Chapter 8 “Three Non-Product” (Part 1)


Although Lin Wanrong’s heart was somewhat angry, he has no regret for his previous action.
Because to kill a beautiful woman was obviously not a pleasant thing.
Lin Wanrong then fully displayed his flexible spirit, after fantasizing Xiao Qingxuan, his injured heart was already comforted.

His whole body was wet, hot as fire, seriously injured, and poisoned.

Fortunately, the spot where he came ashore was not too far away from his temporary residence, and coupled with the increasingly darker surrounding, he did not have to worry that someone will find his whereabout.

Lin Wanrong observed his surrounding.
After making sure it was safe, he bit the bullet and escaped, persistently walked toward his residence.
All the way to the shore, no one paid attention to him, and that girl surnamed Xiao did not seem to search all the way here.
Lin Wanrong thus felt relieved.

Just as he arrived at his place, Lin Wanrong cannot hold himself anymore and immediately collapsed to the ground, panting and breathing heavily.

An old figure slowly walked to the front of Lin Wanrong and spoke to him with a hoarse voice: “You’re back.”

His pupils were hollow, like being dug out when he was born, revealing two empty *, which made him appeared somewhat scary.

Lin Wanrong has spent nearly a month with him, but since the beginning, he was not afraid of him.
He nodded: “Yes, uncle Wei.
I just went out for a walk, but did not expect to almost lose my life.”

Since he lived together with uncle Wei, he has always been frank with him.
Of course, except for his true origin, because it was so hard to accept and too difficult to imagine.

Uncle Wei did not speak but slowly squatted down and rested his two fingers on Lin Wanrong’s wrist to check for his pulse.
For a while, his eyebrows furrowed.
After withdrawing his fingers, he replied: “You are poisoned with a slow ‘soft and loose tendon’ poison.
Even though this is not life-threatening, within two hours, your body will be covered with purple-blackish color, and you will feel completely weak and full of fatigue.
But in twelve hours, you will return to normal.”

Hearing the poison was not life threatening, Lin Wanrong suddenly took a long breath, and thought,Fortunately, that girl did not take things to the extreme. But when he thought about the situation in the water, if the poison suddenly took effect at that time, would he die? Thinking of this, was somewhat scared.

“As for your internal injuries and trauma, you will only need to train for several days and you will be healthy again.” Uncle Wei then said.
Although his eyes were unable to view, after touching him a few times, he knew about Lin Wanrong’s injury situation.

Hearing that his life can be saved, Lin Wanrong felt much better now.
Although those flesh wounds still exist, their pain seemed to reduce a bit.
Of course, this was most likely a placebo effect.

Uncle Wei held Lin Wanrong down and said: “Bear with it, I will pull out the small arrow from your body.”

Lin Wanrong was confounded for a moment, and then said with a grimace: “Uncle Wei, don’t you have any anesthetic? This is such an uncouthly way, and not suitable for a civilized people.”

Uncle Wei gawked for a moment and then said: “What’s anesthetic?”

I can’t believe the science and technology of this world would be so backward, haven’t Li Shizhen and Hua Tuo (famous doctors in ancient China) appeared yet? It seems like I have to suffer this pain. Lin Wanrong said, unable to accept this situation: “It will let a portion of my shoulder temporarily lost the ability to feel so that I won’t feel pain.”

Uncle Wei shook his head: “Never heard of this drug.
But I actually have knockout drug, do you want to try it?”

Lin Wanrong hurriedly shook his head, swallowing a knockout drug? What a joke, I will fall ill instead of getting better.

Uncle Wei handed over his smelly shoe and said: “You bite this.”

Lin Wanrong quickly said: “No need, no need.” He looked around and found two small wire-bound books.
He bit them and then ambiguously said to uncle Wei: “Come on.”

Uncle Wei was about to begin, but Lin Wanrong loudly called out: “Wait a moment—” Uncle Wei puzzledly ‘looked’ at him.
Lin Wanrong awkwardly smiled and said: “Uncle, be gentle, this is my flesh and blood.”

Uncle Wei nodded his head.
Remembering that he was harmed by that girl, Lin Wanrong’s anger went through the roof, cursing the girl’s eighteen ancestors over and over again.

At the last minute, being scared was useless.
Strong determination finally appeared on Lin Wanrong’s face.

Uncle Wei’s hand lightly gripped that small golden arrow, slightly exerted his power, and the small arrow fell upon his hand.
Lin Wanrong tightly bit the books, his face was pale, and beads of sweat rolled down his face, but he was too stunned to say a word.

Uncle Wei nodded his head, his face was full of appreciation.
He did not seem to think that Lin Wanrong also has this unyielding character.

Lin Wanrong grew up in a village at foot of the mountain on the edge of Han river.
He has the fortitude and tenacity of a rural child, otherwise, he would not be admitted to Beijing University, which was a first rank University.
Although he cannot do the ‘scraping the bone to remove the poison’ therapy (The method used by Hua Tuo to heal Guan Yu from poison in Romance of Three Kingdom), he can endure the pain of removing the arrow by clenching his teeth.

After pulling out the small golden arrow, uncle Wei handed it over to Lin Wanrong’s hand.
Lin Wanrong looked at it over and over again.

This little arrow was made of pure gold and was beautifully crafted.
On the arrow, there was a beautifully engraved “Xuan” word.

This word was associated with the previous hot temper good who claimed her name to be Xiao Qingxuan (the word xuan in this Qingxuan mean ‘pavilion,’ while the word Xuan in the arrow mean ‘Jade’).
Lin Wanrong then understood that the real name of this girl was QingXuan, as for Qingxuan, that was just a homonym.
(I use Xuan with capital X for Jade, to differentiate from xuan-pavilion)

“Xiao QingXuan, Xiao QingXuan—-” Lin Wanrong softly muttered these words, This name is indeed very elegant, by hearing her name, one can already see the person. (QingXuan mean Green Jade)

This girl made me see blood, I, your father will also make you see blood.
Since you are so vindictive, don’t blame me for returning the courtesy. A sneer floated out on the corner of Lin Wanrong’s mouth.

Hearing him muttering this name, Uncle Wei’s face slightly turned strange for a moment: “Xiao QingXuan? Are you sure her surname is Xiao?”

Lin Wanrong was unable to confirm her surname, but her given name QingXuan should not be fake.

Uncle Wei also said: “Wanrong, tell me exactly the situation when you met her today, in details.”

Uncle Wei was the first individual that Lin Wanrong saw in this world when Uncle Wei personally rescued him from Xuanwu Lake.
This huge gratitude need not be said anymore.
Thus Lin Wanrong recounted his experience on the lake today, as well as his exact dialogue with Xiao QingXuan.

Uncle Wei listened to him.
His face revealed a somewhat surprised look, apparently, he also admired Lin Wanrong’s remarks.

When it came to the poem, Uncle Wei was even more astonished: “Wanrong, do you really make this poem?”

On the day of their annual leave, which was the appointed day for their tour in Mount Tai, the evil girl forced Lin Wanrong to carry the luggage of three or four individuals.
After the rain, Lin Wanrong’s foot slipped, lost his footing and fell down toward the sea of clouds.
And then, inexplicably, was sent to this different world, falling into the Xuanwu Lake.

If that day uncle Wei did not stumble through to save Lin Wanrong, perhaps Lin Wanrong has long been dead.
Therefore, toward uncle Wei, Lin Wanrong harbored a deep gratitude and reverence.
Logically speaking, he should not lie to him about this. &if you read this, go to subudai11 to read the original translation&

But Lin Wanrong knew that the people in this place were almost crazy in pursuing the classical Chinese poetry.
In order to avoid unbearable future trouble, Lin Wanrong had to bite the bullet and said: “Yes, uncle Wei, I accidentally thought of this when I walked around the lake, this is embarrassing.”

Uncle Wei sighed: “Wanrong, we have been together for more than a month.
All this time, you just blankly sit all day long, muttering about some tour, company, and all kinds of stuff.
I never saw you read a poetry book.
And not until recently you started to go out for a walk.
I thought that you don’t like poetry, never thought that you are actually this talented.
With these few lines of poems, among those so-called talented men and beautiful women, none of them can compare to you.”

Lin Wanrong’s face was red.
Although these words were also said by Xiao QingXuan, at the time, he calmly accepted it.
But now, being praised by his benefactor, he was indeed somewhat embarrassed.

But Lin Wanrong did not feel ashamed.
After being inexplicably cast away here, anything that was on, or in his body (or brain) can be considered as a compensation by the God.

If one must point fingers on who was the most shameless, it should be the daughter of the Chairman who miserably harmed Lin Wanrong shamelessly.

Thinking of that hateful girl, Lin Wanrong began to burst with anger.
He quickly controlled his emotion by bending down to calm his mind.
Compared with that hateful girl, Xiao QingXuan was really lovely.

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