There was no one that came in and out of the Masterpiece Hotel like Hong Se-ha as if it were her own house. 

Se-ha could feel the eyes of the people behind her that aimed towards her as she ran towards the elevator, but she ignored them. 

As soon as she arrived at the 13th floor, she heard glass shattering.
She quickly turned left.

As she opened the door at the end of the hallway with the master key, she could see two men brawling. 

“I told you not to hit the face.
Unlike you, his face is all he has.”

There was blood dripping from Jang Kwon-woo’s upper lip.
He was smiling.
Se-ha felt a headache.
She quickly scanned around her.

In the room, she noticed the recently famous influencer, Sorbena? Or Sherbet? standing with a chic face.
Se-ha had heard that she was dating Hwang Sun-ho.
It seemed Jang Kwon-woo had been secretly meeting her and just got caught. 

Se-ha was about to call the secretaries of GW group.
Then Hwang Sun-ho grumbled.

“I’m not even surprised.
You’re just like your mother who steals another woman’s man for a living.”

As soon as Jang Kwon-woo heard it, he grabbed Sun-ho’s neck and pushed him against the wall.
With a loud thump, the shelves on the wall shook.

Please, no! Se-ha quickly ran towards Jang Kwon-woo and tried to stop him. 

Right then, Hwang Sun-ho’s fist slightly hit Se-ha’s head as he swung.
As he saw that happen, Jang Kwon-woo fiercely kneed Sun-ho in the stomach. 

“You’re right.
It’s genetics.
Now go tell your mom that you’ve been beaten by a bastard again.” 

Jang Kwon-woo’s voice was mixed with joy and satisfaction.

Finally, the secretaries of GW Group came rushing in.
Se-ha signaled them with her eyes.
The secretaries immediately understood as it was not the first time the two rich kids got into a fight.
They quickly grabbed and pulled Jang Kwon-woo away from Sun-ho.

“Sir, please.
If things get worse from here, it’s your third strike.
You know that.”

They were barely able to drag Jang Kwon-woo toward the hallway.
On the 13th floor of Myung Hwa’s Masterpiece Hotel, there was a suite that only the owner’s family members could use.
Jang Kwon-woo scanned his finger to open the door.
As soon they entered the room, Se-ha plopped down. 

“Secretary Hong.”

Right then, Jang Kwon-woo’s big hand suddenly appeared right in front of her face.
He placed his finger above her lip.
A weird feeling stirred inside her. 

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