I headed to the restroom at the far end, as Leonard had suggested.
I looked around, but I couldn’t find the guard he mentioned.
Just to be cautious, he put spatial magic around, afraid that if the guard was placed in front of the door, he would draw too much attention.

‘Nanabi should be able to listen to my voice.’

I clenched my fists and knocked lightly on the door.

“Nanabi, it’s me, Rosetta.”

After around ten minutes, the door finally opened.
Through the crack in the slightly opened door, I could see Nanabi’s haggard face.

“Nanabi, ugg.”

Suddenly, a hand stretched out and dragged me in.
As I was pulled inside the lounge, a big tuft of fur lunged at me.
My eyes opened in astonishment as I bumped with the ball of fur and fell down on my back.

“Your… Highness?”


“Why, why did you suddenly become Shasha?”

Wasn’t there still one day until the full moon?

‘Why did he turn into a wolf so quickly?’

That too on an important day like today!

Sihael, who couldn’t grasp my concern, eagerly wagged his tail.

“Can you explain what happened first?”

“Woof, Arrrg Arrg! Woof! Woof!”

He tried his best to explain, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.



The situation was quite complicated.

The moment Nanabi clutched her forehead and opened her mouth, Sihael swallowed my mouth.

“… Oh?”

When she saw his big fangs advancing in front of me, she became terrified.

“Your, Your Highness?”

“Your Highness! Spit her out right now! Now!”

I wasn’t the only one who was taken aback by his sudden action.
Nanabi yelled, as though she was out of air.
I was able to rapidly regain my composure thanks to her.

I heard a grunt behind me as Nanabi yanked Sihael away from me.

“My Lady, are- are you alright? Huh? Please say something!”

“Yes, I am alright.
I’ve gotten a little wet, though.”

I reached out and gently stroked Sihael’s cheek.

“Your Highness, please, can you let me go?”

Fortunately, Sihael understood me.
He let go of my mouth and licked my messed up face.
My cheeks were itching from the constant stream of kisses.
Nanabi, who was slumped in shock, gasped and clutched her stunned chest.

“What was that…”

“He was probably expressing his love.”

As Sihael rubbed the back of my neck, I wondered if that was the correct answer.
It was all thanks to the books I studied to learn how to engage with Sihael when he was an ignorant puppy.
I was glad that I could remember it quickly.

‘I was almost butchered.’

I rubbed Sihael’s bottom jaw, relieved on the inside.
Sihael pressed his head in asking for more, as if the touch made him feel better.
Nanabi, with an unfathomable expression on her face, whispered tremblingly, “Expressing his love?”

“I won’t hurt you or eat you.That’s what I think it means.
It’s a little gory, right?”

“Not a little, but a lot.”

When I looked at Sihael, he softly nipped my cheek.

Maybe that’s what this means too.

I yanked Sihael away while he again rushed towards my face, and then hugged his head.

Thank you for remembering and liking me, but I’d be in big trouble since you keep licking my makeup.

“Your Highness, be still.”


Sihael twitched his nose, displeased at my command, but he didn’t resist.

“He’s like a gentle sheep.”

When I raised my head to the despondent voice that sounded like a sigh, Nanabi gripped her waist and burst out laughing.

“It’s been more than five years since I’ve served him, but I still can’t get accustomed to seeing him in that dog-like appearance.”


“Why are you getting angry? It’s true.”

Nanabi fled after nearly being bitten while taunting Sihael.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

“What are you saying?”

“Based on my experience with Shasha, that’s probably ‘If I catch you, I will kill you.’”

“… Your Highness you are too much.
 Still, how could you say you’d kill your most faithful servant?”


Sihael snorted as Nanabi faked to fall while grabbing her chest.

“How come you don’t even look at me?”

After she was done with her pranks, she tied her disheveled hair and told me,”Your Highness has told me that your blood could be poisonous.”

“Yes, I think it would be dangerous to feed him my blood.”

“Then there is nothing we can do.
Your Highness, even if it’s frustrating, you have to stay as a wolf.”

Sihael twitched his nose at the rather cold remark.
Seeing the slightly exposed fangs, Nanabi quickly hid behind me.

“What about the Empress? Do you think she could have noticed that His Highness is different from usual?”

“No, It didn’t seem she knew.
Don’t tell me, do you think it was the Empress’s doing?”

“Yes, she’s the only one who would do this.”

Forcing him to transform into a wolf was too dangerous.

‘Wait, if she could, why didn’t she do it in the original?’

I didn’t trust the original novel because it had already devolved into a mess, but when I was suddenly hit with a barrage of fears, the back of my head throbbed.

‘There must be a reason why the Empress could not turn Sihael into a wolf.’

The only variation between the original plot and now was that Liliana was no longer by Sihael’s side.
Could Liliana be the key to all of this?

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