Liliana was as pure as her name.

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She was a woman with a small face, small hands, and a delicate figure that stimulated one’s protective instinct.

Liliana stood up, her gleaming blonde hair gently gliding down her shoulders, as if golden sunlight illuminating her body.

“Liliana, this is Lady Rosetta.”

“Hello, my lady, I am Liliana Manu.
You summoned me.”

The heroine’s voice was as lovely as a jade bead.

“This person has been poisoned; could you examine him?”

When I pulled Sihael who was sitting next to me, he buried his head in my shoulder.

‘What’s wrong with this guy? Why is he acting like this in front of guests?’

Surprised, I pushed Sihael’s face away to get him into the proper posture.
Even after seeing what we were doing, the sweet Liliana kept her sweet smile on her face.

“Stretch out your hand.”

Liliana extended her hand to Sihael, but he only looked at her hand and did not extend his own.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and hold her hand.”

“Rosetta, you hold my hand.”


No, hold Liliana’s hand, not mine!

I blinked at Sihael’s unexpected behavior as he calmly rested his body against my shoulder.

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“I’m afraid to see a doctor.”

“What are you talking about?  You’re not even at the age to be afraid of injections.”

As I stared at Sihael dumbfoundedly, Sihael lowered his gaze, as if he had been waiting.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m very scared.”


“Isn’t that right? Nanabi?”

“… Yes, unlike what he looks like, His Highness gets scared easily.
Very, very easily.”

Nanabi, who appeared to have aged ten years, replied slowly.

There was no genuineness in it.
Anyone could see it was a blatant lie.
I laughed out loud at the ridiculous lie, and then I felt an unfamiliar touch on the back of my hand.

Sihael strokingly tapped the back of my hand with his index finger.

“Rosetta, hurry up and grab my hand.”

Oh, please.
How could someone known as God of War and Battlefield Killer be afraid of something like this?

‘But why am I still clutching his hand!’

I looked down in vain as I extended my hand in response to Sihael’s cuteness.

“I’m not scared anymore.”

Sihael smiled and curled his eyes as he clasped his fingers tightly in mine.

Oh my goodness! I’m in big trouble.

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I bit my tongue at the alarm ringing in my head.

His face was very much to my taste.

After looking blankly at Sihael, I turned my head to the side of the gazes I felt.

Nanabi alternated between looking at me and Sihael, opening and closing her mouth like a carp.

“…I didn’t anticipate you actually holding his hand.”

I bowed my head, embarrassed by Nanabi’s self-talk.
My hair flowing down like a curtain cut off Nanabi’s gaze.

‘This is ridiculous.’

I thought it was all ridiculous.

It was funny even to me.
I just criticized him for acting like a child, but I still fell for his whining face and held his hand.

‘No, there is also Sihael’s fault in it.
Who told him to be so pretty and handsome!’

The too handsome Sihael was the problem.

I looked down at the two protagonists holding hands.
A large hand caught my eye.
 I was surprised to see the long hands after looking only at the furry paws covered in fur.

Unlike the cute paws that I wanted to bite hard for no reason, his human hands, which had thick bones and were covered with calluses, had many large and small scars from the battlefield.

‘I took such good care of him when he was Shasha, so why is his hands still so rough? I also changed his toenails and applied coconut oil to them.’

Sihael’s hand flinched as I gently caressed his scar.

I patted him on the back of his hand to say that it was ok.
It wasn’t my Shasha’s big paws, but the hand had other strange charms.

After clasping his hands for a while, I slowly lifted my head to the strangely quiet surroundings.

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The atmosphere was strange.

It felt like everyone but me had stopped breathing.

“What’s wrong with the atmosphere here? Your Hi, no Sihael, is there some problem with you?”

Liliana, who finally exhaled her breath, cleared her throat and said, “No, it’s not like that.”

When Liliana’s gaze reached Sihael, I followed her and turned my head.
Sihael was looking at the other side without making eye contact with me.

Strangely, the rims of his eyes were red.

Hmm, even his eyes seemed a little red.

“Are you sick?”

At my question, Sihael sighed, pulled his hand from Liliana’s and then buried his face in his free hand.

Soon after, I heard a subdued voice as if he had just woken up.

“It’s because of you.”

‘Seeing that his mouth is still working well, it seems he is fine.’

Since the diagnosis was over, I could finally let go of his hand.

I shook off Sihael’s hand and asked Liliana,”What do you think?”

“There’s nothing to worry about, My lady.
He’s been completely purified from the poison.”

“Really? Are you sure there’s no problem?”

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“Yes, there’s no sign of poisoning.
He’s in fact very healthy.”

Finally, I let out a sigh of relief and patted Sihael’s shoulder.

“What a relief.”

“I told you, there was no need to take another look.”

However, Shihael, the owner of the body, was reckless as if it was someone else’s business even though it was his own need.
It was such a cold reaction that I felt like a fool for worrying so much about him.

‘It’s Sihael’s body, why do I care more?’

When I scowled at Sihael, the despicable man smiled with his eyes curled up this time.

He was so shrewd.
He knew too well that I was weak to his face.

“By the way,”

“By the way?”

Liliana opened her mouth after a long time and hesitated.

‘If you speak up first, you should continue to answer.
Why did you stop talking?’

Is there something wrong with his body?

The longer the uncomfortable silence was, the greater my anxiety was.

I urged Liliana with a stiff voice.

“Say it.”

“……how come your body is that of a monster, no, that of a demon, to be exact.
How is the blood of a demon flowing in you?”

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