansion.
I've checked everything.”Ah”There's something I haven't checked yet.The body of a beautiful girl who I am now.Nope.
No way.
Being caught up in this nonsensical incident and touching a girl's body! Absolutely unacceptable.Being conscious of it, I feel a emptiness in my groin.
A heaviness in the chest, too.
My face was filled with shame.I can't be stressed out like this.
Let's practice exercising physical force outside the mirror once again.Because it's in a mountain, if you roll the mirror down, you might be able to get outside.
As long as there's a reflection, I will be able to get into it somehow, so if I go down the street full of glass, I will be able to move anywhere.Honestly, I haven't tried it, so I'm just guessing.Still, I was training all day.And on the third day, while cleaning my blood and flesh scattered on the floor, I finally succeeded! What I succeeded? Bang! To closing and throwing things away.And this has become possible.
I lifted one of the spoons in the distance and pulled it.

A spoon that enters the mirror.
I was good at pushing, but it was difficult to pull, but the control of physical power…
No, telekinesis has also greatly increased!In this game, when the main character and the others entered the mansion, the main door was closed to prevent escaping, so the original Ella must have been stronger.
But I am gradually catching up to that power.Even so, with this level of power, preparation is perfect.
Let's send it down the mountain carefully to keep the mirror from breaking.
Even if there is no glass, if it rains, I will be able to get through the puddles.I'm half convinced that this method works.
What bothers me is why didn't Ella try this method in the first place?I can only guess one thing.[Game Authority].Didn't I say it was strange that this mansion was located in Korea? This is an extension of it.Ella is the first monster you encounter, but she is also a tutorial boss.
In order for her to fight properly, she needs to have a stage where she can move actively and a level of difficulty that she can easily play around, so her mansion, which is her main stage, is unusually full of mirrors.Of course, it makes no sense for the boss to be able to leave the mansion, and even this world, which has been brought to reality, cannot completely ignore such laws.Yes, Ella implicitly has the [Premise] that she can't go outside…
That's why, unless you're an irregular like me, you wouldn't have even thought that you could go out like this.
But I'm different.I don't follow that “common sense”.
Because I'm a being with a will independent of the common sense of this world.Shall we try it?When I was about to throw a mirror out of the mansion with telekinesis.Squeak…

The front door of the mansion opened.Who the hell? Who would dare to enter such a suspicious mansion?Huh? No way?Only then she remembered the existences she had put aside.Four children who show up.
The protagonist and extras of this story.
One of the extras who is brutally murdered at the start, and an unlucky protagonist who eventually ends up being chased by Ella.The [Mystery Investigation Club].With a hopeless future, they have entered the prologue.

TL notes

Actually, the translations says “devil/demon” but I’m putting “monster” for reasons that are going to be explained in future chapters.
Eight Ghosts is a book about ghost histories, I think.

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