Rosetta’s scary face when she went berserk while sharpening her knife was vivid in my mind.

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Even though he had rejected her, she didn’t touch him at all.

Because of his skillfulness, she was determined to have a necklace made by Asilla someday.

A determined expression came over the Baron’s serious and hardened face.

“Please leave it to me.”

He looked like a general going to war.
I clapped and cheered for him.

Since I left all the work on him, it was no longer my concern.
If he succeeded in making a deal, then it would fill the Duchy’s coffers and if he failed, then there was nothing we could do.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry making, the export of mana stone could also make enough profits.

‘I have nothing to lose.’

“Well, you should go now.”

“See you next time.”

No, please don’t come back ever.

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* * *

Of course, that didn’t happen.
The Baron who had flown from his manor turned his head at the sound of low laughter.

Rosetta was smiling and hugging a big wolf.

The baron stopped in his tracks at Rosetta’s smile.

‘When was the last time I saw her smile like this?’

He had watched Rosetta since her younger days.

It had only been six years, but he hadn’t seen such a pure smile in a long time.

The Rosetta he knew was always bored and indifferent, and she often got annoyed or angry rather than being happy or joyful.

But now it looks… The Baron felt a strange sense of detachment as he saw her running with the wolf.

As the wolf crossed the fence, he remembered how she was worriedly chasing after it.

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Her voice was desperate as she cried anxiously looking for the wolf.
It was not possessive, rather it was a voice full of sincere care and concern.

His mind blanked as if he had been hit in the back of his head.

He didn’t know Rosetta was someone who could care for someone.

He implicitly regarded her as a cold-blooded woman who would shed no blood or tears.

She was a person who could not empathize with other people’s emotions and took life lightly.

But it wasn’t like that.
Rosetta tamed and put the wolf, which attacked her, by her side instead of killing it.

It was amazing to see her show patience in such a short time.

The Duke’s words came to his mind.

Everyone is like that at that age.
Rosetta’s time is just a little longer than others.
She will eventually grow up.>

When the Duke said so about her good for nothing character, the Baron replied to himself that it would not happen even if he died.

Rosetta’s actions were outrageous enough to overthrow his loyalty to the duke.
But the Duke’s words turned out to be right.

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Rosetta changed and became a much brighter and healthier person than before.

She knew how to make precious things and cherish life.
She also had common sense and courtesy, something he didn’t even know she possessed.

More than that, he got help from her in the most unexpected areas.

Rosetta made a great contribution to the business by recognizing the existence of a mana stone that no one knew about, and today, she even led them to an excellent jeweler.

He had thought she was a spoiled lady who didn’t know much about the world.

‘It was me who looked at the young lady with prejudiced eyes.’

The Baron admitted his mistake.
While he had given up, Rosetta grew up splendidly.

‘Maybe it’s not bad to teach her about management.’

Whether Rosetta heard him or not, the Baron marched forward without thinking of yelling at her to stop.

* * *

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Oh, I’m dying.

The Baron, whom I hoped wouldn’t return again, came to me and asked for my opinion.

At first, I either ignored him or pretended not to know him and even sent him back, but the Baron was persistent.

Facing his persistence, I gave up and threw out some opinions, no matter how rubbish they were.

Only then could I get out of this misery.

The more information and opinions I gave, the more Baron’s face shone to the point I was completely sucked dry.

Late at night, after being harassed by the Baron, I returned to my room and threw myself on the bed.

My half-stretched legs dangled under the bed.
Shasha, who was hit on the head by my leg, growled angrily.


Even though he was irritated, he pushed my legs with his head and put them on the bed, and then lay down on the cushion again.

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