he spot where my seal had been stamped.

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‘If I knew it would be used like this, I wouldn’t have given it to you!’

I was annoyed by the baron’s frequent visits to get my approvals, so I handed over my seal to him.
It was undoubtedly a risky act, but I trusted him because it was not someone else but the baron, who was known for his integrity and honesty.

But I didn’t expect to get stabbed in the back like this.

I summoned all of my rage and glared hard at the baron.
Surprised by my ferocious eyes, the baron flinched and took a step back.
From his constant glances at the table, it seemed he was worried that I might throw one of the glasses at him.

“I’ll never let you go, baron.
You won’t get away from this.”

“……You may change your mind if you see this.”

At my dripping cold words, the baron quickly held out a piece of paper in front of me.
A beautiful pair of earrings and a necklace were drawn on the paper.
When I looked up at him wondering what it was, he said with a proud face.

“As a commemoration of the contract, Asilla said that he will make earrings and necklaces for you to use at your coming-of-age ceremony.
This is the design.”

The Baron’s face as if asking ‘Aren’t you happy?’ was quite unpleasant.

‘Happy? How can I be happy?’

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I tapped on the design of earrings and necklaces while scowling at the baron.

“Well, it’s pretty, though.”

Seeing how Asilla, who did not concede to Rosetta despite all kinds of threats from her, even made earrings for her necklace, the Baron must have negotiated well with him.

The mana stone properly mixed between the tightly embedded diamonds caught my eye.
The unique roughness of the mana stone lent the necklace and earrings a strange beauty that could not be found anywhere.

I thought it was too flashy, but since Rosetta had a splendid appearance, the design would suit her well.

‘I can promote it if I wear it well.’

The baron, who noticed that the beautiful design had eased my mood, thought it was time and took back the contract.

“I knew you would come with me.”

“No, wait……!”

Maybe this is what it means to be caught like a sitting duck.
The contract vanished in an instant, and by the time I reached out to grab the baron, he had already left the room.

Was the Baron really that quick? I blinked stupidly when I saw the Baron’s speed for the first time.
My mind went blank, as if a storm had swept my thoughts away.

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