Chapter 4 So You Are A Girl (Part 1)

Dead Tranny!

“Listen to the poem that Xiongtai recited just a moment ago, it seems like Xiongtai is a person with great aspirations.” The stunning youth stopped smiling and looked at the lake, musing: “Just like what Xiongtaisaid, Jiangnan (South of Yangtze river) is rich with talented men and beautiful women.
Many literary talents spread poetic form around the world.
This has its advantages, but also disadvantages.”

“Oh?” There is someone in this era who also think about this? Lin Wanrong’s interest was suddenly greatly piqued: “This person — em, the friend, I do not know what this remark means?”

His momentary slip of the tongue almost made him called out the word ‘Tranny.’ Although he estimated that this youth probably did not know the meaning of that word, if he really needed to explain this word, it would greatly embarrass him.

The stunning Gongzi nodded: “From what I see, since the founding Emperor found the Empire, it has the bad habit of stressing the civil arts over the military arts.
Especially in the South of Yangtze river, where gifted scholars and beautiful ladies all use their literary talents and accomplishment to pursue honor and glory.
In times of peace, these are not wrong, but when the country is facing a disaster, like right now in the northern part of the country – which repeatedly being invaded by enemies, they still remain unchanged; where will this country go then? Country, country, only if the country exist will there be home.
If everyone were like them, ‘Warm breeze intoxicated the visitor, went straight to Hangzhou from Bianzhou,’ would there still be hope for our Hua Dynasty?” This tranny Gongzi was getting angrier the more he talked, fury has already long showed through his face.

Lin Wanrong came to this world for about a month, and already knew that the current government in this country was called Hua (Magnificent) Dynasty, the reigning Emperor surnamed Zhao, and the capital Shuntian (Obey the Heaven).

He heard there was a border invasion in the North, and the Great Hua Army lost their territories and lost the battle again and again.
The Barbarian Army, though strong, never thought that the Great Hua Army would be routed so quickly.
The Barbarian Army lacked the grain provision, and it also coincided with the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter, therefore, they must suspend their offensive, and returned to the prairie, while simultaneously prepared their armed forces, so that they can be prepared for the invasion straight to the Central Plains hinterland in the coming year.

In the previous Great Song Dynasty, Bianzhou (Kaifeng) was the Capital of the Great Song.
At that time, the Great Song was plagued with corruption and incompetence.
After the foreign invasion threatened the safety of Bianzhou, the Great Song Court was moved South to Hangzhou (The previous poem lamented about this situation).
Bianzhou was then referred to as the alternate Capital.
By that time, the Founder of the Great Hua Dynasty created a state, drove out the Foreign Army and established the Great Hua Dynasty.
But nobody can forget the shame of this Alternate Capital Bianzhou.
So, when Lin Wanrong’s mouth said the words ‘straight to Hangzhou from Bianzhou,’ this stunning Gongzi can also understand the deep meaning in it.
(Author’s note: The world in this book is a completely different world – different universe.
The Song Dynasty here is different than the well-known Song Dynasty, it just so happens they had the same name.
Will be explained later)

Although Lin Wanrong was somewhat out of tune with this world, he knew that since he has come to this world, he needed to put himself in it.
In any case, these were his own countrymen, so he must not allow the outsider to bully his family.

“If a country wants to be strong, both the arts and military achievements are indispensable.
This kind of ‘celebrating the peace with song and dance,’ pretending that everything is going well, needs to be restrained a little bit.” The stunning Gongzi finally made a concluding remark, revealing a concerned look.

Initially thinking that this dead tranny only hung around in the pile of powder every day to make his face as pretty as peach blossom, Lin Wanrong did not think that his heart was actually somewhat ambitious.
Therefore, Lin Wanrong’s impression toward this tranny Gongzi suddenly changed a lot.

But for the present Lin Wanrong, making the country rich and powerful was temporarily not his responsibility.
Therefore, he also did not show much interest.

The stunning Gongzi was very dissatisfied with those gifted scholars on the lake in front of him, and there was also some truth to what he said.
But Lin Wanrong’s professional experience told him that this thing was not so simple as it looked on the surface.
Lin Wanrong naturally cannot fully agree with stunningGongzi’s words.

Lin Wanrong coldly grunted and refused to make a comment, nor paid attention to the stunning Gongzi.He looked at the surface of the Lake, not saying a word.

The stunning Gongzi saw Lin Wanrong’s expression and thought that he was also a son of an official.
He frowned and said: “Does Xiongtai have academic honors (pass the imperial exams)?”

Lin Wanrong shook his head: “I never pass the imperial exams.”

If you can pass, I, this uncle also can.
But this kid’s appearance is quite bad, does dressing in a sackcloth-like dress and shoes that exposes the toes looks like a person who passes the imperial exams?

The stunning Gongzi also said: “Did Xiongtai ever take the provincial exam?”

Lin Wanrong continued to shake his head: “Zhaixia do not even know where to look for the Examination Board.”

The stunning Gongzi strangely asked: “So, according to this, Xiongtai does not even know how to read–” After saying half of the sentence, he realized his slip of the tongue, quickly stopped his words and took back the following words.

But Lin Wanrong understood what he meant, and his heart was indignant: Dead tranny, what are you looking at, if I, this father am not an intellectual, how can I go out and read the poem that appropriate for this time? This outstanding graduate of Beijing University, in this era, it is like the graduate student of the Imperial Academy.
In a few years, maybe I can go to the Imperial Academy here to find out if they have any position that they can offer me, or something, how dare you despise me like this.

However, on the other hand, Lin Wanrong indeed has not read the books in this era.
Therefore when the tranny Gongzi said that he is not a scholar, that was not entirely without reason.

He softly grunted, and slowly chanted: “Mountain beyond the green hills outside the castle peak, when will the dancing and singing in the West Lake stop? Warm breeze intoxicated the visitor, went straight to Hangzhou from Bianzhou.” (TL’s rough meaning of the poem: The barbarian looming over the mountain outside the walled city in the north, while the people keep on merry and oblivious to its threat, the warm atmosphere make the people forget their trouble, until they ultimately being humiliated when they were forced to move the Capital from the North (Kaifeng) to South (Hangzhou))

The tranny Gongzi’s eyes lit up, applauded again and again and said: “Good, good, very good mountain beyond the green hills outside the castle peak, very good when will the dancing and singing in the West Lake stop. Xiongtai really has great talent, these two lines really have a similar echo with the other lines.
Based on this sentence, nobody in this world is on par with brother.”

The young male servant beside him that previously gave Lin Wanrong cold eyes also revealed a reverence look.

Lin Wanrong secretly felt funny, although he despised the sucking up philosophy of the tranny Gongzi, since this tranny Gongzi was sucking up to him, he still felt flattered by it.

It’s just that, this tranny Gongzi kept proclaiming that he looked down at those talented scholars and their poems, yet he was full of praise of the poem that Lin Wanrong recited.
This was extremely ridiculous.

The tranny Gongzi was also an extremely astute person, seeing the look in Lin Wanrong’s eyes, he seemed to understand his meaning, and hurriedly said: “Mr.
Great Talent, please forgive me, I absolutely did not mean to look down on the talented scholars.
It’s just that, the country is in an embarrassing situation now, and I really cannot stand their ‘The country is in trouble, it has nothing to do with me’ attitude.
Just a moment ago I have offended Mr.
Noble Character and Unquestionable Integrity, please forgive my offense.” While saying that, he actually bent his waist toward Lin Wanrong, showing his apology by bowing.

Seeing how good this guy’s pleading guilty attitude, and his superb ass kissing Kung Fu, Lin Wanrong showed his good manner by hypocritically helped him up, cupped his fists and said: “May I knowXiongtai’s honored name and surname?”

“Do not dare, do not dare, my surname is Xiao, Xiao Qingxuan.” The tranny Gongzi hurriedly cupped his fists and respectfully bowed.

“Oh, it is brother Xiao, Zhaixia’s surname is Lin, Lin Wanrong is Zhaixia’s name.” Lin Wanrong grinningly said, without the slightest bit of respect.

“So it is brother Lin, sorry for being disrespectful, sorry for being disrespectful.” Xiao Qingxuan looked at Lin Wanrong.
Xiao Qingxuan’s white face showed two small dimples coupled with a touch of crimson.
These facial features of him actually showed an unspeakable charm.

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