The way they watched me closely so as not to miss a single action of mine, how they were moved to tears by a small, awkward smile, and how they tried to take care of me kept flashing through my mind.

Can I still call Rosetta an abandoned princess after seeing that?

Rosetta was still the ducal couple’s lovely and precious daughter whom they loved and cherished very much.
I could tell by their eyes.
Their affection for Rosetta had never changed despite the physical distance between them.

“I envy you, Rosetta.”

The Duke and his wife were good parents…

In the past, now, and in the future.

Despite the fact that Rosetta and the Empress were at odds, the Duke attempted to save his daughter’s life.

Although there were ways to abandon Rosetta, who had committed an unforgivable sin, the couple did not abandon Rosetta until the very end.

‘The duke and his wife loved her unconditionally, but why did Rosetta change?’

Even though she grew up as a shy girl with her parents’ unconditional love, she was not raised in an environment where she could turn out to be crooked like a broken person.

Was she sick of her parents’ unconditional love? Nonetheless, did she have to be so harsh of her parents?

When they called her name, she would yell.
She despised it when they touched her.
When she wasn’t good at anything, she would say a lot of dirty things.

Rosetta was a person truly beyond saving.

‘I can vividly recall all her wicked deeds but why can’t I remember how Rosetta was in her younger days?’

Strangely, I didn’t have any memory of Rosetta’s family being harmonious.
From the reactions of the people around her, it was clear that they all were on good terms when she was young…….

I had no memory of the time before Rosetta was twelve.
Well, it’s understandable if we were talking about memories from the age of four or five, but if it’s ten, they should be in Rosetta’s memory.

Was this a side effect of my transmigration?

‘Too bad.
It would have been a little easier to deal with the Duke and Duchess if Rosetta’s memories were intact.’

There was no point in looking into her memories of the time when she used to run wild like some crazy dog.

“Well, it’ll work out somehow.”

Humans are adaptable animals, so someday either the duke and his wife will get used to me or I may adapt to the two of them.

As I sprawled on the bed peacefully, I raised my wrist when I saw that the bracelet had lost its light.
The bracelet had dimmed after calming my bloated stomach and started shaking.

‘Take a rest as soon as you get home.

I recalled Sihael’s face when he kept worrying about me until the very end, even as he reluctantly took his leave at Gale’s persistent nagging.
I was the one who was about to die but why did he look more miserable than me?

‘Could he be anxious because I’m not there?’

Smiling at the absurd thought, I took off the bracelet and reached out my hand to place it on the table.


However the bracelet hit the corner of the table and disappeared under the bed.

“If it had to fall, why did it have to be under the bed?”

I grumbled and crouched beside the bed to start looking for the bracelet.

“It should be around here… Huh?”

Something touched my fingertips.
It wasn’t a bracelet but a small ring.

“Is this a secret space?”

When I pulled the ring out of curiosity, a square tile-shaped space was revealed.

“What is this?”

I took out the box hidden in the secret space and tilted my head feeling the heavy weight.
Maybe it has some jewels?

“It must be some great jewels for them to be hidden here so secretively… Huh?”

Contrary to expectations, what was in the box were simple things such as colorful paintings, diaries, dolls, and beads.
I turned the box upside down to shake it, but still no jewels came out.
 The only ornaments present in it were hairpins that seemed quite old.

‘These don’t seem like Rosetta’s type.
Did she used to like these when she was young?’

Turning a large white ribbon around, I reached for the diary, which seemed to be the most useful item among them.

If I look at this, wouldn’t I get to know a little bit about Rosetta as a child?

I opened the diary with my heart pounding with anticipation and burst into laughter upon reading the first entry.

[Lanoa, you idiot, you imbecile! How dare you tease me with a lizard? I won’t leave you alone.
I will take my revenge!]

I could feel her rage on the paper where the pencil had been pressed to ensure proper engraving.
Rosetta had a unique personality from a young age.

[Today, Brother Leonard gave me a piggyback ride.
As soon as I grow up to be as big as my brother, I will also give him a piggyback ride.]

In the corner of the diary, there were some stick drawings.
They were  probably meant to be Leonard and Rosetta.
Based on the contents of the diary, I think it was the drawing of their piggyback ride…

“She’s really bad at drawing.”

I turned to the next page, feeling a subtle sense of familiarity in an unexpected place.

[Mom and Dad asked who I looked more like.
They were so eager for my response that I lied and said I looked half and half like my mother and father.
I look like brother Leonard… Dad will cry if he finds out, so I have to keep it a secret forever.]

“She was very cute when she was young.”

She seems like a lively and bubbly child, but how did she turn into an irredeemable crazy bitch?

“How did you go through your puberty?”

Tsk, I clicked my tongue as I slowly flipped through the diary bit by bit.
My confusion only continued to grow.

‘Is this really Rosetta?’

It was hard to believe it, but Rosetta in the diary was very lovely.
She was calm, playful, and very adorable.

And most of all, I could feel her love for her family.

“Did you get hit in the head somewhere?”

I knew that wasn’t the case with Rosetta, but I was extremely perplexed.
The gap between her present and her past self was enormous.
I even felt like putting back the diary as if I hadn’t ever seen it.
However, I couldn’t stop because this was the only thing which could provide me some information about Rosetta.

After passing the story of the hair pulling fight with Lanoa, I turned to the next chapter and trembled.

Why is this person…

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