Chapter 3 Fusion Monster


Rico's fingers sunk into the icy surface of the Fusion Monster's enormous eyes, feeling the weight and texture of the cold crystal-like orbs.
He struggled to maintain his grip as the creature's massive form writhed beneath him, as if in discomfort.

“Take off the snail shell for me!” Rico shouted, his voice echoing off the ancient temple walls.

As if in response, a series of writhing tentacles emerged from underneath the Fusion Monster's curved abdomen.
Slowly but surely, they wrapped around the screw shell on the monster's back, lifting it up inch by inch.

The shell was enormous, easily dwarfing the entrance to the temple, and it rested heavily on the steps leading up to the entrance.
The mutant monster, resembling a giant snail, lay motionless below, as if in a state of submission.

Rico, standing nearby, couldn't resist the urge to touch the shell.
As soon as his fingers made contact, he felt a strange energy coursing through his body.
He watched in awe as the massive shell began to float upwards, responding to his mental commands.

Realizing that he had some sort of control over the shell, Rico experimented with different thoughts and movements, making the shell rise and fall, spin and twirl through the air.
He marveled at this object.

Rico eyes widened in amazement as he continued to manipulate the snail shell with ease.
It was as if he had discovered a new limb, an extension of his own body that responded to his every thought and command.
He experimented with different movements and directions, and watched in awe as the shell obediently shrank and expanded, responding to his will.

As he continued to play with the shell, Rico realized that his control only extended to this particular object.
He tried to move other things around him, but they remained stubbornly stationary.
It was clear that the shell possessed some kind of special properties that allowed him to manipulate it with ease.

Holding the shell in his hand, Rico noticed that it had transformed into the shape of a horn.
He blew into it experimentally and was amazed to hear a beautiful melody emanate from within.
It was as if the shell was alive, pulsing with the energy of some ancient and mysterious power.

“This is truly a miracle,” Rico whispered to himself, awestruck by the power he held in his hand.

As he began to explore the possibilities of the shell, Rico realized that he had only scratched the surface of its potential.
His mind raced with ideas and plans, each more daring and ambitious than the last.

His initial plan was to use the shell to create more three-leafed men and observe their evolution, using the shell to guide their development and shape their fate.

Standing up with the snail shell in his hand, Rico noticed that the Fusion Monster was staring at him with an intensity that sent shivers down his spine.
The creature had become even more fearsome now that it was no longer hidden beneath the shell.

As Rico approached the enormous fusion monster, he couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine.
It was truly terrifying to look at – the fleshy body twisted and writhed in grotesque ways, and the countless eyes that covered its surface seemed to stare into his soul.
Despite knowing that he couldn't be scared of his creation, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease.

Rico took a deep breath and faced the monster head on.
“Since you can change your own form,” he said, his voice firm and commanding, “then become a form that is more pleasing to the eyes”

The monster seemed to sense Rico's emotions, and slowly began to shrink and transform.
The once-massive body contorted and shifted, hundreds of eyes folding and twisting until they became a human form.
And what emerged from the mass of flesh and tentacles was a little girl in a white gauze cloak, with green eyes, brown hair, bare feet, and pink nails.

Rico couldn't believe what he was seeing.
The girl was small and fragile-looking, and her delicate features were in stark contrast to the monstrous entity she had just transformed from.
Her gauze cloak-like coat was elegant and tightly wrapped around her petite body, but upon closer inspection, it seemed to be more like a layer of jellyfish umbrella that grew directly from her body.

Rico decided to give her a name – Sally.
“You will call Sally from now on!” he declared.

Sally, the tiny fusion monster, sat next to God and snuggled up to the stone statue of her creator.
She was unfazed by her new name, and seemed not to understand the distinction between being called a “Fusion Monster” and “Sally” at all.
As she sat there, she idly shook her leg, her mouth making a constant bubbling sound.
Her empty eyes lacked any sort of shine or luster, and she seemed almost like a fish that was spitting out bubbles while chasing after them.

Meanwhile, Rico’s attention was focused on the mythical snail shell, which he had referred to as a “biological machine tool.” It was submerged in sea water, with only the top of it exposed, forming a small reef.
As he looked at the life that was born, conceived, and then died almost immediately, Rico emotions went from expectation to surprise.

“I failed again,” he muttered to himself, feeling a sense of frustration and disappointment.
“Sally, you are simply a black-hearted game lottery businessman, and the chances are too low,” he added, as he realized how difficult it was to create life from scratch.
Despite his immense power and knowledge, there were still things that he could not control.

Sally sat beside Rico, fidgeting with the sea as she kicked her calf in a playful manner.
She seemed to be able to sense his emotions, and when there was no clear order for her to follow, she turned her attention to him.
Even though she may not understand the meaning behind the words “black heart,” “lottery,” and “businessman,” she still sensed the frustration and disappointment in Rico voice.

Meanwhile, Rico had taken control of the mythical snail shell, and began his next experiment.
One after another, the attempts resulted in failures – the life that was created would either die immediately, or would be a worm without any sort of wisdom.
These failures were then consumed by the snail shell, which turned them into nutrients to create new three-leaf eggs.
Despite the endless cycles of trial and error, he refused to give up.

The sun rose and set countless times as Rico continued his experiments.
The isolated islands and oceans remained unchanged, as if frozen in time.
It seemed as though they would remain this way until the end of time itself.

But finally, he succeeded.
His success would shatter the world and change everything.
This day marked a turning point.

The sea around them was calm and clear, and the sun was slowly setting, casting a warm orange glow across the sky.
Sally, the fusion monster, continued to cheer, still mesmerized by the miracle of life before her.

As Ledley looked out at the sea, he couldn't help but feel a sense of responsibility and excitement.
He was now the king of a new race, and he had to guide them to thrive and create a civilization.
The thought of it was both daunting and thrilling.

Rico smile faded into a serious expression as he looked at Ledley.
“Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
You must guide your people with wisdom and compassion, and always strive to make the world a better place.”

Ledley nodded, determined to be the best leader he could be for his new race.
He turned to Sally and said, “We have to start building a village and creating our own language and art.
We have to teach our children and make them better than us.
We have to build a civilization that we can be proud of.”

Sally, still in a state of excitement, replied with a nod and a bubble sound, “Glulu!”

As the sun set over the sea, the three of them stood on the reef, looking out at the horizon, ready to embark on a new journey of discovery and growth.

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