Following his gaze, I also looked down at his paw.
My eyes almost bulged out in disbelief.
The wound on his paw had completely disappeared as if the deep gash I saw before was just a lie.

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“Are you saying my blood healed you?”

“As you can see yourself, yes.”

What’s this? Is there healing power in my blood?

‘Rosetta didn’t have this kind of ability.’

Did Rosetta have any healing ability from the beginning? If the main character had it, it was understandable, but a villain could not have such power.

“Would this also work on humans?”

“Maybe it’s impossible.
If it were possible, there wouldn’t have been a scar left on your body.”

Of course, indeed.
Why would anyone give a villain healing powers?

‘So this power is limited to Sihael?’

No matter whether I liked it or not, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being deeply connected with him.

“Are you sad?”

“Not really.
I’m so strong that I don’t get hurt easily.
The same goes for my family.”

I shrugged my shoulders lightly and beamed.

Because of that, the wound Sihael bit off got open again, giving out a fishy smell.
My expression quickly turned into a frown.

“…Does it hurt a lot?

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“If I think this much hurts, then I should be ashamed of calling myself a Katzel.”

Sihael was worried about what I had done, so I said something to soothe his worries.
He looked so cute when he glanced at me disapprovingly as if he didn’t like what I said, so I reached out and stroked his head gently.

For me, stroking Sihael was as natural as breathing, but it wasn’t the same case for him.
Sihael flinched, feeling embarrassed by the gentle touch he had felt for the first time since he had regained his consciousness.

Surprised, I also hesitated and stopped my hand.

“Should I not?”

“…No, it doesn’t matter.
Why are you stroking my head?”

“Because you’re adorable.”

Does there have to be a reason for finding someone adorable?

Sihael blinked blankly as if he didn’t understand what I was saying.

“Am I adorable?”

He murmured to himself.

I got up and stretched my body, leaving him alone in his confusion.

* * *

I was having a difficult time these days because Sihael had mistook me for a goodhearted person.

He kept asking if I was the notorious lady of the rumors or how the rumors came about, but I had nothing to say to him.

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I’m different from the previous Rosetta, so I’m not the lady from the rumors…

‘Can’t he see the servants avoiding me?’

Even though I wasn’t as harmful as before, to them, I was still someone to be feared.
The only people who were comfortable with me were the butler, who had been with me since I was little, my brother, Lanoa, and Marina, who had sworn her allegiance to me.

In addition to that, there was also Baron Palia, with whom I had a good relationship recently, and Allen, who became my escort knight, making it altogether five people.

The reason why Sihael mistook me for a good person despite my awkward relationship with everyone was especially because of those two whom I had recently become close to.

Are you wondering why I brought up the Baron?

After hearing the news that I was injured, he ran to my side and checked my condition.

“What kind of bastard dared to target you!”

He couldn’t hide his anger when he saw the scratches on my cheeks and swollen lips.
His anger escalated when I used my wounds as an excuse to keep away from the Baron.

“I will kill them all.”

What would you achieve by killing people who I’ve already killed? And speaking of that…

“Baron, aren’t you bad at fighting?”

“Ehem, I’ll also hire some assassins.”

Seeing Baron Palia, the real power of the Katzel duchy, worrying, nagging, and hovering around me, Sihael began to mistakenly believe that my notoriety was just a rumor.

Plus, Allen’s attitude also changed drastically.

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Contrary to the first time he was wary of me for fear of getting on my bad side, he began to approach me actively.

“Good afternoon, My Lady!”


“Are you going for a walk? I’ll go with you!”

Not paying attention to Allen’s babbling, I opened up my umbrella, but Allen reached out his hand.

“I’ll hold it!”

“I don’t need your help so go away!”

I appreciated him being nice to me, but honestly, it was annoying and uncomfortable.

Whenever I went for a walk, Allen did not leave my side, so I had to forcibly cut off my conversation with Sihael.

It had already been two days since I had been taking walks without saying a word.
Aside from being frustrated with not being able to speak, it was uncomfortable being guarded so closely that I thought it was excessive.

“I’m going with Shasha today, so wait over there.”



Emphasizing one word at a time, I glared at him.

Surprised by the look on my face, Allen shifted his gaze along where I pointed.

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The quivering eyes soon started to twinkle when he saw that the place where my finger pointed was under the cool shade.

“My Lady…”

Ha, it’s annoying.

“Go away!”

“Yes, I’ll be off now!”

He bowed to me and ran to the shade like an arrow.

Allen waved his hands at me.

I wonder how such a stupid person got into the Katzel’s Knights Order.
He really was more like a dog compared to Sihael.

As I waved back my hand reluctantly at him, I heard a voice mixed with mirth next to me.

“Why don’t you try taming him? I think he’ll listen to you well.”

“I’ve done it.
I have already tamed a very fierce fellow.”

“I don’t think that fierce fellow is me.”

Hmph! You’re so sure, even though I hadn’t said it.
Sihael twitched his nose as I patted him on the head in a playful way.

“Oh, by the way, brother Leonard said he’d be arriving today…”

I couldn’t finish the sentence when I saw Sihael’s dirty fur.

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