ught about it for two hours, and I came up with many big doubts.” Tian Yinzhen “That’s right, let me tell you first; let me see if it matches what you want.” He clapped her hands and laughed.

Seeing He Jianfei nod, Tian Yinzhen began to snap her fingers and said, “The first point is the suspicion of Dong Yu’s death.
According to legend, Dong Yu committed suicide because she was misdiagnosed as having cancer.
This is already proven to be incorrect.
The real cause of death was the doctor’s fault, and the classmates in the class should not be blamed.
Therefore, the first doubt is introduced.
It was due to a classmate who died unjustly but spread the erroneous cause of death.
What was the motive? Why did people believe this at the time? The second point is Ah Qiang’s death.
Including Dong Yu, twenty-three students in the class committed suicide.
However, Ah Qiang’s method of death was unique.
From the attitude of the police station and the narration of Old Man Li, it can be seen that people thought that Ah Qiang’s death was a homicide at that time.
Judging from the existing information, Ah Qiang’s use of the Sanhua body protection technique also showed from another aspect that he could not commit suicide.
Therefore, there is a second doubt: why did all the classmates commit suicide, but Ah Qiang desperately wanted to save his life? Was it because of Ah Qiang’s failure to save his life that other classmates had to commit suicide? The third point is the time for a forced movement.
According to the janitor’s uncle, Ah Qiang went out once at two or three o’clock in the evening.
The specific time of Ah Qiang’s death was not mentioned in Uncle Li’s narrative.
This can be seen as evidence that the time for forensic identification and reporting at that time was not far from the time of Ah Qiang’s death, but according to the habits of ordinary people, it is omitted.
But it was strange that Uncle Li didn’t mention when Ah Qiang came back.
Because it is of great significance to infer the specific time when Ah Qiang had an accident in the dormitory, it is impossible to omit it because of some habit, so what is the reason why the shrewd old man Li didn’t pay attention to this time either? “This is the third doubt.” After speaking, a pair of bright eyes looked at He Jianfei, waiting for his response.

He Jianfei was listening with relish, and when he saw Tian Yinzhen stop, knowing that she had finished speaking, he smiled and said, “I will answer your third doubt first.” You also know the art of Sanhua body protection.
Only three stones are enough.
If he went out just to find the three stones, then he didn’t need to go too far; maybe he had already gotten them by the door, so he wouldn’t leave for more than a minute.
That’s why Old Man Li didn’t mention it.
The focus is only on the fact that she is leaving.
From the perspective of the process, leaving like this is equivalent to not leaving, and nothing can be done in just a few minutes.
With such reverse reasoning, it is possible to infer the time when Ah Qiang came back.
Now there are only two doubts left.
It seems that it is not very good-looking if it is missing.
“Let me make up a few more.”

“Make? ” Tian Yinzhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Then what are the doubts you made up?”

Ah Qiang went out once at two or three o’clock in the evening.
This is what the janitor said.
If the school’s work and rest system has not changed much, according to our current dormitory opening time of 5:30 in the morning, no matter how early Ah Qiang was in that era, it would not be earlier than 5:00.
So what was Uncle doing at two or three o’clock? Undoubtedly, he is sleeping.
So how did he know that Ah Qiang was out? This can only be explained by the fact that Ah Qiang woke him up when he opened the door.
He looked at his watch because there was no light in the room and the pointer was blurred.
He couldn’t tell whether it was two or three o’clock, so he said it was two or three o’clock.
Then the issue surfaced.
“Who exactly is the person who went out?” Tian Yinzhen exclaimed, “Isn’t it already confirmed that it is Ah Qiang?” Only the president of the student council has the key.
Uncle Li is from a different campus, and he definitely doesn’t live in the same building.
He Jianfei said, “Yes, but the key is dead, and anyone can get it.” There is no strong evidence to prove that the person who went out was Ah Qiang.
Maybe Ah Qiang didn’t leave the room by half a step that night.
Those three small stones can be prepared during the day.
Tian Yinzhen looked blankly at He Jianfei’s serious face and said in a daze, “Although… the possibility you mentioned exists, I think this possibility is minimal and it’s a dead end.” At that time, the situation was urgent, so Ah Qiang had to temporarily go out to find a stone to cast the Sanhua body protection.
He Jianfei said: “After listening to the fourth doubt, you will know whether the connection is big or not.” As you said, according to the current situation, Ah Qiang was killed.
A few days after his death, the whole class committed suicide in batches.
What does this mean? He and the whole class had this premeditation a long time ago.
In other words, the whole class knew that he might die.
There was no movement in the dormitory on the night of Ah Qiang’s accident, nor did it alarm anyone.
The people in their dormitory had expected him to die.
In that case, what do you need Sanhua body protection for? Ah Qiang naturally had his intentions, unless… Tian Yinzhen’s whole body trembled suddenly; she almost jumped up and said, “I see, you suspect that Ah Qiang used this method to imply that his roommate poisoned him to death!” He Jianfei quickly looked around; only a few people who were napping glanced away, dissatisfied with Tian Yinzhen’s sudden shout, and no one paid attention to them.
He turned his head and said vaguely, “Anyway, I think that the importance of the people who went out in the middle of the night cannot be ignored.”

This shocking discovery suddenly made the whole incident even more confusing.
Judging from the note left by Ah Qiang, the whole class was about to commit suicide.
He knew it and might have planned it, but now the whole class is working together to poison him to death.
Is there a united front in Ah Qiang’s class? It would be unreasonable to deliberately kill Ah Qiang to relieve Dong’s grievances, not to mention that it is impossible to confirm Ah Qiang and Dong now.
Tian Yinzhen was thinking of one head and two big ones, while He Jianfei closed his eyes again, not knowing whether it was a fake sleep or a real sleep.

There was a sudden commotion at the other end of the carriage.
Tian Yinzhen was feeling bored, so she got up and wanted to take a look, only to hear a loud voice say, “You don’t buy a ticket and force yourself to squeeze up and occupy my seat; how can there be such a reason?”

An old man walked over tremblingly on crutches and said, “I’m not in good health, and I get dizzy when I stand all the time.”

“Old man, please sit here.” Tian Yinzhen was startled.
He Jianfei had stood up at some point and smiled at the old man with laziness: “I happen to be tired from sitting, and I want to walk around.” Only then did Tian Yinzhen come to her senses.
She also smiled and helped the old man to the seat, where she let him sit down.
The old man sat down securely.
Seeing that He Jianfei was about to leave, he hurriedly shouted, “Little boy, don’t go; chat with me.” “I have nothing in common with the girl.” Tian Yinhao smiled “puff,” and He Jianfei had no choice but to come back.
The old man smiled and said, “The old man smiled and said, “The two little ones are so enthusiastic, I am too embarrassed to be here shamelessly.” “Seeing that you seem to be full of sorrow, tell me what is on your mind.” He Jianfei smiled and said, “You are too worried; we are just sleepy; what is there to worry about?” It is right to respect the elders; why are you so polite? Just sit down.” The old man looked at He Jianfei’s whole body and said, with a smile, “That’s true.” You two were hunted down by a fierce ghost.
“In all, I have lost money sitting here.” He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen’s faces changed drastically when they heard the words, “Why would you… The old man interrupted them with a wave of his hand: “Is this still worth it?” “It’s not easy to see.” “What are you doing with a relic necklace?”

The relic necklace is a treasure of the Wutai Mountain Buddhist Sect.
Only a few big sects know about this and the function of the necklace, so He Jianfei dared to wear it openly.
Who knew that he was actually seen through by this old man? He Jianfei hurriedly gathered his face and asked in a low voice, “May I ask the senior’s Dharma name or Dao name?” “The younger disciples, He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen, would like to see you.” The old man said, “It’s not necessary; I have no relationship with you; and I don’t help people catch ghosts.” “What are you telling people for no reason?” I just came here to remind you when I saw the two people with bad luck just now.
He Jianfei could only say: “Then, according to the senior, what is the power of this ghost?” “Is there any way to resolve it?” The old man smiled and said, “Under the world, it is an eternal truth that only one thing can overcome another.” “There is no invincible king in the world; the key is to see if you have the heart.” He Jianfei knew that he had met an expert and respectfully said, “Senior, please teach me what it means to have a heart.” The old man waved his hand and said, “How do I know if you have a heart?” “I’m not the roundworm in your stomach.”

“Wutai Mountain Station has arrived.” A cheerful female voice sounded.
The old man laughed and said, “It’s time for you two to get down.” I won’t take this seat.
“See you later.” He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen looked at each other, and after a long while, they had to bow and say, “Then this junior will get down first.” “Senior, please take care.” “Remember, young man, as long as you have the heart, you can definitely break the haunting spectre road,” they said as they got out of the car, turning around to see the old man still happily waving his hands.He Jianfei was shocked.
“What?” Do you know about the spectral road? “Wait a minute, please tell me…” The two had no choice but to stand on the platform, wondering.
Tian Yinzhen said, “Why does he know the haunting spectre road?” “I thought about it for a long time, but I really can’t think of which faction he is from.” He Jianfei said thoughtfully, “Maybe he’s an expert who came here to give advice, but it’s a pity that I don’t know the name of the senior.” “Forget it, let’s go to Mount Wutai first; maybe my senior brother knows.”

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