Liliana grabbed my wrist and quickly hid me behind her back.

‘Huh? Why are you hiding me?’

I was embarrassed when I was suddenly protected by the heroine.
Liliana didn’t stop there; she assumed a combat stance so that she could utilise her magic at any time.
I was startled when I saw her pointing her magic staff towards Sihael and grabbed her hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Stay behind me.
It’s dangerous.”

Hey, you’re the most dangerous one here!

I shook Liliana’s hand away, swallowing the words that were on the tip of my mouth.
Did she realize she was threatening the crown prince and not just anyone else?

Obviously, Liliana was being aggressive without knowing Sihael’s identity, but it was still a dangerous act, as she could have lost her neck if Sihael so desired.

I stood in front of her to defend Sihael and prevent Liliana from advancing.
Liliana’s fine eyebrows twitched.

I had no idea what was wrong with her, but she was like a ticking time bomb that may erupt at any moment.

“Just calm down…”

“Didn’t I warn you that it’s dangerous?”

Would you please hear me out?

Now that I see it, Liliana was a huge solipsist.
I didn’t like how Liliana only said what she wanted to say and made the environment unpleasant, so I replied brusquely.
“There has been nothing ‘dangerous’ here.”


Liliana’s gaze rested on my neck.
With a confident attitude, I raised my hand and covered my neck.

‘I allowed this, and it’s pretty much proof of our faith in each other.’

While I was pondering, her gaze shifted to Sihael.

“I see you’re still arrogant despite the fact that you haven’t been able to reverse your curse… Your Highness.”

“You must have a poor memory.
Did you already forget my warning to watch your mouth?”

Liliana’s provocation eventually enraged Sihael.
I held my forehead against the bloody atmosphere that kept surging like a storm.
So Liliana already knew Sihael was the crown prince and that he got cursed as well?

“How did you…? No, since when?”

“She must have known it from the beginning.
She has a good eye.”

“Yes, I knew it from the start.”

“But why didn’t you tell me?”

“If I said that, I do not believe I would have survived.” Liliana responded in a peculiar manner, rubbing her neck as if she had been struck in the back of the head.

Recalling how Sihael had fiercely attacked Liliana before, I quickly understood.
If she had brought up his curse then, she might have had her throat ripped out.

“Then did you already know His Highness’ identity?”

“Oh, I only learned about that today.
I could never have imagined that our noble Crown Prince was the victim of a curse.” Liliana mocked.
My eyelids twitched in response to her unusual remarks, which seemed to cross the line.

‘This is getting a little dangerous.’

Sihael glanced at her and smiled.
Very ferociously, with all his canines showing.
Worried that he might bite Liliana at this rate, I grabbed him by the neck.

“If you know it, then shouldn’t you be bowing and scraping with your stiff neck?”

“Well, I’ll consider it after you become a human.
Even if I have to die, I will not bow my head to a demon.”

What the hell’s wrong with you guys?! Why do you grow apart every time you meet? My temples were throbbing because of the worsening relationship between the two.

“Stop, stop! Why do you fight every time you see each other?”

I broke their war of nerves by squeezing between the two.
Then I tried to meditate between them step by step.

I escorted a human and a wolf to the couch.
It was somehow the same situation and seating position as when they met in the Duchy.

There was an odd air between us.

“How did you know about this place? Also, why were you looking for me?”

I couldn’t ask this earlier because she started fighting with Sihael.
In fact, I should have asked these questions as soon as she entered.

“I guess she followed you in a hurry because she was afraid I’d eat you.”

“That’s right.
I came here because I was worried that His Highness had gobbled the lady into his stomach as a result of the deluge magic coursing throughout the palace.”

Liliana gave a sidelong scowl to Sihael.
Her eyes held no faith in him.

“The only place where the spatial magic unfolded is here, so I naturally found out about the lady’s location.”

That’s why she rushed up to the door.
She truly believed Sihael had devoured me.
Without realising it, I had blindly sided with Sihael and dismissed her as a nuisance.

‘I feel extremely sorry.’

But the feeble guilt was just momentary.

“How did you know it was deluge magic? I’d like you to tell me in detail if possible.”

I guess I’ll always be on Sihael’s side.
Rather than thanking and feeling sorry towards her, I just kept thinking of ways to help Sihael.

I fixed my eyes on the jet-black mana stone Liliana pulled out of her arms.

“It is hidden all over the palace.
 I don’t know how the hell they made this, but it contains magic that forcibly draws out the instincts of monsters.”

“How did you find out about this?”

“I’m very sensitive to such things, so I notice them right away.”

I knew that the Empress was into dark magic, but this was so astounding that even Liliana was taken aback.

“If I had arrived before Your Highness, I would have removed it, but since it had already started its effect, I couldn’t stop it.”

Watching the series of actions of her putting the mana stone back into her arms, I pressed down on my throbbing temple.

‘As expected, Liliana should have been there.’

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