‘Just think of it as rearing a puppy.
It’s more comfortable that way.’

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Even though it’s excessively large and is too fierce to even touch.

Sihael continued to be vigilant of me while licking his bloody wounds.

‘His wounds are severe.’

He was littered with various wounds from the assassins sent by the Empress, from Lanoa, and, finally, from the lightning magic in the iron bars.
To rush at me with the intent to kill, even with all those wounds, he must not be in his right mind.


Sihael, who noticed my gaze, bared his fangs.
His habitual growl entered one ear and went out the other.

Let’s start by treating him.
Possibly? I can get close to him while treating his wounds.

“You, wait here calmly.”


“You answer well.”

It seems he’s calmed down a bit…is what I thought, but bullshit! As soon as I stood up from my seat, Sihael howled so loudly my ears felt like it might become deaf. 

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“Can’t you just be quiet!”

“Woof! Woof Woof! Awooo.”

Cancel any notion of him being quiet.
This damn mutt bastard.


Treating Sihael was not easy.
The ferocious beast, who has never been touched by human hands, bared his fangs at hands that were tending to him.
Even though I’ve gotten used to this sight, the healers that saw Sihael for the first time winced and backed down.

Then, when they met my eyes, their faces paled and immediately returned to their positions.

I couldn’t believe it.
Was I scarier than the beastly Sihael?

How low must my reputation be…..

“Mistress.” Marina help up her anesthetic gun and announced that she was ready.
At my nod, Marina pulled the trigger.


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Noticing the unusual atmosphere, Sihael quickly evaded, but, due to the limited space, he left his lower back vulnerable.

I waited for him to hurry up and sprawl out.

However, maybe because he’s resistant to the drug or maybe he was mentally strong, he still stood firmly upright after being shot with a tranquilizer said to put elephants to sleep.

“Grrr, Woof!”

Far from sleeping, he became more energetic.
It was as if he was getting angry at us for daring to shoot something into his body.

The people, amazed at this appearance, retreated in fear.
I even saw someone crumpling down and crawling away.

Marina was also surprised and stepped in front of me.
I immediately felt her will to protect me.

I was grateful to be protected by her whole body, but I wasn’t really affected.
I’ve seen him act more fiercely before, and this is nothing compared to that.

The me who became used to Shael approaching him with both of his hands raised up.

“Calm down.
We’re trying to heal you.”

“Grrr! Woof! Awooo!” 

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“Do you want to die from infections? If so, then keep on running around.”

“Woof! W-Woof! Awoo, Awoooooo.”

He really is a disobedient child!

“Marina, one more time.”



No matter how powerful the male protagonist was, two strong doses of anesthetics were quite hard to bear, so his condition weakened little by little.

After quite some time, he finally collapsed.

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so I turned towards the healers and gestured with my chin.

“Get started.”

However, it hadn’t even been a minute since they entered and they were being thrown around.

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Thankfully, the muzzle helped prevent any bites, but the strength in his forepaws and tail made them all fall onto their backs and roll on the floor.

The knights who pulled the chain around Sihael’s neck couldn’t help but get dragged along as they couldn’t overcome his strength.

As I watched this scene, a sigh escaped my mouth.

“What shall we do?”

“Give him another dose.”

After three doses of anesthetics, Sihael completely collapsed.

It took about an hour to heal him. 

The four healers were finally able to leave after they finished treating his wounds.
Once they quickly finished the treatment, the healers scurried away.

I’m sure they would never come back here again.

Watching the figures of the healers shrink as they ran further and further away in a blink of an eye, I spoke to Marina.

“Make sure they keep their mouths shut.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

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