o, I’m going to raise it, so don’t even think about touching it.
Understood? If you touch it, I’ll kill you.”

“Okay, okay.
I got it.”

Seeing him pretending to listen to my threats, I leaned over the table and shoved the steak into Lanoa’s mouth.
Then I reached out my hand, grabbed his cup of water, and finished it all.

I ignored Lanoa’s comments about how it was an attempted murder.

What was so good about this shameless bastard?

Ugh, I’m just way too nice.

* * *

Throughout the meal, I kept thinking about what nice name I should give Sihael.
I couldn’t even recall if the food went through my nose or mouth.

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 As soon as I finished eating, I went straight down to the basement.

Sihael’s ears perked up in wariness at the sound of my footsteps.
He looked at my face, then lied down as if the question “It’s you again?” was scrawled all over his face.
He lazily put his chin on his foreleg.

I dragged a chair towards the front of the cage and sat down.

“Hey Wolf, I’m going to call out a few potential names for you, so respond if you like any of it.”

I couldn’t call him Your Highness or Sihael.



“Ah, I see you don’t like it.”

I don’t think this was suitable for the Little Sun of the Empire…


He didn’t even reply.
I guess that was not a good name either.
Then, Sihael… Sihael… Sihael… Shahel… Shasha?


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Sihael, who wasn’t moving before, looked up and tilted his head.
Maybe I was hallucinating, but it seemed like his eyes were shining.

“Do you like it?”


From now on, your name is Shasha.”


“Shasha, from now on, can you please listen to me?”


I only gave him a name, yet it felt like we were getting closer.

Well, Sihael just snorted at my words and rested his chin on his leg again.
But it didn’t seem like he hated the name.

Later that afternoon, I received the news that Sihael’s room had been prepared.
It was all thanks to the efforts of my faithful henchman Marina. 

Finally, the big, sturdy and perfect cage was completed.

* * *

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