‘You don’t like it? Well, I don’t like it either.’

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We were already uncomfortable with each other, but now we’re fighting all because of Lanoa.

Lanoa, that son of a pig, ran away after slyly putting me in charge of the mine.

By the time I found out, my name had already been listed as the person in charge.

My only dream was to live as a wealthy, unemployed person, so why do I keep getting more work?

‘It’s all because I pretended to know.
The problem is always my damn mouth.’

Irritated, I rubbed my forehead hard.

In the meantime, Shasha returned and spit out the ball.

Shasha wagged his tail as I clapped at his pace, which was faster than yesterday.

I patted his head, looking at him very pleasantly.

“Good job.”

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This time, I threw two balls at the same time.

But I couldn’t control my strength and as a result the blue ball went over the fence.
Fortunately, Shasha ran after the red ball that fell inside the fence.
As I watched him, I sighed, feeling the ominous presence behind me.

“Your opinion is my opinion, Baron, so don’t come to me anymore.”

After all it was Baron Pallia, not anyone else.

He had managed the Katzel Duchy far better than anyone else for the past four years, so I was sure he would do well without my opinions.

“I can’t do that.”

We both had offered a solution that was comfortable for everyone, but the upright Baron always came to bother me this way.


“It was you who recognized the mana stone that no one knew about, and you also found a reasonable processing company.
Of course, no one is more suited to be in charge than you, Young Lady.”


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Yeah, I dug my own grave.

Lanoa was struggling to find a processing company.
So, I told him whatever I knew.

Although the processing company I mentioned was small in size, it was a firm that Liliana had chosen after careful consideration in the original story.

Since it was a place chosen by the main character, the quality was guaranteed, of course.

It was not famous now, but it would soon soar to new heights.

I only chose it before it became famous, but I didn’t know it would bring such a result.

“I don’t know anything about business.
So what can I do?”

“All you have to do is give your opinion.
I’ll take care of the rest.”


If that was the case, then you should do everything.

For now, there was nothing more important to me than spending the rest of my time with Shasha, who would be leaving soon.

‘Come to think of it, why isn’t Shasha coming?’

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And then I saw him.

A large ball of fur jumped over the fence.


By the time I noticed, he had already disappeared over the fence.

“No! Shasha! Come back!”

‘You can run away, but that’s only after the female lead comes to the North!’

It’s pointless if you go now! You’re going to have a hard time if you leave the house!

“My Lady… Argh!”


I thought I heard someone fall from behind, but I didn’t care.

I never thought he’d run away.
I let my guard down because he was quiet for a while.

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I sprinted straight out of the fence and ran in the direction where Shasha disappeared.

“Shasha, don’t go there! Come back!”

I wondered whether this was how dog owners felt when they lost their dogs.
All kinds of thoughts were running through my head.

Shasha getting hit by a carriage, Shasha collapsing while walking around the street in a pitiful state, and Shasha getting picked up and bullied by a bad person…

“No! Shasha!”


Huh? I turned my head to Shasha’s voice.

Seeing Shasha running from an unexpected direction, I slowed down.


The first emotion that washed over me was relief.
Then it changed to doubt.

Why did you come back? It was a golden opportunity to run away from me.

He was definitely looking for an opportunity to run away while I was off guard.
He wanted to go, so why…

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