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The iron chair made an unpleasant sound as it scratched the floor, causing Sihael’s ears to flick.
The bright yellow eyes that were following me without rest finally stopped when I sat my butt down in the chair. 

I folded my arms and raised my chin.
I acted this way to not lose to him.
Not avoiding my eyes, Sihael rattles his mouth to see if it bothers me.

“You dislike me, right?”


“I don’t like you either.”


It seems that somehow we were having a conversation? Does he still have human reason (mentality)?

After he imprinted on Lilliana, I know he still retained human reason even after turning into a wolf, but I don’t know what he’s like right now, before imprinting. 

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So I decided to test Sihael, with harsh (??? I don’t know this word so this one is from Google translate) words.

“Wolfie, Should I set you free?”


Well, it seems the same as before.

“If you promise you won’t eat me, I’ll free you.
If you understand, nod.”

“Woof! Woof! Grrr…”

He nodded and put his head through the iron bars.
When Sihael’s head hit the bars, electricity jumped out. 

‘That’s no joke.’

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The iron bars filled with lightning magic were perfect for trapping Sihael.
Sihael, who briefly retreated from the sputtering sparks, rammed into the bars with his body.

“Hey Hey, I got it.
I won’t do anything, so calm down.” I was worried that he’d become a whole roast pig if he continued.

I’m not interested in him like the original, but it’d still be bad if the male lead were to die.

“I said stop!”

Sihael, who became tightly twisted, only stopped after I begged him to.
I couldn’t tell whether or not this madman had reason.

But, I knew one thing.
I shouldn’t release him for my own safety.
I should release him after he’s regained some humanity, even if it’s only a little bit.
The problem is, Sihael’s curse can only be freed by the female lead.

And that female lead will only appear after one month.

“Being together like this for one month, it’s a little..”

As I murmured to myself, Sihael also snorted.
As if to say that he felt the same way.

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‘This brat, does he understand me?’ I had my doubts, but the image of him slamming his body into the iron bars, just a while ago, rose up into my mind.

It’s frustrating.
If only I were the Female Lead, I would have immediately freed him from his curse.
If only I could purify, I wouldn’t be in this sort of situation.
Lillianna Maniu was an excellent magician who showed exceptional talent for purification.
Her purification even cleansed the poison that was consuming Sihael’s body.

A month after being caught by the original Rosetta, Sihael finds a fortunate chance to escape from her grasp.
He wandered around the North in his wolf form when he met Lillianna by chance.
The friendly Lillianna recognizes his curse at an immediate glance and purifies his poison, returning Sihael to his human form.

However, the timing wasn’t good.

Perhaps it was because he spent too much time as a beast.

Sihael, who was following his instincts, became drunk on Lillianna’s seductive pheromones.
He entered rut and pounced on her.

“Wait……, hnn.”

After that, a scene fit for the 19+ genre unfolds.

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If I, who didn’t even have purification ability, were to touch Sihael? He wouldn’t return to being human, and a different sort of 19+ scene would happen.
A 19+ horror genre filled with screams, blood, and gore.

I slumped against the back of the chair and stared blankly at the ceiling.
In the end, like it or hate it, we have to spend one month together.

Tsk, I got dealt a dirty hand.

I can’t do anything about the fact that we’ve met now, and I’m not the original Rosetta, so Sihael isn’t my object of obsession.
Can’t I just continue to keep him like this until I let him and the female lead meet? At the right time, like the original plot, he can go meet the female lead by himself.

Until then I can foster him?


I’ll foster him.

I’ll protect you for a month, and then afterwards I’ll send you to your owner Lillianna.

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