I held Sihael in my arms the whole way back to the mansion.
My heart was aching because I felt sorry for him.

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Sihael laid quietly in my arms as if he knew how I felt.
Even though it was uncomfortable for him to be in my arms as I was much smaller than him, he didn’t complain at all.

“Nanabi, thank you for your help.”

“Oh, My Lady, don’t mention it.
It wasn’t anything hard.”

“Go home and rest.”

“My lady, you too.
You look very tired.”

Leaving her worrisome words behind, I entered my bedroom.
With Marina’s help, I took off all my outdoor clothes and changed into a nightdress, and then threw myself onto the bed.
It was too early to sleep, but I didn’t want to do anything.
I was mentally tired, more than ever.

‘I didn’t expect Hannah’s brother would turn out to be Eugene.’

This world was so small.

For now, I decided to keep Eugene’s treatment a secret for the time being.
Before leaving Hannah’s house, I deliberately asked her to exaggerate about Eugene’s health, so that rumors would soon spread that he was about to die.
After hearing the rumor, Lilliana should come to the duchy.
I decided to put my hopes on it.

It would be a relief if it all goes well, but considering the current situation that went against the original story, there was a possibility of failure, so I have to find her by sending someone from now on.

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Even if I have to send more people than what Nanabi and Leonard have sent to search the entire empire.

I raised my arm and covered my eyes, and the blanket next to me was completely pulled down.

“There’s something going on with that guy, right?

There was no point in hiding it when he was already aware of it.
So I answered honestly.

“Yes, there is.”

“What is it?”

“I need that guy to be in his previous state to bring the wizard here.
Kind of like a bait.”

“And you still healed him completely?”


“I see, so that was why you vowed to release my curse.”

He muttered under his breath, “Now I understand why you said that.”

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When I remembered that time, I felt guilty.

‘Aah, what should I do? I’m already regretting it.’

While stomping my feet, I pulled Sihael’s tail to cover my eyes.

“I guess you didn’t know that he was your maid’s brother.”

“Yes, I only knew about this after hearing his name today.”

If I had known a little earlier, I would have pretended not to know anything.
I wouldn’t have reached out my hand so easily.

“I’m sorry.
Because I kept thinking about that child…….”

The words of my apology weakly faltered.

“I don’t blame you.
It is actually more reasonable to cure him than wait for a wizard to come.”

Sihael, who did not know how necessary it was for Lilliana to come to the duchy, consoled me, saying I did well and made the right choice on a humanitarian level.
He didn’t know what I had done, and he trusted me entirely.

“Also, I believed you when you said you would release my curse.”

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“Your Highness… I’m so touched.
Even if that wizard escapes to hell, I will chase her to the end and bring her.”

“You know you sound scary.
If that wizard goes to hell, then don’t follow her.”

“Then I’ll fish her out from the entrance of hell.”

Sheww! Sihael laughed out loud when I pretended to be a fisherman throwing bait.

“Okay, then fish her out properly.”

“Just trust me.
I’m really good at fishing.”

Before I died, my nickname was ‘The Waltonian*’.
I’ll definitely show you my skills!

I rolled over and hugged Sihael.

“I’ll certainly free you, Your Highness.”


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* * *

After waking up earlier than usual, Sihael let Rosetta sleep and went for a walk alone.

It was because he had as many thoughts as Rosetta since last night.
To the extent, he even refused the snacks from the servants he encountered while passing by.
He wasn’t in the mood for a snack now.

‘Your Highness, I will surely undo the curse.’

‘Even if that wizard escapes to hell, I will chase her to the end and bring her.’

Rosetta’s determined voice kept ringing in his ears.
Sihael had no idea why Rosetta was so devoted to taking care of him.
The Katzel family was cordial to him, but her care as if she cherished him was too excessive.

He could tell just by looking at Lanoa next to her without much comparison.
He could see he was worried about his curse, but he didn’t probe much into it.

He seemed to know not to cross the line.

It was a matter of course.
Neither Lanoa nor Rosetta were his subordinates or swore allegiance to him.

‘Does she still think of me as her puppy?’

For now, this was what made most sense.
It could be just that she cherished and worried about the puppy that she raised so far.

Except for their recent big fight, Rosetta granted most of his requests, but he felt like she listened to him because her ‘Shasha’ wanted it rather than because of his identity as the Crown Prince.

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