Chapter 6 Farming

In the avenue of the City of God, a majestic and awe-inspiring place filled with towering pyramids and grand temples, the scene of a tragic death brought a solemn air to the otherwise bustling streets.
The corpse of a young three-leaf man lay motionless on the ground, his eyes closed forever.
Ledley, the King of Wisdom, stood before the body, surrounded by hundreds of mourning three-leaf people who knelt on one knee, their grief visible.

Silence hung in the air, broken only by the soft sobbing of mourners.
Ledley, the origin ancestor and supreme king of the Mitsuba people, could feel the weight of their collective gaze upon him.
As their king, he knew that it was his duty to shelter and protect his people, but he was powerless in the face of death.

With a heavy heart, he pressed his hand on the corpse, feeling the chill of death permeate his being.
It was the first time Ledley had truly faced the horror of death and the fragility of life, and it shook him to his core.
However, he knew he couldn't let his people see his weakness, so he promised them that he would find a way to solve the crisis.

The people looked at him with sad but hopeful eyes, and Ledley's promise was seen as a beacon of hope, a testament to his wisdom and leadership.
They feverishly called out to him, addressing him not just as their king but as their father, the one who held the power to make a change and bring justice to their land.

With a heavy heart and a determined spirit, Ledley ascended the grand pyramid in the center of the city, a temple accessible only to him, the King of Wisdom.
As he made his way up the steps, he was met by a glowing figure, shining bright like a star in the darkness.
Ledley felt a sense of awe and wonder, realizing that he was standing in the presence of something divine.

He could make out a figure standing in the light, surrounded by threads of light that seemed to connect him to the stars themselves.
He gasped in amazement and shouted involuntarily, “God!”

Ledley could also see a young girl, sitting obediently on the steps with her pigtails tied, her green eyes fixed on the horizon without blinking.
She looked like a doll, but something about her seemed otherworldly, as if she were a messenger from the heavens.

God looked up at the sky, as if waiting for Ledley to arrive.
When he did, God spoke, his voice ringing out like a bell.
“Do you know what this place is?”

Ledley shook his head, feeling a sense of wonder and awe wash over him.
“No, I don't.”

God turned his gaze back to him, his eyes shining with a strange light.
“This is a place where life should not exist.
And yet, it does.
This world is a miracle, a testament to the power of life.”

Ledley listened in rapt attention, trying to make sense of God's words.
“But why is there life here, when there shouldn't be?”

God smiled mysteriously.
“The factor that affects life is not on the earth, but in the distant sky and the universe.
This place is special, shielded from the radiation of chaos by the ozone layer.”

Ledley still did not completely understand, but he could feel the weight of God's words settling on him.
He knew that God was explaining the mysteries of the world, truths that he could not see.

Rico's gaze pierced through the stars and Milky Way into the Abyss.

Ledley spoke, “It was God who led us to this miraculous land of life.
You allow us to thrive and protect us.”

“We have races and civilizations,” he continued.
“If miracles exist, God, you are the miracle-maker.”

Rico lowered his head as he gazes toward Ledley.
A shadow that emanated endless light cast a shroud over him.

“How can I help?” He spoke.

Ledley was speechless.
He had promised Rico to create a great civilization, and his confidence was unmatched.
He was the first intelligent being that God had created.

However, this was just the beginning, and he was brought down by difficulties.
Over the years, he had experienced sadness, joy, and love.
This time, he learned shame.

Ledley knelt in front of Rico, crawling at his feet with his face pressed against the cold stone, not daring to look up.

“Food! God! We need food,” Ledley's tone became more reverent and serious.

“God! Please guide me.”

Rico gazed at the king of wisdom.

“The most primitive civilization hunted and gathered, while later civilizations learned to raise livestock and grow crops,” God explained.
“Although it's not yet time for hunting, I can teach you how to farm, farming.”

Ledley heard the phrase “Farming?” for the first time.

Outside the temple, the fusion monster Sally's shell was embedded in the wall, visible from the inside.

Beside it, various stone pots contained marine plants that had withered and died, obviously not suited to land.

Rico clicked the shell, and light spread from his fingers.
The huge shell of the snail gradually became transparent at his manipulation, revealing pure seawater inside.

There were strange forms of sea life, the most common being a fish-like creature with a thick carapace.

“I recently created this life form,” God said.
“I wanted to call it an Archaeopteryx, but the name didn't fit.”

Ledley gazed at the creatures swimming inside the transparent shell.

“Fish?” he asked.

God thought for a moment.
“No, let's call it Toothless.”

Rico was eager to create new life, one of his countless hobbies.
It seemed that the more species and life he created, the faster the world became familiar to his world of myths.

Although he used Sally random box more easily, he still hadn't created the mythical life forms he desired, like Ledley and Sally.
However, he had accidentally created several creatures, including a jawless fish that survived by sucking organisms through straw-like mouthparts, Toothless.
It's not a real fish in modern definition.

Rico pointed to the jawless fish inside the shell: “Food.”

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