eady for the queen to tell him his name herself, as the name was chosen by the queen.
But before the queen opened her mouth, the young child said it.
“Yesel! My name is Yesel.
My name mean moonlight”

The queen looked at her young son in surprise.
“How do you know? I haven't told anyone except your father,” she said.

The young child replied, “You told me! I heard you calling my name.”

Yesel also looked at his brother and said with a smile, “The warehouse is very big.
I must go and have a look .” He nodded to his sister opposite and said, “The scene of the fish swimming is really beautiful.
I've seen it.”

Ledley looked at his son and said, “You can directly see other people's consciousness and thoughts.” The whole family looked at Yesel in shock.
This was a power that only the King of Wisdom had.

The young child did not understand the difference.
He only thought that this was an inconspicuous ability and that others should also have it.
However, he did not know that he was the only one who inherited this mythical ability from the King of Wisdom.

Ledley sat in front of the long stone table and looked at his young son with joy in his eyes.
“Yesel, you're blessed.
Very good! Hahahahaha! It's really good!” Ledley rarely shows very strong emotions in front of other three leaf people, even his own family.
But today he was really happy and extremely pleased.

He has always been the only one among his race with the power of mythology.
He the first son of God that promised his father to create a great civilization.
However, no one could understand him, walk with him, or inherit his strength and ideals.
He was the king of wisdom, the king of the three-leaf people, with thousands of followers.
Yet, he felt the same loneliness as God.
At this moment, it was different.
He seemed to see someone who could inherit his will and ideals.

Yesel followed his father up the seemingly endless ladder, crossing the pyramid-like mountain peak, and heading for the highest temple.
The road across the stairs filled him with a sacred emotion.
Since Ledley had come here with his eldest son and returned disappointedly, he had never brought anyone here again.
Even his sons, blue blood as they were, but a person without the power of mythology, did not deserve to see the gods in his opinion.
Those without the power to see and hear God would only blaspheme the will of the gods and defile the temple.

Before the temple, two three-leaf people knelt down.
Ledley, the king of wisdom, was excited and looked forward to seeing what will come next.

“Yesel! Did you see it?” Yesel knelt down and looked inside the temple, carefully raised his head, and let his eyes extend along the floor to the depths.
He saw the snail shell exuding the light of mythology, the supreme artifact that created life.
Under the divine platform sat Sally, a girl surging with the fusion power of terror.

The moment Yesel saw Sally, a tall beast like a mountain appeared in front of him.
Its dense tentacles and hundreds of horrible eyes stared at him, making him fall into the abyss.
Finally, he saw the gods.
The god who controlled the law of time beyond the ages exuded a bright light like the stars.
The light drowned him, and everything he could see turned white.
Yesel's eyes were dull, and his consciousness turned into a blank.
He and his father shouted the same word.


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