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However, she eventually backed down without saying anything.

This was why I liked villainesses.

Even though my reputation was in shambles, I was satisfied because no matter what I did, no one dared to question me. 

“Oh, by the way, make a leash and a name tag.
His name is Shasha.
Have his name and address engraved on the back, and put a location tracking function.”

“That much?”

“Yes, because there are people who would want what’s mine.”

“Shall I kill them?”

Marina, no matter much of an elite assassin you are… 

The opponent is the Empress.
Your head would be chopped off before you could even approach her.

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I shook my head.
Although I was forced to take care of the male lead, I had no intention of handing him over to the Empress.

‘I have to raise him safely and then hand him over to the female lead.’

Although he was really annoying, I had developed a soft spot for him.
He was just a little puppy who threw a fit and had a terrible attitude. I didn’t want him to suffer because of the Empress’s hand.

Feeling a gaze directed at him, Sihael hit the cage with his front paw.


At the heavy sound, the servant, who was filling the bowl with water, hesitated and retreated.

“Why are you angry again?”

My nose twitched as I wondered what he was so dissatisfied with that he started behaving rudely again. 

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I didn’t want to see Sihael get hurt, so I removed the magic from the cage.
Just when I finished, Sihael looked very excited.

I spoke quietly, looking straight into Sihael’s gleaming golden eyes. 

“Shasha, I’m your temporary owner for now, okay? You can’t behave rudely.”


“It’s no use doing that.”

“Woof, woof! Grrr.
Arf, arf!”

As expected, Sihael rebelled violently.

The sound was so loud that people clutched their ears when he barked.

Marina used her Spirit of Sacrifice to cover my ears, but I gently pushed her hands away.
For me, this was a level of noise I could tolerate.

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