Chapter 5 Unseen

Ledley had been kneeling under the statue of Rico, and he felt despair, his expression as if the sky had fallen.
Rico felt amused by his distress and asked him, “Why do you want them to see me so much?”

Ledley opened his arms and said reverently to Rico on the platform.
“If we can't see you, how can we believe in you? How do we hear your will?”

Rico asked again, “Why do they believe in me?”

Ledley was suddenly speechless, not knowing how to answer Rico's question.
In his opinion, he did not need any reason to believe in Rico.

Rico asked again, “Still.
Do you think it's important to me that they believe in me? Or would I not exist without their faith?”

“I'm right here, whether they can see me or not, I'm always here.
I don't have any specific will to give you, as long as you can multiply and create your own civilization.”

Ledley looked up at Rico with a look of awe and admiration.
“Yes, exactly like that.
We need you like we need air and water to survive.
You give us hope and purpose, and we believe in your power to guide us and protect us.”

Rico looked down at Ledley, studying him for a moment.
“I understand that belief in a higher power can be comforting and give meaning to life.
But do you not also believe in your own strength and abilities as a civilization?”

Ledley hesitated, unsure of how to respond.
“Of course we believe in ourselves, but we also know that we are limited in our knowledge and understanding.
That's why we look to you for guidance.”

Rico nodded thoughtfully.
“I see.
Well, I am here for you and your people.
But remember that you are capable of creating your own destiny and shaping your own future.
Don't rely too heavily on any one person or entity, including me.” Rico smiled, as an atheist.
Even if the God who truly created the universe was standing in front of him now, he would only regard the other party as a powerful higher being.

For he fear but one thing, In the depths of his being, there lies a fear.

A fear that grips his heart with icy cold, And it is not the terror of demons near.

Nor the thought of a story yet untold.

It is a fear that stems from deep within, A fear that haunts him in the dead of night, A fear of which he cannot help but spin, A fear of a fate he cannot take flight.

For he fears not the monsters that may lurk, Nor the dangers that lie beyond his door, But the very thought that one day, his work Will be done, and he will be nevermore.

His own mortality, that great unknown.
The fate that all must face, both rich and poor, It chills him to his very soul and bone, and leaves him shaken to his very core.

The stark contrast in their understanding of God was clear.
In his mind, Rico held a concept of God that was vastly different from the one Ledley had.
The former's expression was noncommittal, and he seemed to hold a certain level of contempt towards the very idea of God, even though he himself was revered as one.
Ledley, on the other hand, was incredibly determined and resolute in his faith.

However, the next sentence that Ledley uttered moved Rico deeply.
The man prostrated himself under the shrine platform and pressed his head to Rico feet, tears streaming down his face.
His tone became muffled, and his voice was tinged with a mournful quality.

“Ricozo,” he said.
“What I fear most is that one day I will die, and there will be no one left to serve you in this temple.
Who will guard this holy site until the end of time? If even my children cannot see you, how can your worship continue?”

He continued, “You are so mighty and powerful, able to give wisdom and life to all things.
You can change this world that is devoid of life, but you cannot change your own solitude.”

As Rico looked at Ledley, he was tempted to dismiss the man's worries as unfounded.
After all, he did not need anyone to guard his massive tomb, let alone remain in the temple forever.
But as he gazed at Ledley's tear-streaked face, his heart softened inexplicably.

“So, what do you want?” he asked.

Ledley wiped away his tears and looked up at Rico with a renewed sense of purpose.
“I want to create a great civilization, one that will never fade,” he said.
“I will have them worship you forever, beneath this very temple.
I will make a solemn vow with all the three leaf people that will never be forgotten.
Let them guard this palace from generation to generation, and let your faith be etched into their very blood.”

With these words, Rico was moved.
He realized that there was something deeply profound about Ledley's faith, and that perhaps he had underestimated the power of belief.

Rico shook his head at Ledley, feeling a tinge of pity for the man's naivety.
It was clear that Ledley's faith was deeply rooted in his being, but Rico could not share the same enthusiasm.

“These things only have meaning to you,” Rico said, his voice low and monotonous.
“They mean nothing to me.
There is no such thing as an eternal civilization.
Even the mightiest empires will crumble and fade away with time.
No faith, no matter how devout, can withstand the test of time.
Even the tallest and most impressive temples and stone statues will eventually be reduced to ruins.”

Ledley couldn't quite grasp the depth of what Rico was saying.
To him, these were untouchable mysteries that spanned across time and eternity.

Rico stroked the bone helmet on Ledley head, his voice taking on a hint of emotion.
“But if this is what gives meaning to your life, then so be it.
If creating a great civilization is your passion, then pursue it with all your heart.”

Ledley ask him.
“If one day I die, please take one thing from me and keep it with you,” he said.
“This way, I will be able to accompany God forever.”

Rico watched as Ledley left the temple, feeling a newfound sense of respect for the man.
He realized that Ledley was not just a mere bug that he had created on a whim.
He was a living, breathing being with his own set of emotions and beliefs.
For the first time, he saw Ledley in a new light, as a person worthy of his admiration.

The high temple that once stood alone on the island was now surrounded by the bustling God-given city, as the three-leaf people continued to expand their territory and population.
They had learned to revere their king of wisdom, Ledley, and attributed everything they had to the gods.
The appearance of the city marked the emergence of a touch of civilization on the previously deserted island.

Ledley's palace had been built in the valley behind the pyramid, where he and his children resided.
His sons had taken on various responsibilities within the city, overseeing construction, food, and warehouses.
As the city grew, the three-leaf people were divided into different classes, creating a simple system of power.
Ledley was the king, and his sons were the first three-leaf nobles, cementing their rule over the expanding population.

However, with the growth of the city came the issue of food scarcity.
The three-leaf people had exhausted their supply of bugs and soft-tongued snails and were forced to search for alternative food sources.
Drying plants on the bottom of the sea was not enough to sustain their growing population, and their hunting activities had emptied the sea near the island.
With thousands of people gathered together, their appearance was abrupt for this world, and the three-leaf people were not ready to meet the challenges that came with their civilization.

Ledley's concern was not just about the people dying at sea, but about the hidden crisis it represented.
The deep sea, once imagined as a peaceful source of food, had become a source of danger and death for the three-leaf people.
Many were lost at sea, never to return, and the city began to starve.
This was the Three-Leaf civilization's first crisis, and Ledley knew that they must overcome it to continue building their great civilization.
Without a solution, their growth would come to a stop, and all their progress would be for naught.


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