Rather than wary, he felt a sense of security in her arms.

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The sweet scent that overlapped the fishy smell of blood made him feel drowsy.

Sihael was bewildered at this feeling of security that he had felt after a long time.

‘She said we’ve been together for a month, so maybe that’s why.’

For some reason, Sihael felt like he shouldn’t dig deep into this, so he consciously erased those thoughts.

“Oh, um…”

Meanwhile, Rosetta, who was tossing and turning, moaned with her neck arched.

A deep furrow formed between her crumpled brows.

Sihael, who was staring at this scene, sighed and pushed his head up near her nose.

“She’s such a handful.”

He pushed Rosetta’s head with his head and put it on the pillow, and then pulled up the quilt that was crumpled under her feet.

Only then did her face relax and she let out a sigh of satisfaction.

‘So, Your Highness is now under my ownership.’

“How absurd!”

Anyway, she was quite an interesting girl.

Sihael smiled and lay down next to Rosetta.

He still had a lot of questions and things he wanted to know, but he had plenty of time ahead.

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After lying beside Rosetta in a comfortable position, Sihael snorted when he saw the desolate cushion that had been abandoned by its owner.

A crown prince couldn’t sleep on a worn-out dog cushion.

* * *



‘Ugh, so noisy!’

I covered my ears with a pillow at the sound of cheers coming from outside.

As the sound faded away, so did my consciousness.

I barely fell asleep, but I felt a persistent gaze this time.

As I forced my heavy eyelids to open, I almost let out a gasp of surprise on seeing Sihael’s face right in front of me.

My heart started pounding.

“Ah really, why is…?”

Wait, what time was it now, and were you already waiting for me to wake up?  My heart ached at the thought of having to soon face each of his questions.

I looked up stiffly and looked at the time; it was ten o’clock.
It was still early in the morning.

“I’ll talk to you in two hours…”

My usual wake-up time was around noon.
I pushed away from the looming Sihael and lay back on the bed.

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However, it wasn’t Sihael’s nature to give up.
He growled and pressed down my shoulder with his front paw.

Ah, it’s annoying as hell.
The heavy weight on my shoulder completely shook away my sleep and I got up groggily.

“Use your words.


“…What the hell? Why are you like this again?”

Sihael, who had been bothering me until this morning, looked clearly dumbfounded.

“Woof woof!”

“What are you saying?…I can’t understand a thing.”

Was I dreaming, or did something go wrong while I was sleeping and he went back to being a dog?

Either way, it was clear that there was definitely a problem.

‘I’m going crazy.
If this happens, there’s no way to tell if it’s Shasha or Sihael.’

Just as I took a deep breath, Sihael bit my puckered lip.



Then Sihael licked my lips.


To be exact, what he licked was the blood flowing from my lips.
He licked greedily as if he couldn’t miss a drop.

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‘Is this guy crazy? Was he completely out of his mind now?’

My mouth was all wet with saliva.

I frowned and grabbed Sihael’s back.
As I pulled Sihael off me as hard as I could, he shouted at me at the same time.

“It worked!”

“What do you mean ‘it worked’? Why are you suddenly biting people’s lips?”

He moved away from my lips and wagged his tail as if seeing something good.
I flicked his head with a thump.

“My Lady, don’t you think you were too violent?”

Sihael grunted as he shook his head to check whether it hurt.

“Your Highness, would you like to tell me why you were biting my lips to pieces while I was barely awake?”

The bleeding didn’t stop easily as he had bitten a bit hard.

“Your Highness, now that you can use words to express yourself, please do me the honor of telling me why you licked my lips?”

“I wanted to eat.”

Was he a pervert…?  Seeing my eyes filled with contempt, Sihael added hurriedly.

“It’s not like that! When I woke up, I couldn’t speak.
That’s why I tried to wake My Lady, but your lips looked so delicious- no, it smelled delicious.”

“Did you just think of me as food?”

I barely have the social rank to subdue him.
What should I do?

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Should I still care about superiority and ranks to subdue him? I was up against the Crown Prince.
Should I just beat him up…?

“I don’t know.
There’s something in your blood.
I become fine if I consume your blood.
That’s it.”

“Do you think I’ll believe that?”

“Not even when I started speaking only after I consumed your blood yesterday and today?”

Come to think of it, didn’t he start speaking after he licked the wound on my cheek?

As Sihael said, there might be something special about my blood.

Maybe, like Lilliana, I too had the ability to purify people?

‘No, it can’t be.
If I had such an ability, then Sihael would have returned to his human form yesterday.’

He was still cursed.

“So for the record, can I not lick your lips?”

Sihael stared at my lips and licked his lips.

“Too bad!”

I could hear his small murmur in my ears.

“Are you crazy, Your Highness? You may be a dog now but your soul is definitely a man!”

“Do you mind it?”

Of course, I didn’t mind it.
No matter whose soul was in there, the outer shell was still a dog.

Badump, badump.
But strangely, why was my heart pounding?

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