tten all over the baron’s face.

“I will do my best.”

It was very reassuring to see the baron so enthusiastic.
 Having entrusted all the work to the baron, I returned with light steps.

* * *

Finally, the day to leave for the Imperial Capital dawned.

We had a long way to go to the capital, so we got ready early in the morning and hurriedly got on the carriage.

“Master! I want to ride with you too! Please don’t leave me with the witch sister!”

Our carriage was delayed for a while because Lumian kept whining not to abandon him, but thanks to Nanabi and Marina’s quick response, we were able to leave on time.

“Do we really have to bring him along?”

“I couldn’t agree more.
Every time he tries to be cute, I want to throw him away.”

For the first time, Sihael and Lanoa were at the same wavelength and stared at Lumian, who was being dragged away, with contemptuous eyes.

“If we leave him here, who knows what will happen? So, I want to keep an eye on him.”

“I think it’s more dangerous to take him with us.”

Lanoa furrowed his brows as he remembered the accident Lumian had caused.
Sihael, who had beautifully curled his eyes and smiled, said harshly, “It’s quite good, in my opinion.
Let’s just kill him if he causes another accident.”

Lanoa then raised his thumb and stated that he liked his idea.
The two people, who had united their minds and wills, radiated a vicious energy towards Lumian.

“He’s still quite young, so don’t bully him.”

I took Lumian’s side.
At some point, I stopped talking.
I felt like I was on the verge of death because of the swaying carriage.

‘I felt sick as well when I rode the carriage for the first time.’

Even though the distance was short, my stomach churned wildly as if I were travelling a long distance with no end in sight.

“Rosetta, are you all right?”


Sihael inquired cautiously, watching my face darken as time passed.
I replied weakly, my eyes closed.

“I’ll inform Nanabi and let you go first.”

“No, it’s fine.”

It would be fantastic if I could request that Nanabi teleport me.
But how far could I travel on average? I’d heard that the greater the distance travelled to be teleported, the greater the physical exhaustion.

Also, I couldn’t just use someone with a high-end talent like Nanabi to send me over first.
How could I do that when Sihael was still there?

“Then let’s take a break here.
I think you’re going to faint at this rate.”

“Your Highness.”


“Don’t talk to me.”

Sihael closed his mouth in response to my feeble words.

I knew he cared about me, but his kind words only made me feel sicker.
We also had a long distance to travel, and I didn’t want to stop the carriage just yet.

“If you continue to bother Rose when she’s in a bad mood, she’ll beat you.
So simply leave her alone.”

Lanoa’s words made me nod inwardly.
It was better to leave me alone than to keep bothering me by asking if I was okay all the time.

I kept tossing and turning my achy body, but I felt sick no matter what position I slept in.

Just as I was tossing and turning to find a comfortable position, a large hand extended out in front of me and tapped on the back of my hand.

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