This time, the flowers were not crushed and the size was right.

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‘We’re having so much skinship and I’m not at all affected by it.… Have I gotten comfortable with it?’

It was understandable, since even though he was like a pet dog, we had been living together for a month.
That’s why it felt natural for me to touch him now.

At first, it was awkward because I was surprised by his dashing face and naked body that appeared before me suddenly, but the Sihael I knew did not disappear, just because his appearance had changed.

His playful personality was still the same, also his voice was the same.
He had just changed back from a wolf to a human, but Sihael was still Sihael.
I once again became comfortable with him once I recognized that.

The problem was that I had a habit of touching him when he was a wolf, so I still kept touching him.
Seeing that he didn’t hate it even if I touched him, I didn’t know if he felt the same way as I did.
Or, whether he was a person who was quite familiar with physical contact.

“Your Highness, I have a question.
Have you met a lot of women?”

Sihael frowned at my sudden question.

“What are you talking about? I’ve never met anyone.”


It was not just the skinship, he was also quite natural at making the flower rings.
When I looked at him with a suspicious gaze, Sihael shook his head, telling me to not speak.

“Now you tell me, who have you dated?”

“I have quite high standards, so I still haven’t gotten anyone I like.”

I wasn’t lying, no one stood out in Rosetta’s eyes.
Her standards of beauty were so high that even the most handsome and pretty people were eliminated.

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However, if she looked at Sihael now, I wondered if she would try to capture him somehow.

When I looked at Sihael’s face, he turned completely towards me.

“What do you think about me?”

“There’s no point in asking that.
You’re perfect, Your Highness.
You have raised my standards higher, so I’m in trouble now.”

A satisfied smile came onto Sihael’s face at my sincere answer.

Yeah, who doesn’t like hearing that they’re handsome? Since I was at it, I decided to praise Sihael to the best of my ability.

“Your Highness is the most handsome man in the world.”

You’re cool, you’re dashing.

I even raised my thumb at him.

“I see, so from now on, no man will ever stand out in your eyes.”


Sihael, who was basking in my praises, made an absurd remark.

“Rosetta Katzel, you are in quite a trouble.
Now you won’t be able to date or get married.”

I was left speechless at his words.
Sihael could not hide his joy because he could not see my dumbfounded expression.

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“Your Highness, I can live alone.”

“You’re going to live alone?”



“I don’t want to marry someone who I’m not satisfied with.”

I didn’t want to have an unsatisfactory marriage with someone lacking.

“Why marriage? Why should I get into this fuss when I can just adopt a dog and live alone.”

When I responded like that, Sihael beated his chest as if frustrated.

“You have me!”

“Haha, we don’t have that kind of relationship.”

He was also good at joking too.
When I tapped Sihael on his shoulder, he rubbed his face roughly and sighed deeply.

“Your Highness is my friend.”

“We’re not friends.”

Sihael, who answered curtly, turned his body away from me and looked straight ahead.

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‘Aren’t we friends?’

I gaped at him in shock.
Till now, I thought he was my friend.
But for him, we were not friends.
Then what were we? I tried to rack my brains.

“… So, are we a team that overcame hardships together?”

We also dealt with the assassin sent by the Empress and killed the monster… Yes, this suited us more than the term friends.

“Okay, let’s be a team.”

“Don’t just decide on your own.”

“Then what is it?”

“A relationship closer and deeper than that……?”

Hmm, that was tricky.
For him, we were neither friends nor colleagues.
So what should I do? Then I covered my mouth with a thought that suddenly flashed in my mind.

“……You’re not talking about the relationship between a dog and its owner, are you?”

His eyes, which looked at me with a strange anticipation, became cold.

“Be honest with me.
You still see me as your dog, don’t you?”

“No, I think of you as a real person now!”

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The stronger I denied it, the deeper Sihael’s doubts grew.
After thinking deeply for a moment, Sihael got up and declared a bomb on me.

“Rosetta, I want to find another owner.”


The low voice that came out of my mouth unknowingly was chilling.

‘Who on earth is it? It’s probably not Liliana.
Is there anyone I don’t know of?’

As soon as I thought so, Sihael said, “There is someone.
Someone you don’t know.”

“No, I’m not ready to let you go yet, oh!”

Sihael pinched my lips.
He gently shook my protruding lips which looked like a duck’s snout.

“What do you mean no?”

“Ah, it hurts.”

“You really need a good scolding.”

Sihael pinched my lips for a long time before letting them go.
My lips had become swollen because of how hard he had pinched them.
I covered my throbbing lips and glared at Sihael, but he didn’t even blink once.

And Lanoa, who had a strange misunderstanding when he saw my swollen lips, was furious all day.

*   *   *

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