I thought to myself.
It's a big deal!The scary aura radiating from Ella and the glowing red eyes made everyone know that she was angry.
I did well until now, but this time I had upset Ella.”Hey…
Ella? It's not that I didn't want to listen…””But in the end you still did it? Did I see it wrong~?”What I was trying to say sounded like an excuse to Ella.
Her cold reaction made my back wet with sweat.
Why is she so mad?Should I give her some chocolate?As I thought about it, Ella's eyes grew colder.They say that when you get hit by cold snow falling from the sky, it stings to the point of hurting.”Why? Why didn't you listen to Ella? Ah! I get it!”Ella suddenly smiled brightly.
Normally, I would have admired her because she was pretty, but now I was even more scared than when she was with an angry expression.”You're not afraid of Ella anymore? That's why you didn't listen to me! Is it? Isn't it? Am I wrong? Hey?“I inadvertently took a step back.Heo-eok…
I'm wrong.
It's not an anger that can be relieved by giving sweets!Stay calm, I need to stay calm! Even such great anger will be relieved if you calmly untie it like a tangled earphone.Come to think of it, what was Ella upset about? First of all, I helped her, who was struggling.Although I went against Ella's word, the timing is strange even for her when she got mad at the person who helped.We successfully completed the exorcism….
What the hell could be the problem….Damnit, I can't recall anything.
It's a matter of survival if she get's more angry because I didn't answer well here!Please remember!At this time, when I was lost, the necklace suddenly glowed weakly enough that only I could notice it.
Why at this timing?[Survival].A memory pops up in my mind.It was when I was passing by the roadside.
A cat was dragging its leg across the road as if it was injured.
Suddenly there was the sound of an engine.A car was driving down the road at high speed.
I urgently tried to save the cat, but it was too far away.I thought it was going to get hit, so I closed my eyes.
But the animal was unharmed.The cat was in the arms of a little boy I have never seen before.
He jumped in and saved the cat.It deserved praise, but the child's mother was very angry.Ah.I think I know why Ella is angry.”I'm sorry Ella…””You're sorry? Is that all…””But I couldn't help it!””What?”Ella's eyes widen.
Is she angrier? No, I have to go strong here! I boldly took Ella's hand and continue my words.”Because I don't want Ella to get hurt! I never want to see a friend get hurt!””You…
Suddenly saying such things.”Pushed by my momentum, I felt Ella's anger fade.
This time Ella stepped back from me.
To be honest, I don't even know where I got this kind of courage.Still, I was filled with the thought that I had to push through.It seems that the members are shocked by my actions, but now is not the time to care.Pushed by my momentum, Ella continue to walk backwards until eventually she was blocked by a wall and could not escape.

“Is it because Ella didn't want us to get hurt?””No, that…”Before Ella could finish her sentence, I followed up with another blow.”Ella also keeps trying to hurt herself! Same as last time! I'm worried and I'm sorry! Just like Ella cared for us, so did we!””Who cares about whom…!””Don't you, Ella? We care about Ella!”I mean it.
The words came out without hesitation because they came from the heart, not to defuse the current situation.No matter how much of a strong monster she is, I don't want to see her legs cut off and be hurt trying to help us.I sincerely looked at Ella as if asking for an answer.And I though that, if possible, I would like to understand Ella's heart and become real friends.Thinking about this made it easier to face her red eyes, which had been burdensome to meet before.Ella, who was demanding an answer, became the target of questioning instead.Complete reversal in roles.Ella, who seemed flustered and couldn't say anything, finally averted her gaze and grumbled.”…Do what you want…””What did you say?”I asked again because I couldn't hear it properly.”I told you to do whatever you want! Whether or not you die because of meddling!”After that, Ella went into the mirror and showed her back.
She looked more sullen than angry.After exchanging glances with the group, we decided to return to school.
As Suho was carrying the shield, Kyeong-min carried the mirror.”…It's left, not that way.””Huh? Ah…
I see! Thanks Ella.””…”Still, I thought it was cute when I saw Ella, who dutifully pointed out the correct way.POV Switch – Ella (A while back)It would be reckless to intervene in a fight without listening to me.
Especially when the only way to get rid of it is physically.I wanted the children to help me as teammates rather than protecting them, but it's still too early.
I didn't have all the items, and even the shield I gave Suho wasn't perfect.In other words, even one hit might give a broken bone.
If a child other than Suho who had the shield gets hit, it would've died instantly!Ha-rim was able to help with the rabbits, but it's hard to deal with unexpected things like now.Sorry kids, but I had to point it out.”Hey…
Ella? It's not that I didn't want to listen…”Doesn't matter what intentions you had to interfere in the fight.
I'm sorry, but children who don't listen to adults should be scolded!”But in the end you still did it? Did I see it wrong~?”I said it, intentionally lengthening the end.
Are you thinking about how to resolve this? I decided to go a little fiercer at Ha-rim, who couldn't say anything.”Why? Why didn't you listen to Ella? Ah! I get it!””You're not afraid of Ella anymore? That's why you didn't listen to me! Is it? Isn't it? Am I wrong? Hey?“Ha-rim, pushed by my momentum, took a step back.
Now, Suho, Kyeong-min, and Eun-jeong are accomplices.
If you guys do something dangerous like this again, I won't let you go.Come on, tell me! You will never disobey my instructions again!”I'm sorry Ella…”Sigh.
The important thing now isn't an apology, but a promise not to do it again.
Promise to not break my instructions! I tried to connect the words needed to express that it was the incorrect answer.”You're sorry? Is that all…”Then Ha-rim cuts me off.

“But I couldn't help it!””What?”Quite surprising.
Ha-rim, who always flinched and got surprised when I looked at her.
Are you refuting my words? Just yesterday she was still tense when talking to me, so I had no choice but to ask back.Instead of answering, she held my hand.Why are you holding hands! It's something counsellors tell children to do sometimes, but it felt weird when I was subjected to it.And for some reason, her momentum was unusual.”Because I don't want Ella to get hurt! I never want to see a friend get hurt!”Ha-rim said that with an extremely serious expression.'What embarrassing things is this kid talking about?!'Are kids like that? Is it because she hasn't reached puberty yet, so she's saying such cheesy words without hesitation?”You…
Suddenly saying such things.”Every time Ha-rim speaks, her face gets closer.I unconsciously backed away because it was burdensome.Ha-rim follow me.
Maybe this kid was always reckless, because every time I took a step back she followed me.
Before I knew it, my back collided with a wall.I should be angry, but the words don't come out properly.”Is it because Ella didn't want us the get hurt?””No, that…””Ella also keeps trying to hurt herself! Same as last time! I'm worried and I'm sorry! Just like Ella cared for us, so did we!”I feel like dying.
I'm embarrassed! I reflexively tried to refute the words that pierced my heart.”Who cares about whom…!””Don't you, Ella? We care about Ella!”Ha-ri asked as if she wouldn't accept it.
I felt ashamed knowing the roles were being reversed.An adult losing momentum to a child! I just hope my face isn't blushing.Ha-rim's pupils met my eyes.
Her sincerity could be seen in her eyes.
Such a stupid good kid.
It seems that her concern for me was sincere.Why can you show your sincerity to me like that?I don't think you've fallen in love, but otherwise I can't understand it.Fighting happens when someone get mad you, then ignores you, and finally stops loving you.In other words, if you remove the root of the cause and appeal to them, it means there isn't a reason to being angry anymore.By continuing being angry means the person wishes to break the relationship.Ha-rim looks straight at me as if asking for an answer.
I averted my eyes.
I knew that I had lost not only in momentum, but in words as well.I'm angry, but if I get more angry here, it'll be a step back as the affection I've built up will crumble.However, because of my petty pride or because it was unfair that I was pushed while trying to discipline her, I grumbled.”…Do what you want…””What did you say?””I told you to do whatever you want! Whether or not you die because of meddling!”After that, I went back to the mirror and turned around.
Because my face must be red.
If it were my original body, I wouldn't have said such a childish thing!Am I right to treat these children as children?I feel weird.But…
It's refreshing, and I missed it.When was the last time I had an argument with someone?-Friend.
What are you so upset about? And who else put tacks in your shoes?

-Please don't call me a friend.
I don't remember ever being friends with a guy who commits crime.-Bastard…
You need some friends.-Ah, what kind of friend says that!-What did I say? That misfortune or whatever would stop someday?-What kind of nonsense, are you going to go away now? Do you want to die? And I won't be unhappy forever.
I keep being depressed and unhappy, but I won't be like that all the time.-No.
You will be unhappy for the rest of your life.
That's the kind of constitution you have.
Until now, you yourself has felt it deeply…
Should I kill you and transfer it to another body? Making you bastard…
Possess someone!-Stop reading web novels.'Why did I remember this?'POV Switch – Ha-rimIt was after we got back to school.
Ella went back to the full-length mirror in the classroom without saying a word.
I don't think it's a big deal because she doesn't look angry, but I had to listen to the concerns and worries of the members.”What the hell were you thinking?”Let's say Suho was mad.
I'm embarrassed haha…
I couldn't help but laugh.If that didn't work, it might have been really dangerous.However, I felt that the Ella in the mansion was different from the Ella now.
A little friendlier, less moody…
And above all, cute.Maybe I acted like that because I had this strange certainty.I had to apologize and admit that I was complacent.”Sorry.
I guess I was a little crazy…”Kyeong-min waved his hand as if he was done.”I'm glad it ended well.
I honestly thought Ella would draw her knife.””That's right.
It may have been like that before, but…
Ella now is kind of…
Soft! And she smells good.”Suho insists that the smell doesn't matter, but Eun-jeong ignores him.
I agreed with her.Eun-jeong is trustworthy because she notices other people's feeling well.As a result of asking Suho and Kyeong-min, we came to a conclusion that Ella is definitely feeling affection for us now.”I honestly can't believe it.
Ella was a ghost who had been threatening to kill us a few days ago…
But if you look at what happened today, she's much less dangerous now.
The more friendly we become, the more Ella's attitude changes.”Kyeong-min said with his glasses shining.
He even said it would be a good idea to boldly close the distance between us and her.Considering that Kyeong-min, who suffered the most from Ella, said this, the other members must have thought the same.”Good! Let's consider the next step.
Okay! That would be nice!”As I was trying to come up with a plan, a good idea came to me.Being in a group is great for socializing, but if you don't get to know each other individually, you'll feel left out.
Alright, that's what we must do!”Chatting and skinship one-on-one!”1″””What?””””I see! Okay! I'll try my best!”Unlike the bewildered boys, Eun-jeong answered vigorously.”Hey Ha-rim…
Is skinship really necessary?””Hmm? Originally, when the body is close, the heart is also close! Didn't you know that?” “I mean…
It's not wrong.””Then it doesn't matter! Even if everyone is scared, try to be friendly with Ella! Go for it!”POV Switch – 3rd-personAt the unexpectedly naïve reaction, the boys shut their mouths.
It is said that touching is natural between girls, but do they really not know that it will be more awkward than anything else for them as the opposite gender?During the break before eating, Kyeong-min and Suho went to the men's restroom.
It's because Ha-rim said it would be safer to pair up in preparation for any unexpected event.”Hey…””What.”

“Ella is also a girl, can we do skinship?””…No.”The president's judgement is trustworthy, but there are times when she has ideas that are too pure.
Because of that, sometimes it's very difficult.It's awkward not to properly carry out the assigned plan, but when the conversation between the boys as about to end with the skinship problem, Kyeong-min said something unexpected.”On second thought, is Ella really a girl?””What do you mean?””The monsters we met.
Most of them had to do with ghost stories.
To be precise, something like an ominous rumor or idea.””…Go on.””If we hypothesize that an abstract concept called a story gained strength and formed psychical form…
Ella is also a girl only in form.
It means that she might not really be a girl.”…That makes sense! Lee Kyeong-min, aren't you really smart? And not only because you read a lot of books!””Heh.”Kyeong-min raises his glasses and smiles slightly.”But it's only a hypothesis, and there's no way to confirm it, right?””…I didn't think of that.
If it's only taking shape, it might not have anything where it's not usually visible.””Like when you enter a building in a game using a bug, and there's nothing inside?””Yeah! That's right.
Ella's inside must be empty! For example…
Underwear!”Eureka! Kyeong-min said that as if he had obtained an amazing clue.
The feeling of approaching the secrets of this world was so sweet that it was easy to get intoxicated.Suho also sympathized with the excited Kyeong-min and was excited as well.”I see! The underwear! You mean the panties? If so, just check Ella's panties…
Oh wait, that sounds strange.”Suho didn't notice before because of the less straightforward term “underwear”, but his head went cold at the mention of the word “panties”.And Kyeong-min felt it too.They, who had become perverts in an istant, felt weird.If Ha-rim ou Eun-jeong heard about such obscenities, they would've despised them as if they were trash.Receiving such stares from trusted friends was probably worse than getting hurt.”””……””””…Let's stop.””Right…”Kyeong-min and Suho felt a sense of shame and decided to go back.
They'll bury this conversation in a corner of their minds and hold the quietest funeral in the world.If only the two of them were quiet, no one would know.”Go on, it's fun.””””?!!!”””But unfortunately, the person who shouldn't have listened to it the most heard it.They hoped it wouldn't be the case, but Ella was smiling at them in the mirror in the restroom sink.Suho and Kyeong-min felt dizzy.

TL notes

“Skinship” is a Korean term used to describe the act of intimate, non-sexual touching between very close friends.

One of my favorite chapters too, really funny.
And please try to maintain order in the comments, you know who I’m talking about, you degenerate.

It’s just me or this chapter was a little longer than average?

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