e firstborn son of God and considered Sally to be a mere slave.
He raised his hand and summoned the Mitsuba people to stand, telling them that they were God's chosen people, with nothing to fear but God.

Rico observed all of this, recognizing that Ledley power went beyond mere wisdom.
He had the ability to summon and control all the Mitsuba people, transmitting his thoughts into their bodies.
This power made the Mitsuba people look upon Ledley with adoration, and Rico saw the same fanatical devotion in their eyes that Ledley had for him.

Ledley declared that from that day forward, the Mitsuba people would be the lords of the earth and the seas, controlling the world on God's behalf.
Rico watched as Ledleys power and influence grew, wondering what other mysteries this creature held.

“I am your king, Ledley,” he declared, his voice filled with pride and authority.
The three-leaf people roared feverishly, their hoarse and empty syllables ringing out in unison.

“King! King!”

Rico, the creator of Ledley, stood tall and proud, yet he was hidden from their sight.
He was the god who bestowed upon Ledley with wisdom and had been the guiding force behind their prosperous community.

Ledley had led his people to the valley behind the pyramid, where he carved cave after cave in the rock wall, and at the same time built a city out of excavated stone.
Rico's vision had become a reality, as Ledley founded his own country in the midst of the wilderness.
The caves were connected to the bottom of the sea, and in addition to a city in the valley, there was also a city deep into the sea floor through the cave.

The three-leaf people inhabited the island and worshiped the gods.
They hunted in the sea and reproduced in the seawater.
It seemed to have become the place of origin of Nuwa's creation of people, the Garden of God's Eden, in myths and legends.
This small island had become the beginning of intelligent life, a paradise that did not belong to human beings.

Finally, Ledley had a family.
He made the female, with her white bone armor, his queen, and naturally gave birth to his first child.

Ledley, who had a child, was ecstatic and impatient to lead his child up the pyramid the moment he climbed to the ground from the sea.
Two people, one big and one small, walked to the high place step by step and finally knelt down in front of the temple.

He whispered to his child, “Look! God is there watching you!” However, his child looked at the inside of the temple with a blank expression and saw nothing but the huge statue and stone platform.
“There's nothing there? Only some stones,” his child said.

Ledley felt cold, looking at his child with disbelief in his eyes and endless disappointment.
There was sadness and loss in the pupils, as well as being overwhelmed.
He understood that his children could not see God.
His children did not have the glory to see God and his God-given gifts.

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