Shasha’s chest was violently rising up and down.
I patted him slowly on the back, unable to hide my agitation.

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Calm down.”

Despite my efforts, Shasha continued to stare up at the sky for a long time.

* * *

I told Marina, who was brushing my hair, about what happened in the evening.

“Sasha looked at the crow and barked like crazy.”

“Maybe he wanted to hunt the crow.”


“Yes, he’s a predatory animal after all.
It must have been stressful for him to be locked up for so long.”

Marina had a point, but…

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He was too anxious for something like that.

“I need to take a look.”

It bothered me to see a guy, who wasn’t afraid of anything in this world, show strange behavior to just a crow.
When I opened the door and came outside, the door of Shasha’s room also opened at the same time.

The new maid, who was put in charge of Shasha, came out with a grim face.
I heard howling sounds coming from behind her.
The maid stumbled, struggling to close the door.
After closing the door, when she saw me, she quickly ran over as if she had seen a lifeline.

“My Lady, I think you should come.

When I entered, the room was a complete mess.
The wallpaper was torn and ragged, and the bowls rolled around and laid upside down on the floor.
The toys were smashed and the cushions were ripped apart with cotton flying everywhere around the room.

“What a mess!”

Other than that, I had nothing else to say about this.
The person who was responsible for this mess whined when his eyes met mine.

“Aww, awooo.”

Shasha’s trembling figure came as quite a shock to me.
It seemed he was bullied by a crow when he was a kid.
That must be it.
Otherwise, there was no other reason for him to be like this.

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I couldn’t believe that he was showing his vulnerable side to me.

If I knew he’d care this much, I would have killed that crow on the spot, or let Shasha hunt it.

Now it was too late to regret it.

It’s okay.”

As I approached him, he put his head out of the cage and looked up at me.
His eyes shook like waves.

His eyes seemed like they were imploring me to open the door.
His pretty eyes pulled me into a trance and I opened the cage dazedly.

“Come here.”

I opened my arms to hug the anxious Shasha.
But this little punk just walked past me and escaped out of the door.

I was a fool to believe that Shasha would come into my arms.

“Hey, why don’t you come here?”

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I ran behind him anticipating a long chase, but Shasha was lying in an unexpected place.
He arrived in my bedroom, the room next to his.
Shasha lay down on my bed and stared at me blankly.


It looked like my room was the best place he’d ever been to.

‘He’s a little cute.’

Unlike me, who looked at him happily, Marina’s gaze was unpleasant.

“That bastard.”

Marina mumbled disdainfully.
She was on the verge of flipping Shasha upside down.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“No, I’ll do it.”

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Marina didn’t know that Shasha would gobble up anyone whom he didn’t accept if they tried to touch him.
I quickly approached Shasha’s front and comforted him.

“Shasha, come down.”

Then he turned his head as if he didn’t hear me.

‘I knew it! He never listened to me because I’ve been treating him like a dog.’

Since he didn’t listen, I pulled him down forcefully.
Shasha struggled, thrashing around wildly.

“Come on, calm down!”

When I somehow managed to pull him off the bed, he got back on the bed and laid down again.
I pulled him down from my bed but he climbed up.
This repeated three more times.
In the end, it was me who ended up raising the white flag.

“Go get a new cushion.”

I yield.
I never thought I’d see Shasha make a fuss.
I put a cushion next to the bed and pulled Shasha down.
Then I pressed his head down hard so that he wouldn’t get back into the bed.

“If you promise to sleep here, I’ll let you sleep with me.”

Shasha, who quickly understood my intent, lay down on the cushion.

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