also wearing the collar I ordered.

“If His Highness doesn’t come back by next month, we might have to hold Young Lady’s coming-of-age ceremony here.”

‘Oh, it’s my birthday soon.’

Now I understood why Baron’s reaction was so cautious.
The coming-of-age ceremony was a very important event for Rosetta.

Rosetta had settled in the North at the age of twelve and had never left the North for six years.
So, the Duke had promised her that her coming-of-age ceremony would be the grandest in the whole imperial capital.

So her long-awaited coming-of-age ceremony was to be held in a simple manner in the estate because of some Crown Prince, whose face she hadn’t even seen?

Rosetta was so angry that she flipped everything upside down.

Maybe that’s why the Baron looked at me like that.

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I clicked my tongue, seeing the two people sitting far away from the table.

‘You know, you guys really are creating the situation to make me flip something upside down.’

I looked at them with a chilling gaze but they didn’t even flinch.

“That’s fine with me.”



“I thought you would get angry, but this is unexpected.”

“I told you, I have been born anew.”

And the coming-of-age ceremony meant nothing to me.

Unable to believe my calm reaction, the two people stared at me blankly with their mouths open.
I didn’t want to deal with them anymore, so I closed the door and left them behind.

The approaching coming-of-age ceremony meant that the start of the original story was also getting closer.

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In other words, there was not much time left before Shasha would leave.

I patted Shasha on the head.

“You will be able to go home soon.”

Once Liliana shows up, everything would be back in its place.

* * *

“My Lady.”

“I won’t buy it.”

“Please take a look at this.”

“I’m busy.
Don’t bother me and go.”

I lightly pushed Baron Pallia around and threw the ball.

A cloud of dust rose behind Shasha, who ran quickly after the ball.
Seeing the dust cling to his body, the Baron furrowed his eyebrows.
It was obvious that he wanted to clean up quickly and leave.

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