To Become Friends, Start By Eating Together

Me and the children returned safely to school.
We walked slowly, looking around, so it was only natural that the sun had begun to set.”Today's work is over.
If you need to call me, knock on the mirror there.”Ha-rim nodded.
I returned to the full-length mirror in the classroom to let the weary children rest.Returning to the classroom, I immediately checked today's harvests.
First of all, [Purifying Salt].
I had to stop by the farming spot on our way back to school because we used it all in the tunnel.
There are more places to farm this, so I'll have to go find more when I can.The next item was the [Speed Marble] obtained from [Turbo Granny], which was the purpose of this plan.1Originally, it was planned to combine [Purifying Salt] and [Speed Marble] to create an artifact that increases the wearer's speed.However, once you get the [Spider's Bell], an item that wasn't planned, the story changes.[Spider's Bell] is a tricky item to obtain through a specific method in the boss stage.
I got it by luck.
Of course, the timing was bad, and my heart was racing.I put these items together.
Just like when the artifact was created for the first time, pure white light radiates out, and it transforms into a completely new object.[Sacred Sound]2This is a bell-shaped artifact that is used in the second half of the game and has performance equivalent to the artifact given to Ha-rim.Just because an item is hard to find doesn't necessarily mean it's good.
Now that such a game has become a reality, efficiency must be carefully considered, and this is an artifact that is good to acquire even if you take risks.Their abilities are [Purification] and [Speed].
Again, there are two skills thanks to the three items.
Who should I give this to…Ok, I decided.
Let's give it to that kid.I've suddenly chose, so I'll tell him when the time comes.
It's time to eat now, so I can probably come back in about two hours.Then, while I wait, let's go to sleep in this mirror to soothe the boredom.
If I had a setting that I couldn't sleep because I was a monster, I would have gone crazy from boredom long ago.
I think so.Knock knock.I hear a knock on a mirror I marked.I'm sure they're eating, but I can't believe a monster has invaded! With that in mind, I hurriedly moved.POV Switch – Ha-rim (right after Ella's return to the mirror)“I think we did well this time, somehow.
No one is hurt, right?”I continued talking while checking the members' physical condition.”Fortunately, no one seems to have been hurt.
Although we got a little soil and salt from being dragged around by the [Infernal Hands].”I brushed off the mess from Eun-jeong's clothes.
Suho and Kyeong-min, who saw it, also cleaned themselves.
After that, Kyeong-min said.”I'm glad Ella saved me.
It's still scary, but I think the strategy of trying to be friends with her is good.”In the middle of the plan, unexpected things happened, but in the end everyone was safe.
This is because Ella guided them through the weak points of the monsters and the safe route to travel back and forth.

In addition, Kyeong-min also acknowledged Ella's power when she defeated the spider monster and rescued them who were captured by the hands.Suho also said that when Ella saved him, he was so grateful that he forgot about the past when she attacked them.
Then he looked at me and said.”Ha-rim is really amazing too.
In the end, she won against the ghost!””That's probably thanks to Ella.””What do you mean?”I showed the necklace hanging around my neck to the members.
A necklace in the shape of a rabbit's foot with a shiny green jewel embedded in it.
I could tell by feeling that this gave me strength at the decisive moment.
Even if it wasn't perceptible, it shined before.As soon as I explained that, the members showed interest in the necklace.
As they touched it, they responded that they could feel a divine energy.”If the necklace Ella gave you is a useful item to help survive against monsters, then why did she gave it? We can escape like last time.”Certainly, it is difficult to say that a relationship of trust was formed in just three days.
However, it is also true that Ella is helping us.
About that, I had an theory.”Perhaps Ella has a lot of affection?”Kyeong-min tilted his head.
He didn't seem to understand, so I decided to explain further.”Ella is a demon twisted by abuse.
And she always wanted a friend.
If so, she's in a state where she's lacking affection…
Roughly speaking, she's attached to us!”3Kyeong-min puts on a tired expression.
In his head, the verbal abuse he heard from Ella is probably being remembered.-Oh! Did you come here to play with Ella again? But well? I just want to kill you guys.Or.-Ahaha! Do you think I'll save you if you make an excuse? That's funny~It sounds stupid.When I think about it, I lose confidence in my claim.
But if she's not fond of us, she wouldn't want to sacrifice her leg for a bet!What gave strength to my argument was Eun-jeong, who even cried out of fear of Ella.”When Ella saved me from the hands, I was scared and unconsciously grabbed her arm and followed her.
She wasn't angry and didn't scare me.
And she smelled nice…””…What does the smell has to do with it?”Eun-jeong, who lightly ignored Suho's point, continued.”It must be that the house play from last time worked!”Come to think of it, it was Eun-jeong who came up with the idea of playing house.
I remember that Kyeong-min objected to the idea of playing house at this age, but was accepted because she insisted strongly enough to be suspicious.
Looking at it now, Eun-jeong might just have been fond of playing house.Anyway, given the circumstances, Ella might have affection for us.
That means we have a chance to get closer to her.”Guys, we need to be best friends with Ella.
So I'll make a suggestion.
Today we're having lunch with her!”Kyeong-min cautiously raised his hand and said.

“Will it really be okay? It might be dangerous because she may suddenly change.”Hearing that, I shook my head.
We cannot survive unless we take risks.
It was also what Ella taught me.”I think that in order to get close to Ella, we need to shorten the physical distance.
So the risk must be reduced to some extent.”The members' expressions become serious.
It was funny how they became so serious before eating a meal, but I couldn't help but laugh.We took the convenience store food we brought the other day out of the refrigerator in the classroom and set it up.
We sat in a circle, each putting something to eat in front of Ella's chair.”Now we call her…?”After receiving the consent of the members, I slowly knocked on a large mirror in Ella's seat.Knock knock.POV Switch – EllaThere were children around me who were looking at me with awkward expressions.
Ha-rim, who was sitting next to me, greeted.”Hi Ella.””…Hi.”What are these kids thinking? It looks like they are going to have a meal, considering that it is part of the game like last time.Did these kids invite me to eat? Whether they are alert or not, no matter how much I'm acting, there is nothing good about being with a madman for a long time.”What did you call me for? Wouldn't it be interesting if you called me for no reason?”Ha-rim said with a nervous expression.”I just want to eat with Ella…
Can't I?””…”I can't believe she called because she really wanted to eat together.
I don't think I know what children think.
It could be a strategy to reduce my risk to them by becoming friendly with me, who was once an enemy…
But there is no reason to take this risk, and the possibility of success is slim.[That killer is helping you! Let's get acquainted first! You lost your life because the conversation went wrong.
It's a pity.]It can happen like that, so it's wise to keep a certain distance unless your head is pure.
Do you really think you can be friends with a killer named Ella?If that's true, children are more innocent than I thought.Since I don't want to continue doing this weird acting, I thought it wouldn't be bad to hang out with them.They are children and I am an adult.
I don't think we'll really get along, but if I pretend to be friends, you'll listen to me much better.It's absolutely not because I want to eat the fresh cream bread in front of me.”Okay.
I'll hang out with you.””Yeah! Here's something Ella might like.”

Whipped cream bread and chocolate cookies.
Convenience store fruit and lemonade.
It is a diet full of sugar.
Something more like a snack than a meal.It's probably because they don't know what I like besides sweets, so let's eat.
I casually picked up the bag of bread.Then Ha-rim opened the bag by hand.
After that, I felt as if I had become a baby as they prepared all the other bags and drinks without any hassle.I was just about to bite off the bread.
And then, the eyes of the children who had been focusing on their food, trying not to pay attention, hovered to me.Aside from being uncomfortable, I felt that those eyes contained a different kind of emotion than the ones normally sent to me, like fear and tension.It's probably curiosity.
I get it.When I saw myself through the eyes of children, they were curious about how I would react to modern food, as I am a foreigner with blond hair and an old ghost.The reason Western ghosts of the past shed tears after eating bread from the modern K convenience store!…
As a contemporary Korean, being treated like this doesn't feel good.So, before I ate the bread, I looked at the hot chicken stir-fried noodles in the cup that Suho was eating.'Give me.'4As a proud Korean, I will prove that I am no different from you guys.Suho felt my gaze and broke out in sweat.”Ella.
This is very spicy.”I loved spicy food in the past, so you're afraid I can't eat even one of those things? I didn't care.
Eventually, unable to overcome the pressure, Suho poured some of the contents into a ramen cup and handed it to me.Look closely.
There is no reaction from foreigners you expect.
Because inside is a Korean who likes spicy food.Slurp.”…Hey, are you okay?”Harim asked worriedly.
Am I all right?Nay.5″Huuu…
Ha.”Seriously, I almost asked if he had put purifying salt for exorcism in it.
Why does my tongue hurt? Is it because of Ella's body? Give it back, give me back my pride!”Here's a drink!”I took the lemonade and drank it.
It's still spicy.”Hey.
I gave it to you because you asked for it.
You know?”Don't worry, I won't blame you, Suho.
After barely cooling my tongue, I ate the bread quietly.Whipped cream that gently wraps around the injured tongue.
Oh, people should live according to their tongue.
Because my previous body and Ella’s have different tastes.
This is a part I need to accept.

When I didn't show any sign of anger, the children were relieved.
One by one, they start eating their own food.
However, the atmosphere is quite awkward.
Is it because I am here?At this time, Ha-rim brought up a topic to lighten the mood.”Everyone.
How was the operation?”It must have been scary, would there be anything else? However, Eun-jeong seemed to have a different opinion.”It was scary…
But thanks to Ella's help…
I was reassured.”Reassured…
There's nothing better than being trusted by a weak child.
It's like we're already one step closer.”Me and Kyeong-min were scared, but Ella helped us and we survived.””I was able to win thanks to the necklace Ella gave me too!”What is this atmosphere, why are you praising me? In the past, let alone compliments, I was called a misfortune by the people around me, so I'm weak to these things!I've only had one friend in my whole life…I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look at her in the eyes.
her eyes are drawn to me, as if she noticed that my reaction was strange.
Should I say something too?”…Ella thanks you for following her words…”I couldn't finish talking.
It was because the expression on her face was something like “Ella…
Praised me?!”.
It's like we got closer.
It's still too early.”…Nevermind.
It's only natural.
If you don't want to die, you'd better keep doing it.”I feel like a fool.
Wouldn't my face be red? I feel like I just reacted like a tsundere, but cute like in a cartoon.”Uh…
Yeah! Okay!”Ha-rim answers with a bright expression.
Don't answer me.You guys, don't let things get out of hand like this.
It's a warning from a killer.
You know?.

TL notes

The accurate translation is “Marble of Speed” but it sounded strange, so I changed it.
It can be translated as “Divine Sound” too.
Ha-rim, I don’t know if you’re smart for you age or an actual elementary school student, sometimes you have great ideas, and other times a lot of leaps of logic, sigh…
Really had to hold back translating it to “gimme”.
It’s certainly funnier.
LMAOOO, Ella used archaic language because of surprise.

I may need some insulin after this, so much sweetness this chapter~ Couldn’t keep my smile off my face while translating.

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