【 My dear,

You are the moonlight beneath the abyss, the dark cloud kissed away by Death.


I am the Abyss, I am Death.



At half past three in the morning, Ye Zun was suffering from insomnia as usual.
After tossing around in bed, unable to fall asleep, he felt for the phone beside his pillow out of habit.

【 Refreshing horror, be careful ! Careful ! ! Careful ! ! ! 】

With this kind of title, it made people want to click on it even more.

The situation of servers crashing didn’t get any better even at night and his finger tapped on the post for a long time before the page refreshed.

【 This landlord just experienced a supernatural event.
Even now, the fingers typing this post are still trembling.
If you are a stray passer-by who came in here, let me remind you, it’s not too late to leave now.

[T/N: 楼主/landlord: original poster.
Will be using ‘I’ from here on out.
Replies are different ‘floors’]

No one responded.

In the dark rental home, a finger slid across the screen.

【 I couldn’t fall asleep at midnight.
The co-renting Xiao-jiemei* worked customer service and had not returned from the night shift, so I thought about going downstairs to buy a midnight snack and wait for her to come back along the way.
The new community where I just moved into has pretty good security, so I wore my home clothes and went out with my phone and keys.

Now that I think about it, from that point on, I was already flustered for some unknown reason.
But at that time, I didn’t know why.

[T/N: 小姐妹: can mean an older sister or younger sister (not related), xiao/little is just an endearment]
[T/N: the ‘community’ in this setting is a few low-rise apartments closely built together, with maybe a small field that the buildings surround]

3rd floor: Trembling, crouching*.

[T/N: camping out to wait for more]

4th floor: Scared but still want to read it, tightly wrapping myself in my little quilt.

【 The community my rental place is at is close to the streets outside.
It’s a very active but old neighbourhood.
However, the location of my house happens to be facing the streets.
It’s fine during the day, but once it hits 9 at night, there’s no one on the streets when I look out the window.

Because it is an old community with few floors, there are no elevators installed, and the sensor lights between some floors are still broken.
I felt a little regretful halfway down the stairs, but when I thought about going back up, I felt even more unwilling, so I continued walking down.

Just wanted to mention, me and my xiao-jiemei’s rental room is on the sixth floor, and the floor with the broken sensor light is on the third floor.
However, there is no fourth floor in this community*; the floor above the third one is the fifth.

[T/N: ‘four’ in chinese is a homonym for death (both pronounced ‘shi’) so it is strongly avoided, especially in old apartments that were built by more superstitious people in the old days.
4 is considered unlucky in many east asian cultures (china, korea, taiwan, japan to name some)]

There were finally a few replies from passers-by in the post, ones who urged the landlord to update quickly, ones who said they were already too afraid to continue reading, and ones who comforted the landlord that it was normal not having a fourth floor, that it was a similar situation on their end too.

Ye Zun glanced over the comments, finger sliding up the screen to continue reading.

【 The first time I considered that something supernatural was going on was when I was going down the stairs.

Because the sensor light on the third floor are broken, I get nervous every time I walk down to the third floor and will consciously count every floor I pass afterwards, because when you reach the first floor, there is a dark corner near the iron gate at the exit of the unit building.

However, when I walked down three floors this time, this dark corner did not appear.
In front of my eyes, another staircase heading downstairs appeared in front me.

At that time, I froze.

There were various comments expressing their fear and amazement, as well as the passers-by who suspected that the landlord must’ve remembered it wrong.

Ye Zun continued to read.

【 I felt a chill in my heart at that the time, but thinking that I must have counted wrong, I went down another floor.

I should point out, this community is rather inhuman.
Except for the third and fifth floors, the other floors are not marked by their numbers and all the walls are blank white.
After I bit the bullet and went down another floor, the first floor’s dark corner still hadn’t appeared, and there was another downstairs staircase.
If I did not count wrong, the stairs would’ve been heading down to a negative second floor.

A few days after I moved in, I vaguely recall hearing that the community had an underground garage, but I’m not too sure whether the passage to the underground garage is connected to the stairs.

At this time, I didn’t dare to think about anything.
Because there was a sensor light, I only hesitated a little before walking down another floor.
This time, I finally saw the familiar dark corner on the first floor.

In other words, going by my senses while walking from the third floor to the first floor, this landlord walked down five floors! 】

Reading up to here, Ye Zun pondered for a while.

There was no fourth floor in that community.
Above the third floor was the fifth floor.
To call it a six-floor apartment complex, the truth was, there were only five floors.

In other words, the landlord had to treat the floor she came from as the third floor in order for her to go down five flights of stairs in total.

Counting the wrong floor was normal, but counting two floors wrong consecutively…no wonder it was labelled as horror.

But what if she was in such a daze that she counted the wrong number twice? For example, if you were in a hurry to go downstairs, you might subconsciously add one floor to your mental count while you are only halfway down the stairs, and then you accidentally count it again when you arrive on the actual floor?

Curious about the real reason, Ye Zun continued to scroll down, ignoring the analysing replies from other passers-by.

【 Although it was a bit scary to have counted the floors wrong, but because nothing actually happened, I tried to ignore it, thinking that it was because of my carelessness.
Since the passage from the corner of the first floor to the exit of the unit door was very dark, I hurried forward.
Only when I opened the iron gates of the unit building and stepped outside did I breathe a sigh of relief.

The greenery of this old community was very good, that is, there were many outdoor lights, but the view is still very dark.
I once again regretted the impulse to come downstairs, but I thought that it’ll be fine once I head out.
The street outside the community is very busy and the supermarket is open for 24 hours.
I planned to give a call to my xiao-jiemei on the night shift once I reached there.

At that moment, I didn’t know why, but my heart was constantly and inexplicably restless, so I subconsciously made a movement.

I lifted my head up in the direction of my rental house and glanced at the window.

Because in my subconscious, I was still thinking about the two sets of stairs I walked down, and I wanted to confirm just how many floors this building had.

But this one glance showed me something that makes me feel cold all over even when I think about it now.

There was a long line of horrified comments from the passers-by.

Ye Zun held his breath slightly and pulled his blanket up, then continued to read the follow-up of the post under the light of the phone.

It wasn’t until more than 20 meaningless responses from other readers that the landlord’s continuation appeared again.

【 Sorry, this landlord was just writing a long paragraph when I was suddenly frightened and my trembling made me

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