Since there were quite a few servants who gave snacks to Sihael behind my back, I thought they liked him.
But it was a little shocking to know that they saw him as a man-eating puppy.

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“Shasha only eats the finest meat.
Do you think he would eat something like you?”

Hannah’s face turned red as I gruffly snapped at her.

“Of course, he wouldn’t, My Lady!”


Hannah politely received the plate with both hands and put a piece of the meat in her mouth while looking at me.
Hannah’s eyes welled with tears after taking a bite of meat.
Seriously, I’m not kidding.
She cried as soon as she ate it.

“It’s so good.”

“Do you want more?”

When she nodded her head, I grilled more meat and put it on a plate, which made her cry more, with snot streaming from her nose.

“What’s your brother’s illness?”

“I don’t know.
The doctor said it’s an incurable disease of unknown cause.”

“What about your family?”

“My parents died a long time ago, and now it’s just my brother and I.”

Of all the things, why was this similar? Feeling homesick from a stranger, I stood up bitterly.

“Okay, clean up after you eat.”

“Yes! Good night, My Lady!”

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I replied by nodding my head.
Back in my room, I laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
The commotion of the dawn had completely woken me up.

“Is it bothering you?”

“A little bit.”

When I answered honestly, Sihael tapped my hand.

“You are nice.”

“Not really.”

“That’s what makes you kind.”

I didn’t know why he was saying this.
I hadn’t been exactly nice to him.
I always made him lie down on the cold floor and keep threatening and scaring him.

‘Ah, I can’t get it out of my head.’

There was no reason for me to be so bothered by it.
The maid too had black hair and black eyes, and funnily enough, our family situation was also similar.

* * *

My reflection in the mirror looked like someone who had trouble sleeping all night.
When I rubbed my swollen eyes, Marina, who was combing my hair, hurriedly grabbed my hand.

“That’s bad for your eyes.”

I calmly lowered my hand at Marina’s insistence and then she gently pulled her hand away from mine.

“Marina, do you know Hannah”?

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“I heard that the kid’s brother is sick.”

“Yes, I think it’s been around a year or so.”

The quick-witted Marina figured out what information I was looking for and came up with an answer.

“No one knows the exact name of the disease.
The butler took pity on Hannah and sent a doctor to them, but eventually the doctor couldn’t find the cause.”

“I see.”

The doctor sent by the butler must have been a competent person, but not knowing the cause meant that it was a disease that could not be cured by medicine.

“Is it bothering you?”

“That kid is so skinny that she comes frequently to my mind.”

“She doesn’t look like her age.”

“How old is she?”



I thought she was 15.
She was just a year younger than me? My face in the mirror was blank with shock.
I rubbed my face roughly with both hands.

“Ah, it’s bugging me more.”

I tried to erase Hannah’s thoughts from my mind.
I had decided not to worry about other people’s affairs, but when I came back to my senses, I was already in Nanabi’s room.

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“Nanabi, there is a patient with an incurable disease of unknown cause.
Would you like to take a look?”

I’ll do it.”

Then let’s meet after dinner.”

Just like that, we quickly made up an appointment.
Sihael, who watched the whole process, cocked his eyebrow and smiled brightly.
I grunted at his gaze that seemed to scream he knew everything about my heart.

“Don’t say anything.”

“I wasn’t going to.”

Sihael responded lightly and wagged his tail.

“You’re going to take me with you, right?”

“Aren’t you comfortable staying at home?”

“What? What if something happens while you’re away? You have to protect me.
I’m weak.”

My hand that was combing Sihael’s fur stopped.
If I didn’t hear it wrong, he definitely said he was weak…

With a whole body that was like a weapon, he unusually pretended to be weak.

“You’re not weak at all.
Not too long ago, you chased me frantically to catch me.”

“Don’t bring that time.
My injured pride has still not recovered.”

Sihael grumbled, recalling his forced experience of a dog’s life.

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“Get up quickly.
You were supposed to run two rounds.”

“I feel tired all of a sudden.”

I knew he would be like this.
As he pretended to be sick again today, I picked him up, opened the door and went outside.

* * *

Knock, knock, knock.

“My Lady, you called me… ”

Hannah bowed her head.
She didn’t forget her promise to stop by my room before work.
I got up from my seat, fastened the leash around Shasha’s neck, and approached her.

“Let’s go.”


“Your house.
Didn’t you say your brother was sick? So, let’s see if we can treat him.
This person here is a great wizard.”

When I introduced Nanabi to Hannah, Nanabi waved her hand gently.
She was the first to arrive here and had been waiting for Hannah.


“Ah, hello!”

Hannah’s bewildered face changed from surprise to joy and then brightened up in an instant.
Her eyes glistened with rays of hope.

“Do you have anything to prepare?”

“Oh, no.
There’s none! We can just leave right away!”

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