While crying to go out of the mansion, Shasha suddenly hit me with his head.

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I was too frustrated and distracted while trying to soothe him.
Because of that, I was suddenly pushed back and hit my back against the door.



There was not enough room for me to retreat and Shasha accidentally knocked me with too much power.

“Ah, it hurts.
Okay, okay, we can go now.”

Shasha stepped forward and looked at me with disdain as if he didn’t like my slow attitude.
I couldn’t stand his impatience, so I picked up the leash and muzzle hanging on the wall.

When Sihael saw the muzzle, he twitched his nose and jerked his head.
He was outrightly expressing his rejection, but I couldn’t help it.

I knew it was frustrating for him, but I couldn’t just let him wander freely considering how he had hurt people while running around.

“If you want to go for a walk, hang in there.”

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I forced the reluctant Shasha to put the muzzle on him and then put the leash around his neck.

“Come on, let’s go.”

We headed for the gymnasium where it was empty.


“Come, we’re almost there.”

I took Shasha around the gymnasium with me.
Thanks to the torch I was carrying, it was as bright as daytime, so we didn’t face any difficulty while taking a walk.

Shasha, who had always been under my supervision, was excited to wander around and sniff everything.
I followed him gently.

Then he suddenly raised his leg.

I was briefly shocked by the scene I saw for the first time, but I quickly recovered.

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‘That’s understandable.
After all, he’s a wolf now.
He can’t stop physiological phenomena.
But why does he keep on staring at me?’

I turned my head because I felt embarrassed, but then I remembered what I had read in a book not long ago.

When dogs look at their owner while relieving themselves, it means that they feel vulnerable and are asking for protection. I looked into Shasha’s eyes and nodded my head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

But was my gaze too intense? Shasha quietly lowered his leg and avoided my eyes.

“Sorry, I won’t look.”

Contrary to what I learned from the book, it seemed Shasha felt ashamed when I looked at him while he was relieving himself.

‘I’ll keep that in my mind.’

I turned my back and started aimlessly kicking the dirt while waiting for Sihael to finish his business.
The leash suddenly slipped out of my hand while I wasn’t paying attention.


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Fortunately, I grabbed the end of the rope in time, but I lost my balance because of Shasha’s great strength.
I stumbled forward and ended up getting dragged by him.


He really stopped.
But it wasn’t because of my command, rather he stopped because of the destination we arrived at.
Shasha looked up at a tree and barked fiercely.

“Arggg, ruff ruff ruff! Grrrr!”

When I looked up, I saw a crow on a branch looking down at Shasha.
That crow didn’t do anything, but Shasha tried to climb up the tree and bite the crow’s neck off.
Seeing him act so recklessly and frantically, I was afraid he might get hurt.

“Shasha, come on.”

“Ruff, ruff, ruff! Grrrrrr! Ruff, ruff!”

“Shasha, calm down.”

The flushed Shasha didn’t listen to me at all.

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I stroked his back and tried to calm him down, but it was all in vain.
I didn’t know what to do.
If I let him go, he would stick to the tree again, and if I held onto him, he would bark at me.
I picked up some branches around me and threw them towards the crow.

‘Phew! Fly away.’

Even though the situation was quite intimidating, the crow was eerily still while looking down at Shasha.

“Hey! Don’t bother my kid and fly away!”

Its beaded eyes passed over Shasha and then fell on me.

‘What? What are you looking at?’

When the branches hit its wings, it spread out its wings.

Caw, caw~

As the crow flew up in the sky, Shasha rushed forward to chase it.
I quickly tugged the rope hard and hugged Shasha to stop him.

Shasha, who lost the crow, felt overwhelmed under my power.
He kept on staring silently at the sky where the crow had disappeared.

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