I was now in a very uncomfortable situation.
It was because Leonard was staring intently at me.

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“Do you have something to say?”

“No, keep doing what you’re doing.”

I couldn’t help but feel pressured when he looked at me like that.

“Go away.”

I raised my eyes and glared at Leonard, but he didn’t care a bit.
Rather than leaving as I told him to, he didn’t budge at all and stayed there stubbornly.
So, I had no choice but to assume that Leonard was a wall.

Yes, he’s a wall, a wall! I quietly muttered and combed Sihael’s fur.
Sihael purred in a good mood.

“Do you like it?”


The voice that answered was languid.
His eyes drooped as he fell asleep.
I looked at the time and it was time for his nap.

I had to finish combing his fur now.

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I gathered the fur that rolled around the floor and patted Sihael’s back, which was stuck to the floor as if it had become one with it.

“Go up and sleep.”

“When are you going to wake me up?”

“In an hour.
Then we need to go for a walk.”


Sihael, who got up dawdling, climbed up to the bed and closed his eyes.

‘I don’t know if now that’s my bed or Sihael’s.’

His fur was scattered around the bed because he squirmed into my bed every night saying he couldn’t sleep even if he died on the dog’s cushion.

After a while, I heard a sound of even breathing.

‘At first, he only slept on my bed because he was wary of his new surroundings.’

He knew that my bed was a safe place, and so he often fell into a deep sleep.
He believed that I would protect his defenseless self, but it was truly strange to see him trusting me so much.
Originally, our relationship was so bad that I wondered if it would become more terrible, but it was amazing to see that we had a relationship that had been built from trust and friendship.

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Of course, it was all due to my efforts, but it was also thanks to Sihael quickly letting me in his heart.
I was staring at Sihael when Leonard called me.

“Sit down.”

I sat across from him.


“Did you cause any trouble recently?”

I removed the fur from my dress and then straightened my posture to Leonard’s serious face.
I took my time to answer.
Did something happen without me knowing? I racked my brain quickly, but nothing came.

At least I was staying quietly while raising Sihael.


“Really, no?”

“No, really.
The only thing that I could think of is that I have been raising His Highness.”

That was the only big, recent accident that came to my mind.
Everyone knew about the assassins, so I was sure he was not asking because of that.
So why was he doing this?

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I couldn’t understand the intent of the question, so I stared at him blankly.

But the pensive Leonard didn’t look at me.
He covered my mouth with his big hand and muttered ‘Is that so?’ under his breath.

“What’s wrong?”

As I pushed him with annoyance.
The forest-colored green eyes that resembled mine softened.
The hair on my arm stood up at the sight.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about you lately.”

Was that what he had been observing and lingering around me for lately? Leonard, who decided to stay for a few more days, hovered around me and talked to the people around me frequently.

Well, it was actually only the baron and Allen.
I nodded roughly, smoothing the hairs that had risen on my arm.

“I’ve been doing fine lately.
I’m going to live a nice life now, so you don’t have to worry.”

Lanoa also said the same.”

What’s gotten into him?

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I knew Lanoa would tattle to Leonard but I didn’t expect him to say this.

While we were chatting, a maid came in with tea.
We were talking about Sihael, so the conversation was cut off for a while.
Suddenly, silence fell, and the maid became overwhelmed by the atmosphere and her hands started shaking.

‘She seems nervous.’

As soon as I thought so, the maid spilled the cup.
The spilled tea wet my legs.

“Gasp! I-I’m sorry.”

The maid trembled at her mistake with a deadly pale face.
She looked at me nervously not knowing what to do.
I didn’t give her a glance.

It was more of a problem if I stared at her and picked a fight with her for no reason.

“Get out.”

At times like this, it was better to kick her out.
When I waved my hand signalling her to get out, the maid went outside in tears.

I roughly wiped the tea with the handkerchief that Leonard handed me and set the spilled cup back on the table.
I could feel an intense gaze from my other side.

“You’ve really changed.”

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