After a while of slowly closing my eyes to the peace I had barely found, I awoke to the sound of the door opening.

“Your Highness?”

It was Sihael.

“How are you feeling?”

How am I feeling? My whole body throbbed as if I had been beaten with a bat, and my stomach felt sick as if I was getting motion sickness.

But looking into his eyes filled with guilt, I couldn’t tell him the truth.
Even if he didn’t say anything, it was clear that he believed I got hurt because of him.

“I feel like I have a cold.”

‘Tomorrow will I be able to move?’

At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder about the whereabouts of the monster that put my body in this condition.

“Is that guy alive? My brother is not going to leave it alone.”

“It’s suffering hard in Nanabi’s hands.”

Then it must be suffering to death.
A smile leaked out when I imagined the grim face of Nanabi, hounding him for information, and the face of the monster running away to a corner in fear.

“Do you like that bastard?”

Sihael, who misunderstood my smile, made a sulky face.

“I never said I like him.”

“Lies! You protected him when I tried to kill him.”

Sihael grumbled with a wistful face.
Looking at it, I suddenly remembered what happened earlier.

Knowing that I had been poisoned, Sihael became very enraged and tried to kill the monster.
The air around him was so scary that it was the first time since I met him that my back shivered.

‘Move away! I’ll kill it!’

‘Your Highness, please wait a minute.
It still has information we need to get.’

‘You’ve been poisoned! Does the goddamned information matter to you?’

‘It’s you who need it, not me.’

He wanted to kill the monster while I tried my best to stop him.

The process was not smooth, but in the end I won and as a result the monster still had his neck attached to its body.

“Do you like his face?”

Did he think I was that crazy? It was after all because of him that I’m in extreme pain right now, so how can I find him good-looking.

However, Sihael was determined that I had fallen for the cute face of the monster.

“I can’t do anything if you like his face, but don’t like him more than me.”

Sihael looked down at me with sad eyes.
Looking into those eyes, I felt guilty as if I had made a mistake that I had not done.

Having indirectly experienced the feeling of being a trash that turned her eyes away from the lover who only looked at her, I covered Sihael’s eyes with my palm.

“Don’t look at me like that.
And it’s all because of you, that my standards have risen so high that I can’t even appreciate any face.”

“Thank god! I’ll take good care of myself from now on.”

Even though I couldn’t see it because I had covered his face with my hand, I could feel him smiling and curving his eyes.
The touch of the fluttering eyelashes on my palm tickled me, making me slowly lower my hand.

As expected, Sihael was smiling.

‘Anyway, as I said, he was a master of teasing people.’

I glanced at his playful face and turned my head.
Perhaps my body had become weak, I got tired even by his light teasing.

I blinked blankly as I stared at the ceiling, and a cool hand touched my cheek.
The hand that pulled the hair off my cheek was very careful.

“Rosetta, what if I put you in danger?”

“What else can I do? I have to run away.”

Sihael smiled coldly at the prompt answer that flowed out without any hesitation.

“Then what should I do? Should I catch you if you run away?”

Sihael grabbed my hand.

“Should I let you go?”

Contrary to his words, a strong grip held me.
It felt strange, as if he was clinging to a lover who was leaving.

Did something happen while I was sleeping? Why was he doing this?

As I glanced at him, Sihael carefully caressed my eyes.
I turned my head back in surprise, and listened quietly to the words that followed.

“That wizard was right.
I might hurt you.”

“If you’re talking about yesterday, it wasn’t that bad.”

As soon as he saw my blood, I was a little surprised by the hunger in his eyes, but I didn’t think it was particularly a threat.

Of course, it was before he consumed blood.

“It’s because you don’t know.
Do you know what I was thinking when I saw your blood?”

“That you wanted my blood?”

It was quite close, but not true, Sihael shook his head.

“I wanted to devour you.
I wanted to possess everything without leaving even a single strand of your hair.”

That’s a little scary.
Losing reason and showing up with an appetite? It was similar to the time when he was Shasha.

If there was an added point, was it possessiveness?

But what kind of contradiction was this? He not only wanted to possess me but also swallow me whole in his stomach.

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