“Whether you’re going to swear at me or regret this, I can handle it.
So don’t worry about me.
If you came for Secretary Hong, leave.
If you came for Hong Se-ha, then come in.”


As soon as the words left her mouth, Kwon-woo threw the door open and stepped inside.
He grabbed Se-ha’s waist and pulled her close, enveloping her in his strong embrace.
Before she could even close her eyes, he pressed his lips to hers.
A puff of warm breath washed over her mouth as she tightened her grip on his shirt.


It was finally happening!


“Oh, ah.” The unexpected sound escaped from Kwon-woo as Se-ha’s mind whirled.
A hot, soft tongue pushed its way into her mouth, intertwining with her own and sending his saliva down her throat.
Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around his waist.


Kwon-woo’s entire body tensed as he felt the shaking hands wrapped around him.
He pushed Se-ha against the wall without breaking their embrace as if he couldn’t bear to let go.


They were as close as two people could be while still fully clothed, and Se-ha couldn’t deny that she had imagined this kind of situation when she confessed her feelings to Kwon-woo.
However, she hadn’t expected it to be this hot and dizzying.


“Ha, umph.” Se-ha’s thoughts halted as the bookshelf inside her head, containing all the words and memories she possessed, became tangled.
The only thing that dominated her consciousness was their tongues rubbing against each other, meeting and pulling apart.


Kwon-woo scratched the top of Se-ha’s mouth with his tongue, causing her to shudder in surprise.
Like a person dying of thirst, he enveloped and sucked on the tip of her tongue before dropping her jacket to the floor and lifting her into his arms.


“Ah, hah..”


Jang Kwon-woo acted as if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.
He let out a primal sound from the back of his throat, and his breaths came out low and hot.


Se-ha needed clarification.
She had asked for this first, so why did Kwon-woo seem so eager? But she couldn’t focus on that as she was too busy kissing him.


She was now lying on the bed.
Kwon-woo pushed against her as he took off his jacket, all while locking lips with Se-ha.
Se-ha loosened the tie she had picked out and tied it for him.


Kwon-woo’s giant hand covered her upper body and grabbed her with great force, causing her to groan in excitement as he let out a growl in his throat.


It felt as if Se-ha would disappear at this rate.
She tried to push him back a little and slow things down, but Kwon-woo didn’t want to break apart.
He clasped her hand and pulled it down, and Se-ha pushed him back again as she tried to calm the tongue in her mouth.


Finally, they broke apart.


Se-ha was overcome with strange dizziness and had to close her eyes for a moment.
When she opened them again, she was surprised to see Hong Se-ha staring back at her, not the elegant and cool-looking Jang Kwon-woo that she knew.




Se-ha blinked in confusion as she saw her face staring back at her.
The cheeks flushed red from the kiss and long messy hair, and the person lying beneath her was undoubtedly herself.


Why was her face, her eyes staring back at her?


Hong Se-ha, laying in front of herself, also opened her eyes.
She saw the face of the person in front of her and shook her head, thinking it was a hallucination.
But when the face didn’t change, she rubbed her eyes and looked up, seeming unable to understand what was happening.
She lightly pinched her cheek as if to check if this was real.


“Why am I… looking up at you? And why… Why can I see my face? Is this all just a dream?”


“I can also see my face, director,” came a familiar voice.


“Secretary Hong…?” Se-ha turned to see Hong Se-ha lying in front of her, also looking at her face in confusion.


As Se-ha tried to make sense of what was happening, Jang Kwon-woo snapped out of it and sat up.
They both gasped in disbelief as they touched each other’s bodies and yelled in unison.


Jang Kwon-woo, now in Se-ha’s body, quickly pulled her close.


“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


His face was filled with worry, and Se-ha was surprised how he could worry about someone else first in an absurd situation such as this.
Se-ha nodded at Jang Kwon-woo’s face.


I-I’m fine, I think… Are you okay?” she asked.


“I don’t know.
I don’t know what’s happening.
Strangely, I feel like I’m losing strength just by breathing,” Kwon-woo replied.


“Ah… that…” Se-ha trailed off.


“I’m glad you’re okay.
But just how in the world are you in my body? Are we sharing the same dream?”


“Is something like that possible? And I don’t think this is a dream because I can definitely feel you,” Se-ha said as she brought her hand, which was now Kwon-woo’s, to her face.
Kwon-woo shook his head at this.


“If we took a dunk in cold water, we might wake from this dream.
And you, stop calling me ‘director’ with that face.
It’s weird,” he said before running to the bathroom and turning on the shower.
The cold water shocked him, but nothing changed except that his white blouse got wet.
When he looked down, he saw the reflection of a black bra wrapped around a pair of round breasts.
He flinched and quickly averted his eyes.


Watching this, Se-ha quickly found a mirror.
The person in the mirror was Jang Kwon-woo.
It was the boss she had worked under for five years.
Her jaw slowly dropped in shock.
After feeling her face and body, she slapped her cheeks hard.
The pain brought tears to her eyes, but nothing had changed even after opening them tightly.


“How could something like this…” she muttered.


Wet from head to toe, Kwon-woo shook as he walked out of the bathroom.
Se-ha stared in surprise with wide eyes at the familiar body, now completely wet and visible under the clothes.


Conscious of her gaze, Kwon-woo flinched and covered himself.


“What are you looking at? Turn away!” he said.


“What? No, I mean, ah, I’m sorry,” Se-ha said, doing as she was told in bewilderment.
But something felt off.


“Um, it’s m, my body… it’s strange that I’m not allowed to see it,” she said.
“Come here for a moment,” she said.
Kwon-woo took a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around his wet self.
He looked straight at her.


“Okay, I’ve thought about incomprehensible situations like this happening whenever I read fantasy novels.
Though I wanted to be Iron Man, not have my soul changed… Anyways, you can see things like this on TV or the movies.
The soul suddenly dropping into someone else’s body.
It can be a realm of magic or a realm of martial arts,” Se-ha said.


“R, Right.
There are things that can’t be explained with science,” Kwon-woo replied.


“But why would this happen? Do you have any clue as to why?” Se-ha asked.

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